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Blackshaft – 1-01 Say Hello To The Black Guys p3

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Blackshaft – 1-02 Say Hello To The Black Guys p3
(Adults Only. Copyright@Rama. 2013)

Eglin City Police Department. Holding Cells. Night.

“I don’t know what happened to you,” Mike Pernell said, gripping Patty Heinrich’s hair as he thrust his hips towards her face and enjoyed the gagging sounds. “But I fucking like it.” The black police officer closed his eyes and moaned as he pushed his thick cock further past the white woman’s lips. His cock was in her throat. He felt her hands grip his ass cheeks and pull as his balls were pressed against her chin…
“Guuuhhhh…” she gagged, her lips clamped around the shaft.
“No coming up for air yet. slut!” he grinned and shoved even more cock down her throat.
The bitch was wanting it. He pushed his fingers through her hair, using it to get a better grip. He was going to enjoy this. Slowly he pulled back till his cock dropped from her mouth and Patty could breath again. Her face was red, her eyes welling up as she looked up at him, panting hard. He liked her panting. It was the stuck-up bitch’s level. On her knees, panting like a dog. To think that only yesterday she was walking through the station, acting like a fucking sergeant already. Shit, that was gone. No way was she getting that respect now. She would be Sergeant Slut now. No matter what they blamed it on. This bitch would always be the Sergeant who sucked black cock.
“You just gonna stand there, nigga!” she demanded suddenly.
He was taken aback by the tone in her voice. “Fuck you say?” he asked.
Patty licked her lips. “You deaf, too? Nigga!” she said.
“Fuck you, white bitch!” he snapped, hauling her to her feet. Mike slammed her, face-first, against the side of the cell. “Assume the position!” he ordered her and kicked her feet apart. Patty gripped the wire of the cell and pushed her ass back against his cock, leaning forward.
“Fuck this white bitch, nigga!” she said, and Mike heard the pleasure in her voice.
Something in the back of his head was telling this was wrong. He was taking advantage of a situation that was just wrong. The white woman was in front of him, thrusting her bare ass against him. “What the fuck you gonna do?” she taunted him. “Or you gonna stand there like a dumb nigger slave…”
Fuck you, bitch, he thought. Fuck what was wrong. Fuck you and fuck the consequences. You deserve this, he thought. He stepped forward after getting his cock good and hard. The bitch wanted it hard. So she’d get it fucking hard. He shoved her head back against the wire and pressed his cock down between her buttocks. “You ain’t got stripes yet. So no lube, bitch.” he said, finding the tight hole he wanted…

Commissioner Gregg’s Apartment. Bedroom. Night.

Jane Gregg was woken by the phone and heard the grunt from the half-sleeping form next to her. “Gregg.” she said quietly and listened to the report. “Got people out?” She heard the reply. “Okay. Any point in me coming out?….. No? You sure?…..What about our friendly neighbourhood royalty?…. Nothing? You sure?…. Maybe she’s busy. Just keep looking and pull out the stops. Give it another couple of hours. Two cops vanishing in one night isn’t good.”
Jane ended the call and put the phone back on the bedside stand. She lay back then looked at the back of the dark-haired head next to her and heard the light snoring.

Eglin City Police department. Holding Cells. Night.

“UHH! UUH, FUCK!” Patty screamed as Mike forced his black cock all the way into her tight, stretched asshole. She was on her knees, her cheek against the wire she clung to. Mike had gone down with her, driving his shaft into her anal entrance. She slapped the wire.
“No way, bitch,” he told her, pulling back. “This only stops when I say!” He slammed into Patty’s ass again and she screamed again. “Anyway, don’t tell me this is the first time you had a cock up your ass. You weren’t THAT!.. FUCKING!… TIGHT!” he panted thrusting even harder into her.
“Jesus, Mike.” a black cop said coming in and stopped suddenly as he saw what was happening. “Keep her quiet. And hurry up. I want a turn.”
Mike stopped suddenly, his cock still buried deep inside her ass. “Who’s going to hear?” he said to the man named Harris. “Near everyone’s out looking for Kellerman. Not that this bitch cares.” he grinned, pulling out. “All she wants is–”
He SLAMMED back into her!
“UUUUHHH!!!……” Patty howled.
Mike pulled back again. “Don’t’cha, whore?” he asked., deep inside her.
“Mmmmmmmmm…..” she moaned.

