26 Mart 2023

Best Massage Ever

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Although I’ve changed names and some background details, the following story is completely true.


Denise trembled with excitement as she thought about her upcoming massage appointment. She’d spent the last week moving back into her apartment, and she was sore. Her back and shoulders were reminding her that she wasn’t as young and fit as she used to be. A massage was just what she’d needed.

I had been over a year since her last massage, through no fault of her own. Denise had been involved in a pretty bad accident last year, and her focus had been on recovery and physiotherapy. She couldn’t even drive until a month ago and walking up the stairs to her apartment had been a far away dream.

Denise had spent the last year living with her parents because she needed their help to take care of herself. A side effect of being 40 and single was that you had no one at home with you. The occasional sex partner really didn’t count.

For a 40 year old, Denise looked pretty good for her age. She liked to comment jokingly that she looked much better naked than in her clothes. Her breasts, having never fed a child, were still relatively perky, given their size. Most of her life she’d been a comfortable 36C but the extra pounds that came with hit 40 had bumped that up to a 38D. Though she’d put on weight, it was distributed, so she was still the same shape she’d been for years – wide hips, with an average size waist.

As Denise looked a herself in the mirror, she rubbed her hand over her soft stomach. No real pouch in sight, but her abs were hidden by a soft layer of fat. She didn’t mind – sh liked seeing it shake a little as she moved. And she knew her partners liked the jiggle when they spanked her.

As she thought about when last she’d been slapped, her hand moved down between her legs. Her finger touched the top of her slit and felt the wetness already starting.

Denise brought her mind back to the present. Her masseur was due to arrive in an hour. He was someone who had massaged her last year at a friend’s spa. She had been trying to incorporate more self-care in her life and massages were part of that. After her first massage with Leonard, she’d requested him when she went back. Not only were his hands strong and able to get out the knots she got from working at her computer for long hours, but she’d been so turned on that first time.

Denise hopped into the shower to prep for her massage. Besides wanting to be clean, she figured she might as well pleasure herself now since she had some time. As she washed herself, Denise started to reminisce on her massage daydreams.

She remembered lying on the table, in just a thong, covered with a towel. As Leonard’s hands massaged her legs, she felt herself getting wet. Every time he reached near the tops of her thighs, a pulse of energy had shot through her. She had thought about him just brushing past her pussy lips, wishing he would touch her.

Moving from her legs up to her stomach and chest, he would always politely ask if she wanted him to massage her chest. Nodding quietly, he would start rubbing her chest, then her breasts. Nothing overtly sexual, but Denise’s breasts were incredibly sensitive. Her mind would always start to conjure up fantasies of him tweaking her nipples and then leaning over to suck on them.

Finally, he would invite her to roll over. Denise would get a thrill as he massaged her gluts, knowing that just within reach of his fingers was her puckered ring. He never touched it, but she imagined that he could see see a glimpse of it under her thong very time he slightly escort bayan separated her cheeks.

At her last massage, Denise had been so turned on that she had to physically try to control her trembling by time he got to the final step and massaged her scalp. Her entire body at that point was on fire.

As Denise rubbed herself in the shower, these thoughts brought her to a small climax. Just enough to take the edge off, she thought.

40 minutes later, Denise was once again calm, and lying on her bed waiting for Leonard. She’d come across him on social media last week and saw that he offered home massages under his own name. She wasted no time in booking him for a full body massage.

At 6pm on the dot, her phone rang – Leonard was here. She grabbed a robe and headed for the door. Swinging it open, she smiled as she welcomed him in.

“How are you, Denise? It’s been a long time,” he said.

“It really has been. I don’t know if you heard but I was in an accident last year. That’s why I’ve not been around.”

“I figured you’d just changed spas to be honest,” Leonard laughed.

“Never! I love Lana and wouldn’t give my money to another spa. Ha ha!” Denise restrained herself from saying she also wouldn’t have let another masseur touch her.

As Leonard looked around, he asked “so where should I set up?”

