26 Mart 2023

Bike Night

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Female Ejaculation

Being Bi is not something you let be known when you are a male biker hanging out with guys that party with the Outlaws and other one-percenter clubs. But, Bi I am and have been for my whole life, so I’ve learned when and where to let the secret out.

The club I was riding with at that time would do all of the usual poker runs as well as the weekly Friday night dinner rides; and the dinner rides usually were the most fun for me, just because it got me out of the house and hanging with my friends for an evening.

This one particular evening, we ended up at one of the local Chinese restaurants for dinner and we had a great time, as usual, just hanging out, eating and gabbing.

During the course of the evening, I had noticed that there were a couple of the busboys that I found to be very attractive as I was sneaking looks their way. There was one busboy in particular that I felt was so sexy that I got a hard-on from looking at him. He was about 5 feet tall, a little shorter than me, slender with features that were almost, but not quite, feminine.

I had noticed him looking our way (at me?) a lot over the course of the evening. By now, my erection was enough of a problem that I had to excuse myself from the group and went to the bathroom to try to get my bulge to deflate enough to not be a noticeable problem.

Once out of sight of everyone, I went down the corridor toward the bathroom when I ran, almost literally, into my sexy busboy.

He immediately excused himself for almost running me down and I noticed that his gaze lingered on me afterwards. I decided then and there to just come right out and talk to him and see if he was as interested in me as I was in him.

“Listen. I saw you looking at us over there and I was wondering if maybe you might want to go riding with me after you get off work?” Okay, it was lame, but I really wasn’t used to picking up guys.

“I was looking at you, but I don’t have motorcycle.”

“I do.” I said.

He looked into my eyes and said, “You asking me what I think you asking me?”

“I am asking if you want to go on a date with me after you get off work. Tonight.”

“Your friends know this about you?”

“No. And I would prefer that it stayed that way if you get what I mean.”


“Yes, you understand or yes, you will go out with me?”

“I go out with you. Tonight. I also understand.”

“Good. What time do you get off?”

“Soon. Eleven.”

“Good. What’s your name? Mine is Chris.”

“I am Lu.”

“I’ll be waiting outside when you get done, Lu.”

I went back to the table and finished dinner while he went about finishing his work.

As the night drew to a close, the club was all leaving in small groups, singles and pairs until my riding buddy, Nick and I were the last ones there.

Nick said “I’m heading out to the Strip. Wanna come?”

“Naw. Just gonna finish my dessert and head home, I think.” I lied.

“Okay. Just don’t forget about tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll be there. If the weather holds, it will be a target rich environment”

“Damn straight. I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

“Later, man.”

With that, he headed out the door.

I finished eating in silence, checking out all of the waiters, waitresses and, of course, Lu. When I finished, I paid my bill and went outside and waited. Right on time, Lu came out from work. He looked at the bike as he walked out and started to get a look on his face that made me think that he was getting second thoughts about our impromptu date.

“You’re not changing your mind, are you?”

“No. I just never ride on motorcycle before.”

I grinned at that and said, “Don’t worry. Just do what I tell you and you’ll be fine. Besides, I never crash with passengers aboard.”

He looked at me and said, “First time for everything.”

I smiled at that and said “Not tonight, though. So where would you like me to take you?”

“I not so smart about what is here to do. Maybe you choose?”

“Okay. I know a place that we can go to start with.”

I gave him the dos and don’ts about riding with me and we mounted up and rode off. I did know the perfect place and so we went to a place called The Copa. It was a big gay/lesbian, bisexual, crossdresser and transgender hangout with Bakırköy escort a lot of music, four bars and a big dance floor. He was quite impressed by the place.

We parked the bike and went in, got something to drink and sat down in one of the outside bar areas to talk for a bit. I found out that he had only been in the country for a couple of years and had just moved to the area a few months earlier.

After a bit of talking and a couple of drinks, I asked if he liked to dance and he said that he wasn’t very good at it, but was willing to try it. I told him that I was pretty awful, but was willing to try as well. As we got up to the dance floor, the music changed to something slow. We looked at each other, I shrugged, took his hand and we went out to dance.

He wrapped his arms around me and melted into me while we danced. After a couple of minutes he looked up at me with eyes that were gentle and submissive, so I kissed him.

We danced and kissed till the song started to speed up again and I walked him off the floor and said, “let’s go back to your place.”

He agreed and we went to his place. It was a nice little studio semi-attached to his landlord’s house. We went in and he offered me a soda, which I took, and he sat down next to me on his bed.

Without a word, he began pulling my shirt off, kissing me everywhere that my skin became exposed. After my shirt was off, he got onto the floor and took my boots and socks off, kissing and licking my feet very gently. That was a new experience for me. Then he began working my pants off of me, kissing my legs as he undressed me.