Clairemont Street. Night.

The ambulance turned the corner and slowed to a halt. The driver, a middle-aged white man, leaned out and looked at the car that was parked across the street, blocking the ambulance’s access. He looked about and, satisfied it was safe, got out. The man walked towards the car, peering into the windows. There was no-one inside. He stood up and looked around. It was all residential, so the car could belong to anyone. It was probably some drunken idiot who managed to avoid wrapping themselves around a lamp post. The driver remembered the other way around. He suddenly heard the engine start behind him and turned to see the ambulance reversing back rapidly.
“HEY!” he yelled and started running, looking to see is colleague on the side, rubbing the back of his head. As the ambulance spun then disappeared around the corner, the driver stopped then headed back towards his colleague, cursing quietly. “You okay?” he asked as he started calling the ambulance base.
“Just stunned me. I’m fine.” the black man replied.

Eglin City Police department. Holding Cells. Night.

Mike closed his eyes, moaning as he emptied his balls into Patty’s ass. “Aaaaaaaahhhh….” he smiled and pulled out of her. Opening his eyes he saw her panting, and felt her ass rubbing up and down his shaft. The slut was still wanting more. “In a minute, whore.” he told her and grabbed her hair. “On your knees.”
“Yes, sir.” Patty said ,obeying and getting down on her knees.
“I could get used to this,” Mike grinned, pulling her head back. “Now get that mouth good and wet, and clean that ass from my cock!” he ordered.
Patty licked her lips, looking up her new black master. “Yes,” she said.
“Yes what?” Mike asked, gripping the base of his cock and tapping it onto her lips.
“Yes, sir!” Patty replied, catching the thick black member with her mouth.
Mike smiled, pulling her back till she was leaning back on her hands. her head bent all the way back. He put a hand on her throat, while keeping a grip of her hair and pushed his cock into her wide open mouth and throat….

A warehouse. Industrial Unit. Night.

The ambulance turned and drove through the doors of the warehouse. As they were closed behind it, light snapped on and the two black men watched it stop. Holly and Tiffany were already in their new outfits as two paramedics. The door opened. The black man driving it stepped out and tossed the keys to one of the others. “Not what I had in mind,” Tiffany said.
“What d’you mean?” Holly said, next to her.
“This.” Tiffany pointed to the ambulance and the uniforms.
“Not kinky enough?” Holly asked. “If we use sexy nurse ones, we’ll be spotted.” She winked and put her arms around Tiffany’s shoulders. “Besides, you want kinky, I got kinky,” Holly smiled, pressing her body against Tiffany’s Tiffany responded, wrapping her arms around Holly and kissed her. The two black men watched the young white women kissing each other hard, lips and tongues exploring.
The third black man smiled at the impromptu show as he got his phone out. He pressed a few buttons and put it to his ear. The girls were grinding against each other hard, kissing and squeezing each other’s buttocks. “It’s me. We got the ambulance.” he said. Holly had plunged her hand down the front of Tiffany’s green trousers and was obviously working her magic from the delicious expression on the girl’s face. “What time?” Tiffany clung to Holly, gasping quietly. The man checked his watch. “Sure,” he said, watching Holly pull her hand from Tiffany’s trousers and smell them. “No problem.” Tiffany took escort bayan Holly’s hand and slowly sucked her juices from the fingers. He took the phone from his ear and switched it off. “We got to be there for eight.” he told the other black men. “Until then,” he smiled, heading into the warehouse office. Quickly he grabbed a chair and took it back. “Let’s enjoy the show,” he said as Holly began undressing Tiffany….

