26 Mart 2023

Better Than Coffee

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It’s that beautiful time of morning. The sun is just barely peaking through the bedroom shades. You begin to register that you’re almost awake, remembering where you are and what you did the night before. My morning also includes you.

I wake up to feeling myself being dragged across the bed, backward. You’ve grabbed my hips and are pulling me away from the edge I’d been hugging all night, trying hard to respect the personal space you seem to hold so dear when all I wanted to do was curl into your back and kiss you every once in awhile.

I moan as I feel my back touch your chest, warm and firm, but you don’t make a noise. You simply begin running your hands over every inch of bare flesh you can touch. You gently massage my shoulders, run your hands down my arms, over my waist and circle my breasts. You being to kiss my neck as you play with my nipple. I writhe a little and reach back to massage your thigh, trying to touch you. It’s cute, you turning me on. You’ve never woken up with me; you don’t know that when güngören escort I wake up with a man, I wake up wet. You start kissing and biting my neck harder as I grip your cock. You’re already so hard…did I do that? You run your hand down my belly and find my clit. That’s when you find our how wet I am. I’m so hot for you and I haven’t even seen you.

We lay like this for awhile, just touching one another, learning each others bodies by touch now since we learned them with sight and taste the night before.

“I need you to fuck me, baby,” I say. “Please slip your cock into me and fuck me hard.”

You pull my top leg up and back so it rests on yours and keeps my thighs apart. I arch my back away from you and you slip your cock inside me.

“God, that feels good,” I moan.

You lazily pull your cock in and out of my hot pussy, stroking my clit and kissing my neck at the same time. You have no idea how good it feels to have my pussy full of bağcılar escort you this early in the day. You pump a little faster and I wiggle a little more. I hear your breathing grow heavier as my moaning grows louder.

“Faster, baby, more, please.” I reach my hand down and feel your cock as you pull it in and out of me. But you ignore me and slow down. I whimper as you pull out completely. You roll over on your back and I turn over to look at you.

As son as I’m facing you, you pull me on top of you. Now I know what you want.

“Lazy bum,” I say., straddling you.

“You bet,” you reply as you hold your cock and I hold open the lips of my pussy so it can slide back in.

I lean close to you, putting my hands by your shoulders. My breasts touch your chest, moving a little as I roll my hips back and forth, keeping you in me at all times. You try to push me up so you can watch, but I don’t let you.

“I need to be close,” I say. “My tits merter escort hurt too much to bounce around again like last night.”

You cup my 36Ds and roll my nipples between your fingers. The support allows me to move more on your cock. We both have a sheen of sweat as our orgasms begin. I bite my lip and lose myself in you, in the feeling of your cock plunging in and out of me, in the jolt I get every time my clit connects with your pelvis.

As I climax, I lose my concentration and rhythm. You grab me and roll me over onto my back so you can continue to thrust into me.

“Where do you want me to come?” you pant.

I can barely think to respond.

“Come on me, baby.”

Through the haze of my climax, I urge you on.

“That feels so good. Come for me; I want to know I can pleasure you this early in the day. Don’t stop, please, give it to me harder.”

Your breathing becomes ragged and you suddenly pull out, leaving me feeling empty. You hold your cock and aim it at my belly, pumping it as you come on me. You collapse half on me and half next to me after spilling your hotness on me. We lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath and holding each other in the soft morning light.

“Mornin’,” I say.

“Morning,” you say as you kiss my shoulder. “Damn. Who needs coffee when I can get you in the morning?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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