As suddenly as he had begun, he stopped and undressed himself.

It dawned on me, as he stood there, naked, staring at my now rigid cock, how feminine in build and manner he was. Maybe that was the attraction that I felt, but it didn’t really matter to me. He had me hot and ready and I wanted to play with him as badly as he wanted to play with me.

His cock wasn’t quite as big as mine, but it was of a good enough size that I liked it.

“Come here, Lu.”

He lay down next to me and began kissing me again, kissing and licking his way down to my nipples, licking and sucking each one in turn before working his way to my hard cock, which he licked around, sucking my balls gently into his mouth before licking my cock like a popsicle; up and down the length, gently nibbling the shaft then swallowing my cock whole down his throat.

I turned us so that I could get my lips around his cock and began sucking him with more zeal than I have had with any of my male lovers before or since. We sucked each other like that for a while until I felt like I was going to cum. I knew that he was close as well from the way he was moaning on my cock. I began to cum in his mouth, moaning on his cock the whole time as he swallowed my load. Then I felt him moaning harder on my cock as his cock swelled and he shot his load into my throat. I swallowed it all, reveling in the taste of his cum and sucking him dry.

He pulled off of me and turned around to curl up next to me, holding my now soft cock in his hands, kissing my chest, nipples and neck. A few minutes of this and I was hard again and he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed some lube.

He put some on his hand and continued stroking my cock. With his other hand he squirted some lube into his ass and then he put the lube on the nightstand and kneeled over my cock, aiming it at his ass. God he was tight. Slowly, he slid down on my cock and let it fill him up, saying all the time how big I was. He stayed very still while his ass adjusted to me and then, after a minute, he sat upright and began pumping his tight little ass up and down on me. I reached up and played with his nipples and his cock, which was getting hard again.

I couldn’t take it any more, so I rolled us over so that he was on his back, with his legs in the air and I began to really fuck him. He wrapped his legs around me and was fucking me back, rubbing his cock between us and moaning something in Thai that I didn’t understand.

I felt my cock swell and began to come as I felt his cock swell and shoot between us. I rolled us over again so that he was on top again and he just laid there, his legs on either side of me, laying on me with his head escort bayan on my chest.

“I never had American man before. You very good.” he whispered.

“Thank you. I’ve never had a Thai man before. You are very enthusiastic.”

“You nice to me and I wanted to have good time with you.”

“Well, we definitely had that”

“I clean up now. Stay here”

With that, he kissed me like we had been lovers for years, got off of me and went into the bathroom. I heard the water running and then he came out with a bowl and a washcloth. He cleaned me up and then cleaned himself up before returning the cloth and bowl to the bathroom and coming back to the bed.

I started to get up to get dressed and he said “You not stay?”

“I thought…”

“No. You stay tonight.” He said and looked at me with sad, gentle eyes. How could I say no? So I lay back down, he crawled into bed with me and curled up on me and we went to sleep.

In the morning we woke up, had round three, showered, said good by and I went off to meet my buddy Nick.

When I met up with him, he mentioned that he saw my bike over at The Copa the night before and he saw who was with me. I asked him how he would have seen something like that and he said that it was because he had been there himself when I arrived.

“Oh really?” I said, noticing a growing bulge in his pants.

“Yeah. Why don’t we go to my place and talk about it?”

“Okay. I guess we can hunt poon anytime.”

So we went back to his place. When we got there, he got us something to drink and we sat down on the sofa.

I started things off.

“So you saw me at The Copa with my little friend. What were you doing there?”

“Just hangin out and checkin the scene. It was…different.”

I moved closer to him. “And did you like what you saw there? The scene and all?” He was really buff, smooth and I had fantasized about how his cock looked and felt a number of times. Now I felt that I was getting real close to finding out.

“The scene? Yeah; And all, too. I just never figured you would be there.”

“Well, this isn’t exactly something that we want to advertise, now. Is it? After all; we party with the Oh Ells and we don’t want them to know that they have any Bi guys riding and partying with them. We’d get our asses kicked. Maybe even killed and left out off The Alley somewhere.”

“That wouldn’t be good. We’ll just have to hang tight on this one if we wanna stay safe from that.”

“So what were you doin there? I mean you have Sonya to come home to. All I got is an empty place.” I moved a little closer.

“Looking for an extra playmate. I saw what you were doing there. Or rather, who.”

“Well, I wasn’t doing him there.”

“Maybe, but then you were heading that way.”

“True. Are we heading that way now?” I said as I got even closer and put my glass on the table.

“If you want to.”

He leaned a little closer to me.

“I wouldn’t turn you down if you wanted a little mutual fun.”

I moved closer still.

“And if I didn’t?” he said in an almost whisper.

I whispered, “Then I would respect that. You know that’s the way I am.”