Eglin City Police department. Holding Cells. Night

Mike heard the satisfied groan as the slut was getting her second black cop of the night. He stopped at the door and sat down in the chair. The evening paper was on the floor of the hallway. He sat down and got out his phone, keying in the number quickly. Mike heard the ringing.
“MOTHERFUCKER!” he heard her yell and smiled.
“Yeah?” the male voice on the other end said.
“I wouldn’t have fucking believed it.” Mike grinned. “That slut is one nasty bitch now.”
“Told you, man. We have the motherfucking power.”
Mike listened to Patty begging for it harder again. “I want the motherfucking power.” he said.
“You know this is a serious responsibility. It’s not just about laying white pussy. That is a considerable side benefit, though.”
“I know.”
“You join us, every other oath you have ever sworn, every other promise you made is meaningless.”
Mike looked down the hallway. “I know.” he said
“It’s about being part of a brotherhood.”
“I know.” he said again.
“JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST!” he heard her scream. “MOREMOREMORE!!!”
“It’s about getting things done.”
“I know, man.” Mike said.
“Today is the first day of the rest of your life, brother.” the man said. “We’ll see you soon.”
Mike heard the call end then switched his phone off. He picked up the newspaper and leafed through it. “Mike, you seen Harris?” Another black cop walked down the hall and stopped as Mike pointed to the holding cells. “In there? S’it true about Heinrich?” Officer Steven Delon asked.
Mike just smiled. “Depends what you heard?” he said.
“That she’s offering herself on a plate?”
Mike nodded to the door. “Go and check her yourself.”
Delon went through the door. When he didn’t come out after a minute Mike shook her head. It didn’t take to guess what was happening.

The Cave.

The lights flickered on on sections. The sports car, the trophy room, the computer were all illuminated. Alison slowly walked down the stairs, attaching the cape to the rest of the outfit. She couldn’t sleep. She had tried, but just tossed and turned and finally sat up. There was no way she was going to sleep, not now. Two missing cops in one day. One returns in a sex-crazed mania, but the other? She turned on the scanner and listened to the police band. There was no sign of her yet. The police had called off the search for the night now and chatter had told her they would be checking security cameras.
She might have been a failure but that was no excuse for not trying. Not with this.
Alison walked into the vast cavern that housed the spare outfits. She found a new eye mask and pressed it to her face, making sure it was in the right place. She felt it stick in place and turned. Kacey stood there, in her Red Princess outfit; a more reddish version of the Scarlet Queen suit. “Not leaving without me, were you?” the girl asked.
Alison, now Scarlet Queen, smiled. “Thought you were sleeping?” she said.
“Like you?” Princess returned the smile.
“Come on.” Scarlet said and walked towards the car. Maybe it was just her being alone. Maybe make it one last night, one last case then wrap the whole thing up. They slid into the black car and Scarlet started the engine as the floor under the car turned so it was facing the now open tunnel doors. What was that old saying? One last hurrah!
Scarlet hit the pedal and the car sped into the tunnel. She told Princess about the missing police officers, keeping an eye on the small radar display. The road was clear, as it always was and the black car slid out into the night onto the disused road that would soon join the network that took them into the city…

Eglin City Police department. Holding Cells. Night

Officers Harris and Delon couldn’t believe what they were seeing. A naked Officer Patricia Heinrich on all fours, licking up the drops of cum that had landed on the cold concrete floor of the holding cell. “Jesus,” Delon whispered as her tongue ran over ever bit of thick stain. “That is nasty!” he said.
“I got an idea for nasty.” Harris smiled, stroking his black cock.
“The camera, Harris.”
Harris snorted. “Fucking camera’s off, man.”
Delon looked up and saw the camera wasn’t on.
“Shame about it,” Harris said. “Make some money by selling it on-line.”
“What? You got be thinking about the future. And a cop’s pension ain’t that great.”
“But what–”
“Look at her.” Harris said and they looked down the white female cop as she was eyeing Harris’s black cock hungrily. “You think she’s got a career after this? Patty here’s going to the hospital and even if she gets back to normal there is no fucking way she is coming back to this station. And anywhere she does go, it’ll be mentioned how she was begging for cock. The slut’s fucked everyway.”
Delon looked at Heinrich. The hell with it, he thought. “So what’s the idea?” he asked.
“You remember that hooker we busted a month back?” Harris asked back.

Eglin City. The Southside. Night.