“If you don’t mind, I figured the bedroom was the best option as I have space for your table here. I’m still moving in hence all the boxes in the living room.” Denise indicated through the door to their left.

As she watched Leonard start to set up his massage table, Denise found herself looking at his ass. The truth is Leonard wasn’t even really her usual type. She liked them tall, fair and slim – he was average height, darker skinned and a little pudgy. But those hands!

With the table set up, Leonard was ready for her. Denise sat on the towel spread on the table and shyly removed her robe. She quickly grabbed the other towel and laid it over her as she stretched out on her back.

She was completely nude this time. That had been a spur of the moment decision. She was already having second thoughts as Leonard went about setting up to get started. He had put on some “massage music” to help with the calming atmosphere, and he’d lit two aromatherapy candles. If she closed her eyes, she could actually forget she was in her bedroom and not at the spa.

Leonard asked a few questions about her accident and the injuries before starting on her legs. As his fingers ran over her scars, he asked “so when was your last massage?”

“It’s been over a year. Not since I last saw you actually.”

“Wow! You’re kidding me! That is a long time to go without a massage.”

“I know. That’s why I want to start back.”

“Ok, let’s get you sorted out then. Just lie back and relax and I’ll work on this tension.”

Denise followed his advice, lay back and closed her eyes.

His hands went to work on her feet first. Denise really did love getting her feet rubbed. As his fingers dug into the muscles and underside of her foot, Denise started to feel amazingly relaxed. Maybe here is something to this whole reflexology thing, she thought.

A few minutes later, his hands moved up to her legs. As he stroked along her calves, Denise could actually feel the tension leaving her legs.

Soon he moved up to her thighs and Denise felt her usual tingles start. She started to wonder if going without the thong was a good idea. But her legs were closed and she was sure he couldn’t see that she was getting wet.

But as he got to the tops of escort istanbul her thighs, Denise could actually feel the moisture building. As he rubbed the tops of her thighs, his fingers came closer and closer to her slit. But always a professional distance away. Denise realized she held her breath every time his fingers drew near.

The next thing she knew, Leonard had picked up her leg and pushed on it towards her so her knee bent to her chest. As he put his weight on it, she realized he could likely see how wet she was. Denise didn’t dare open her eyes to see if he was looking at her, or worse looking at her most private parts.

Leonard repeated the exercise on the other side, and Denise was convinced she could smell herself. As he did the same leg bend stretch, Denise swore she felt her pussy lips unstick themselves. There was no way he couldn’t tell she was turned on.

But Leonard, the consummate professional, said nothing. Replacing her leg on the table, he moved his hands up from the tops of her thighs to her hips.

“Would you like me to massage here?” he asked, lightly indicating to her mound, still discreetly covered by the towel. Denise was mildly surprised, as he had never offered to do that before, but she figured why not? A nice little rub might help with my current situation.

“Sure” she answered. She was pretty sure that Leonard wouldn’t cross any lines, and would just massage the tissue as he did her breasts in past massages.

Leonard moved the towel to uncover the lower stomach and pelvis, leaving he breasts still covered. He started massaging Denise’s mound with both hands, down from the stomach to the peak. As he gets lower, he starts rubbing her outer lips – smushing them in and making circular motions, bringing his fingers together and then moving them apart.

Denise, thoroughly enjoying this, relaxes into it, her breathing starting to deepen.

Then she gasps! His fingers have started running up her slit as he rubs. First one hand then the other. As he continues, a finger starts dipping inside her with each rub.

Denise opens her eyes startled but sees that Leonard is still focused on the massage and the rubbing continues. Denise’s breaths are becoming more staccato as she starts to feel shivers running up her insides every time Leonards puts a finger to her.

Denise, now soaking wet, starts breathing very hard. And before she knows it, Leonard is fingering her. They’ve still not said a word. But his fingers start doing the dance. First one finger, then two. Leonard’s fingers start pumping into her.

Suddenly, his other hand starts to play with her clit – rubbing it, in small circles. He’s squeezing and tickling it. Denise’s leg have fallen apart and she’s begun to squirm on the table.