I leaned in to him and our lips met. The kiss was electric. Passionate. I hadn’t ever had that kind of passion from any of my male lovers before or since. It was as if the energy that we were sharing was so powerful that it was almost too much to control.

We broke from the kiss and Nick said that we should go to the bedroom.

“What about Sonya?”

“She’s gone till later this afternoon. Shopping with her Mom.”

“Okay. Let’s get naked. I want that cock of yours.”

“Oh, you’ll get it all right. But I want to play with yours too.”

We got naked and started stroking each other’s cocks. I was stroking his cock and began sucking on his nipples; one after the other. He held my face to his chest as I sucked them in turn, then I began working my way to his very suckable, cut cock.

I licked up and down the shaft, slowly since I wanted to enjoy this cock that I had fantasized about so often.

I licked his balls and around his hard shaft, then back down to his ass, while he grabbed my ass and played with my nipples with one hand and stroked my cock with the other as he licked escort rus it up and down it’s length.

After a few minutes of this, we were already in a 69 and so we just began bobbing on each other’s cocks. I was in heaven as we sucked each other closer and closer to orgasm.

As we got each other close to Cuming, he stopped sucking me and got up.

“Come on. Let’s take this into the bedroom.”

So I got up and followed him into the bedroom and sat down on the bed, reclining back and looking at him, “Is this better?” I said.

“Almost. Get the rest of your clothes off.”

I did and so did Nick, then I lay down on the bed. He went over to the nightstand and got some lube out and began putting some on his cock. I looked at him stroking his dick and I licked my lips as he came over to me and put my legs in the air and began to lube up my ass.

Then he put his cock at the entrance of my asshole and began sliding into me. Damn he felt good. I wrapped my legs around him and began pulling him deeper into me. Once he was all the way in and I was adjusted to his cock in me, he began fucking me hard and kissing me.

It wasn’t long before he started to cum in me and it was great. But he kept stroking in and out of me, rubbing his body against my cock till I started to cum, moaning into his mouth as I shot my load. And that’s when we heard Sonya.

“Don’t wear yourselves out yet, boys. Save some for me.”

We both looked at her and I was in shock a little. I looked at her, then at Nick; he was smiling at me.

I said to Nick, “You knew about this?”

“Yeah, but It was worth it to see your face. Let’s wash up and then Sonya can join in.”

“Okay, but she has to help us get cleaned up.”

“Sure, but let me get naked before you boys get into the shower.”

She dropped her clothes and came over to us. “Let’s get wet.” She said.

The shower was a lot of fun; Taking turns scrubbing each other, rubbing all over each other, and drying off was just as much fun.

Afterward, we got back into bed, with Sonya this time, and Nick and I teamed up on her, licking her nipples and working our way down to her pussy, which was now soaking wet from all the attention that she was getting.

Nick was tongue-fucking her while I was licking her clit. Nick would pause every couple of minutes to lick her clit with me and that drove her crazy. Finally, we both focused on her clit together and that was all she could take.

Soon enough, she started screaming and cumming all over our mouths.

After she calmed down a bit, I rolled her over me in a sixty-nine as Nick got behind her to fuck her as I started licking her pussy again. From time to time, I would lick Nick’s balls as he slowly stroked her hot hole and every few strokes, he would pull out of her and slide his sweet cock into my mouth.

The feeling of getting attention at both ends was wonderful and I never wanted it to stop, but soon Nick started to Cum as he was fucking Sonya and he pulled out of her to give me the last drops of his cum.

I started cumming into Sonya’s mouth and after she swallowed a bit of my cum, she squeezed my cock to keep from spurting all over so that Nick could come around to finish swallowing the rest of my cum.

We all finished in a sexy 3-way kiss, sharing our cum between us. Well, that got Nick and I both hard again and Sonya suggested that we sandwich her, so I laid down on the bed and she got over me while Nick greased up his cock and her asshole. As I slid into her pussy, Nick slid into her ass and I could feel his cock inside of her as we both fucked her. Damn, she was tight.

I was the first to cum and Sonya started as I was finishing, but she didn’t get off of me. Instead, Nick pulled out of her and she raised my legs into the air and Nick slid a pillow under my hips. I knew what was coming up and I let out a low groan as Nick greased up my ass and then his cock again.

He slid his cock into my ass and I felt that warm, familiar feeling as my ass filled up with hot cock. Only this time, my cock was also encased in a hot pussy. As soon as he started stroking my asshole with his cock, mine got hard as a rock and Sonya started riding me for all she was worth.

I could feel my orgasm build as Nick and Sonya both started to cum again. But this time it was Nick’s orgasm; his hot sperm filling my ass that set me off.

Afterward, we all lay there catching our breath and we realized that it was almost dinnertime. We all showered and then took off on a dinner ride. It was the end of a very good day for all of us.

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