Fifteen minutes later Scarlet parked the car in an alleyway and activated the shield as the doors came down. She and the Red Princess watched as the car seemed to wobble into nothing. She wasn’t worried it being found. The anti-theft system would first gun the engine to scare any drunk idiots or children – not there should be any out at this time – who simply bumped into it, but there was a stronger measure built in. A short electric charge for anyone who managed to get past the invisibility shield. It would kill or knock them out but give the moron a nasty burn.
Scarlet and the Princess pulled the small gas guns from their belts and aimed upwards. pressing the triggers, steel threads shot up, pulled by the toughened steel grapples. Secure they pulled themselves up then fired the small motors that pulled them the rest of the way, leaving the two women simply to walk up the wall. Once on the roof Scarlet looked over the opposite edge and looked down. The cops were gone, not even leaving a guard. Why should they, it doesn’t seem to be a crime scene. They went down the wall they went up and stood looking at the door in the alley. “This is where they think she went.” Scarlet said, taking a flashlight and shining it around the door frame. Then onto the lock. The rusty metal flap was loose. “No padlock.” she noted.
“The police might have taken it.” Princess said.
“True.” Scarlet nodded. “I’ll ask Gregg tomorrow.”
Slowly she pushed the door open and shone the light inside. The floor had been walked on by a hundred pairs of feet by the looks of it. “Like a herd of elephants,” Scarlet muttered and walked in. Princess followed using her own flashlight. A quick search gave up nothing, just a dirty, disused building that was fit for pulling down.
“Nothing.” the blonde sidekick said.
“Two people disappear from an single area.” Scarlet said. “What are the odds the area is NOT involved?”
Princess thought.
“Not worth betting on.” Scarlet said to her, shining the light on the walls. “There is something here. I can feel it. Start tapping the walls.”
They started knocking on th walls, and looking for any joins that were out of place on thin sections of wall and paneling. Princess finally stood there looking around her. “There’s nothing here.” the young woman said.

Eglin City Police department. Holding Cells. Night

“SWEET JESUS FUCKIN’CHRIST!!!!” Patty screamed as she felt the second thick, black cock enter her body. She was straddling Delon on the bed and felt his cock filling out her cunt and quite happily riding him, feeling him push deeper inside her. She looked at the black man and knew she had to please him… Honour him…
“Party time,” Harris said behind kocaeli escort bayan her and felt him kneel behind her.
“Wha–” she started but fell silent as she felt something thick and round pushing between her ass cheeks. She smiled, knowing what they were going to do. “Oooooohhh….” she cooed, putting her face to Delon’s. “Two big fucking niggers inside me…” she whispered to him. “Fucking my white fuckholes….” Patty grinned.
“Fuckhole.” Delon corrected her
“What?” she asked then felt Harris’s big thick cock push past her asshole and keep heading down. Her eyes widened.
“Oh, yeah…” Delon told her, easing his cock back out some of the way as Patty felt both cocks meet
“Oh my fucking God!” Patty said, feeling Harris’s cock nudging her already full pussy lips. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!”

Eglin City. The Southside. Night.

Scarlet ran her fingers along a wall she’d gone over three times already. “Maybe she left.” she said. “Didn’t find anything, and left and…” Scarlet shook her head. A quick check of her watch told her it was near dawn. They should leave.

Eglin City Police department. Holding Cells. Night.

“AHHGHHOD–AHHGHHOD!!!” Patty screamed as her pussy felt like it was being torn apart. Tears were streaming down her cheek with the pain as two BLACK COCKS were stretching her pussy lips beyond what she thought she could take.
“Too much?” the cop under her called Delon laughed.
“…Hhhhhhhh….” Patty opened her eyes and looked down at the black man. He was enjoying it. She could see it in his eyes.
“You’ll be taking baseball bats up there when we’ve finished!” Delon told her. “Ready, Harris?”
“As ever, man!” Harris replied and Patty felt his throbbing cock pulling back alongside the Delon’s thick shaft.
“Let’s tear this ‘ho in two!” Delon grinned and grabbed her hips. Patty screamed as the first double cock thrust slammed into her!!!!!

The Cave.

Scarlet applied the brake of the car until it stopped and sat back with a sigh.
“They’ll find her.” Princess told her, sitting in the passenger side.
“In what condition though?” Scarlet asked, looking at the all the equipment around the cave. All of the millions, all useless right now.

Eglin City Police department. Holding Cells. Night.