Then a shot of lightning runs through her. She feels Leonard’s tongue on her clit. Alternating between sucking on her clit and licking her up and down. Meanwhile his fingers inside her have not stopped.

Without even realizing it, Denise has opened her legs, bending on leg up to give him space to work. Leonard is going at it now – licking and sucking and tongue fucking Denise. Just when Denise starts to think she can’ take any more, Leonard sensing her increasing pleasure goes straight for her G-spot – hard pumping with his fingers with the tips bent just a little to hit the spot.

Before Denise even knew what hit her, she felt a warmth spread and then she was gushing. Denise’s juices poured out of her on to Leonard’s hand and down onto the towel.

Leonard didn’t even stop. Lifting his head, he spread the fluids with his hand, bayan escort all over Denise’s pussy and mound. Then he dove right back in.

Licking, sucking, rubbing. Denise’s mind was barely there at this point, but she realized within a minute that it was happening again. Leonard’s fingers which had barely paused, attacked her G-spot again. From gentle fingering to hard pumping – and again the floodgates opened.

Spread the fluids around again with his other hand, Leonard slowed his fingers. He licked slowly up her slit, then lightly sucked the clit one last time, before slowing down and stopping completely.

Denise was barely sane at this point, half dead really. Leonard picked up the massage where he left off – moving up her stomach.

When he gets to her chest, he starts massaging her breasts. This time, unlike her previous massages, but just like her daydreams, he starts playing with her nipples. Just a light pinch as he massages. But then he leans over and starts to lick and suck on Denise’s nipples.

Denise is barely even registering this as she floats on her afterglow. But she moans as he takes her nipple between his teeth and nibbles lightly.

Leonard’s crotch is pressing against her hand as he leans over. She can feel he’s hard. And she hears him asking her if she wants him to take it out. It takes everything Denise has to shake her head no. She’s not sure where that would lead, but she’s not ready.

Leonard, ever the professional, doesn’t press the matter, and continues with the massage, moving up to her shoulders and arms.

When he’s finished, and Denise’s arms are like limp noodles, he has her turn over onto her stomach. The towel has been completely discarded at this point.

Denise, lying there completely nude and uncovered, is too relaxed to even care. Leonard goes back to her legs o finalize he rubdown he had begun what seems like a lifetime ago.

By the time he gets back up to her thighs, his fingers are once again grazing her pussy as he rubs the tops of the thighs. This time, it comes with a finger sliding up the slit or even dipping into he entrance to Denise’s pussy.

He keeps going up to the ass cheeks, and he’s massaging her glutes just like she was remembering earlier in the shower. But now, as he pulls them apart, her hole is completely exposed – with no thong. Denise through her fog feels him running his fingers down her crack each time, sliding all the way down into her pussy.

A couple minutes of this and Leonard moves on, up her back. Denise feels a glimmer of disappointment but realizes he’s not done with her ass. Every time he does back down to her lower back, her ass cheeks get the same treatment.

Denise is breathing hard at this point because she is primed and in a constant state of arousal, teetering on the edge.

Finally Leonard movs from her back, coming around to the end of the able where he proceeds to do a scalp massage. Denise starts to feel her usual warmth, as she starts to wonder if cumming from a scalp massage is a normal thing.

Just before she cums, Leonard’s hands travel back down her spine, to hr ass cheeks, over the curve of her ass and he starts fingering her again.

A whole new range of sensations flood Denise’s body, as she arches her back. Groaning out loud, Denise digs her toes into the table. As Leonard fingers her from behind, his other hand slides underneath her to start rubbing her clit.

As Denise arches and pushes back into Leonard’s hand, he start pumping into her again, aiming straight for her G-spot and the gushing begins all over again.

Denise collapses onto the table as Leonard removes his hands, sliding one from underneath her and slowly extracting the other. Kissing along her back, he then whispers “I thought you might need the extra release…”

As Leonard goes to wash up, leaving Denise to gather her senses, she thinks “Best massage ever!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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