Patty was panting hard, her voice a hoarse whisper. “…Please…. s’too… much…” she pleaded as both big, black cocks were pistoning in and out of her raw cunt. “Too… much…” she panted again as Harris was pulling her head back by her hair.
“Too much?” Delon replied, grinning, and not breaking the rythym. “We ain’t cum yet, bitch!”
He nodded quickly to Harris who yanked out of her cunt quickly and Delon slammed in balls-deep. “YEEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” he gasped as he gave a few more hard, deep thrust until her was ready and sank every inch of his black cock inside her and felt his balls explode and pump his hot load deep inside Patty’s womb….
As soon as he finished, He pulled his wet shaft out and held onto her as Harris pushed his cock back inside the stretched, raw cunt. Patty gasped with relief and pleasure as she felt do the same. His hot seed join the first load inside her. Harris got up first, then Delon shoved her off and stood next to the her. She watched them walk out, not giving her second look as they laughed….

Eglin City Police Department.

Jane Gregg marched into the building, barely glancing at the clock that read 07:00 am. She nodded and acknowledged the nods and ‘Morning Ma’am’s she got all the way up to her office. Then got on the phone and demanded an update on the Officer Kellerman. Nothing to report, she was told. Still missing. The CCTV footage, she asked and got the same response.
“How’s Heinrich?” she asked finally.
“Sleeping like a baby.” Officer Joyce Wagner said on the phone.
“It’s daylight. Get forensics down to that building.” Jane ordered. “Tear it apart.”
“We still haven’t found the owner,” Wagner replied.
“We sort the warrant out after,” Jane said. “As far as I am concerned, two missing police officers is valid enough reason.”
Jane heard the phone click off then placed her own phone back in it’s cradle.

A warehouse. Industrial Unit. Pre-Dawn.

“I don’t know,” Tiffany said, doing up the last buttons of her paramedics outfit.
“Don’t know what?” the black man in th small office with her said. He was buckling up the belt around his black demins. He saw her eyeing his naked upper body.
“Doing this…” she said.
“What, baby” he said again. “Getting laid by a black man?”
“No.” Tiffany moved next to him and stroked his muscles. “I LOVE that.” she said. “This thing with the ambulance…”
“Baby,” He turned to her and stood up to his full height, towering over her. Just the thought of that huge cock filling her, stretching her pussy, and fucking her almost made Tiffany cum on the spot. “It’s easy. You two go, put her in the ambulance and drive away. Shit, there’ll be someone there waiting for you. Give him the paperwork. He signs it and it all looks very official. You bring her to the address you got in your pocket and it’s party time.”
“But…” she started and was stopped as he kissed her. The thrill of what she was doing flooded through her. This was better than that time she made a sex tape and ‘leaked’ it. It was better than the night she discovered the pleasures of lesbian sex. This was beyond plain naughty. It was downright criminal! He broke off the kiss.
“You ready to be a bad girl?” he smiled.
“Fuck, yeah!” Tiffany Graham grinned and walked into the warehouse. Holly was already in the passenger seat of the ambulance waiting for her.

Eglin City Police Department. Holding Cells. Dawn.

Jane Gregg looked at the sleeping form of Patricia Heinrich. She had pulled the blankets up over her. They were better blankets than normal but this wasn’t just a perp. She was, despite her behaviour so far, a police officer. There was still no news on her partner. Jane sighed quietly to herself and left the sleeping cop. They would search it again. This time she would be leading, Jane decided. There had to be something…

Eglin City Police Department. Street. Dawn.

Holly watched from corner. She saw the stream of police vehicles leave the station. Quickly she ran to and hopped into the ambulance. A nervous Tiffany sat in the driver’s seat, a cap pulled down to partially hide her face. “Go.” Holly told her and Tiffany started the engine. She reversed the ambulance then backed it out into the next street. Putting it into forward, she started driving towards the police station.
“Cannot believe I am doing this.” she said, turning a corner. The station was up ahead.
“Remembered when I broke Mr S out the first time.” Holly said. “I was so fucking scared. But so horny!” she giggled.
“Right now I’m just scared.”
Holly shushed her as Tiffany stopped at the barrier of the car entrance. She put a clipboard on the dashboard for Tiffany to take.
Tiffany took it and handed the board with it’s papers to the cops on the gate. She smiled sweetly at him. “Okay, someone will meet you at the door.” the white, male cop said and looked at Tiffany for a second more. He seemed to shake his head and reached into the small box next to the barrier. The long metal pole slowly raised and Tiffany took the clipboard back before driving on. “See, simple.” Holly said, quietly.
“I think he gave me a ticket once.” Tiffany said.
“How many tickets do you think he’s given?”
“Yeah, but I’m–”
“You are just a plain ambulance driver. Nothing else.” Holly smiled. “Stop here.”
Tiffany saw the black officer at the door. She stopped the ambulance then handed the paperwork to him.
“Do I know you?” Officer Pernell asked, glancing through the papers.
“Eh, no.” Tiffany shook her head.
“One of those faces, huh?” he said, giving the papers a quick signiture.
“One of you’re one-night stands, Amy?” Holly said suddenly, slapping Tiffany’s shoulder.
“I think I would have remembered it.” he smiled, handing the clipboard back as the kocaeli escort blonde climbed into the back.
The doors swung open and he watched the blonde climb down, extend a ramp then pull the wheelchair behind her. “So, where’s the patient?” she beamed.
They were shown to the cells and looked down on the naked cop. Holly beamed. “Taxi for one!” she said and Patty looked up suddenly. A flicker of recognition crossed her face as she saw the young blonde who quickly made a silent ‘shhhh’ sign to her. Patty did as she was told. Obediently putting on the forensic suit and sitting in the wheelchair. That face told her she was going back.

Eglin City Airport. Morning.

“…are clear to land.” the pilot heard heard in her headphones and adjusted the power of the private jet’s engines. She moved the aircraft gently into a descending angle. As her co-pilot activated the intercom to the passenger compartment.
“Mr Lime?” the co-pilot said. “We’re beginning our descent. Should only be five minutes.”
“Mmmm… Good.” the deep voice replied and both women pilots glanced at each other. They could sense the power in the voice. A power they felt deep down. It was primal.

Ambulance. Day.

Patty was naked again as Tiffany turned the ambualnce into a maze of back streets. She winced as Holly ran a finger up and down her raw pussy lips. “You sore?” holy asked.
“A little.” Patty said, spreading her legs to let air at her cunt. “Thought I was going to tear apart.”
“Big fucker, was he?” Holly smiled.
“Fuckers.” Patty grinned back. Holly’s eyebrows raised in a question. “Two big fucking nigger cocks in there. At once!”
“Fuck!” Holly gasped and looked at the gaping pussy between Patty’s thighs.
“At once?” Tiffany said from behind the wheel.
Holly’s fingers were gently tracing around Patty’s cunt. “Never don that before?”
“No,” Patty said softly, enjoyed Holly’s tender touch.
“Just stuck them in and fucked you?”
“Yes,” Patty breathed.
“How?” Holly asked, a naughty glint in her eye, running the tip of her finger around the inside of Patty’s pussy lips.
“What?” Patty said, sliding her hands towards Holly’s only to find them pushed back.
“How did they fuck you?” Holly asked. “Nice and gentle? Or…”
“They fucked me.” Patty said, meeting Holly’s eyes. “Those niggers fucked me. Hard.”
“Hard?” Rough?” Holly had a finger inside Patty now.
“And you liked it?” A second finger was inside Patty now…
“I knew you were one nasty bitch,” she grinned and thrust a third finger into the naked cop slut.
Patty grinned back as she felt the orgasm erupt through her body. “Yeahhhhhhhh….”
“Let me kiss it better,” Holly said, lowering her head down between Patty’s thighs….

Eglin City Airport. Day.

Adrian Lime watched as Samantha White fixed her lipstick.. The slender, white, blonde woman looked stunning seated in her white trouser suit, her legs crossed. She was his Personal Assistant, his secretary, his lawyer, everything he wanted. He knew he could trust her. “So,” the black man said. “Eglin City.”
Samantha picked up the black leather folder from the table next to her. She opened it and handed Adrian some of the papers. “Beach Industries still say no to a merger. As does Storme.” she told him.
“They always say no.” Adrian smiled. “You did. Once.”
Samantha blushed. “Once.” she replied. “This is the board we’re talking about. They have no reason to merge. Yet.”
Adrian shrugged. “Exactly. Yet. Let’s just work on Beach Industries for n” he said as the jet landed.

A warehouse. Industrial Unit. Day.

Tiffany turned the ambulance in and brought it to a stop as the three black men watched. One of them opened the driver’s door as another opened up the back doors. He grinned at the sight of Holly on her knees on the ambulance floor as she gently tongued a naked Patty’s pussy. “Congratulations,” he said, putting an arm around Tiffany’s shoulders. “You passed the test.”
“Test?” Tiffany asked….
“Test.” Holly told Tiffany and Patty and went back to ’kissing’ Patty’s raw pussy better….
“We are Blackshaft.” the black man said, unzipping Tiffany’s paramedic uniform. “We are here to save this city from itself. To show it the truth.”
Patty looked confused. “What–” Then felt Holly kneel up.
“They do what you can’t.” Holly smiled. “What that Scarlet Cow can’t.”
“Black power.” Tiffany said, raising a fist until the black man eased the top of the uniform down her shoulders.
“Black power.” he smiled, pushing the small white woman onto her knees in front of him. She knew her role now and unzipped his pants. “Do you accept it… Officer?” he looked hard at Patty as Tiffany eased his long, thick black cock out. Patty couldn’t help herself. Holly sat back as Patty crawled to the door then climbed out. She felt to her knees next to Tiffany and began kissing his heavy balls as the young, rich, white socialite kissed the hardening black shaft…
“Yes…” Patty breathed between kisses, then looked up at the strong black man. The smell of him filled her senses. Names were unimportant. He was the Black Man. She looked at Tiffany and saw same look of adoration. They both served the Black Man. Patty look up again, into his eyes and felt his hand rest on her head. “Yes, Sir….” she said and opened her mouth to take the big, black head of his cock into her…

Lexington Building. Penthouse. Day.

Adrian had showered. He wasn’t meeting Alison Beach for another four hours. He stood on the balcony of the penthouse naked, letting the sun dry his naked, muscular body. Eglin City was spread out before him. A giant Monopoly board that was waiting to be played. The Lexington Building was the first to be bought. It would be his base, his place of business.
“Boss?” Samantha White said softly.
Adrian looked round and smiled as he saw the surprised reaction on the two white female pilots, now standing in his bedroom wearing robes. They were new employees. Both married. Behind them stood Samantha White, also wearing a robe. The two pilots’ eyes were glued to his long black cock that hung down like third leg. “Jeez…” the blonde pilot said and gulped.
“She didn’t believe me.” Samantha told him.
The blonde pilot couldn’t pull her eyes from Adrian’s huge cock. “I…” she started.
“Shhhhh….” he told her and pulled both women’s robes open.
As he led the two women to to the bed, Samantha sat in a chair to watch him enjoy them. Soon he would motion to her and she would stand up and disrobe and join them. Until then she got to watch the squeals of delight as two more white women were exposed to black cock. She watched him kiss each of them then push their eager lips towards his slowly growing black shaft. Samantha eased her legs open and began caressing her pussy lips. She loved watching him fuck, watching his muscles move, his black skin shine in the light, his black buttocks tighten up then deliver that potent black seed into willing, white flesh…
“Sam?” his deep voice cut through her dream and she sat up suddenly.
“Boss?” she panted, seeing him lying back, cock fully engorged. Both women were naked, each one either side of his cock, licking and kissing the shiny, dark, shaft. He smiled at her. “Ohhhh, yes. Yes, sir….” she purred, standing up. Samantha was proud of her breasts, they were good and not too big. She tossed the rob off and got down her hands and knees, as naked as the other women. Samantha crawled along the floor and onto the bed. She slid between his powerful, dark thighs into her place, opened her mouth and kissed his big, black, cum-filled balls……
Adrian looked down at the three white women, naked, and pleasuring him. He felt Sam’s tongue running up and down between his ass and his balls and he moaned softly. He felt the both female pilot’s lips around the head of his cock, touching. They stopped and he gently placed a hand on the back of each woman’s head. “Do it,” Adrian told them and watched as the two woman left his cock and nervously kissed each other. The nerves soon left them and he watched them lock lips hard, tongues pushing into each other’s hungry mouths, then Samantha got up and added her lips to the three-way kiss….
He lay back watching the lesbian show. God. he loved white women…


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