24 Mart 2023

Ben’s Unholy Work

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thanks to hkf999 for the edit.


Ben looked up from his weeding and wiped his forehead clear of the sweat which had built up. It was a beautiful day and too good to be at gardening but he had promised. The garden he was in was a decent size and also boasted a large pool. The main problem was that it wasn’t his garden or even his parents, it belonged to his local youth pastor. He had been roped into helping out a couple of weeks ago after an unfortunate incident at the youth centre.

The man in question was standing across from him holding the end of a broken shovel.

“Nice one John,” laughed Ben.

“You won’t be laughing by the time you get the garden done,” replied John laughing as well.

Allison decided to stick her head out the door to see what all the laughing was about. She had a nice enough body but it was hard to make out because she wore such baggy clothes. Ben still looked up and tried to imagine what was underneath. Her hair streamed down past her shoulders, loose for once. When she saw the broken handle she joined in the laughter. Ben thought it was nice to hear her laugh and he could have listened all day to her, sadly she had turned around and gone back inside.

“I suppose I better go get a new handle,” called John breaking into Ben’s day dream.

“Do you want me to come with you? You know in case you’re not able to carry such a heavy burden,” replied Ben as he once again had to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

“Why don’t you stick around and have a swim or something since you’ve being working so hard,” said John noticing at last the state Ben was in.

Ben looked at him trying to decide if he was joking or not. When he saw that it was an honest offer he accepted and couldn’t wait to get in the pool. He had wanted to take a dip in that pool since he had started work at the pastor’s house two months ago and now the opportunity was finally here. He had started to take off his t-shirt when he noticed John still standing there with a vacant expression on his face.

“Are you OK?” Asked Ben.

“Sorry, yes I’m fine, I was just thinking I have some things to do down at the church and I might as well do those after I collect the handle,” replied John when he came back to himself.

Ben thought that that was the signal for him to go home and the end of his pool dreams. He put his t-shirt back down and headed towards the side gate when John called him again.

“Its ok, enjoy the pool just close the gate when you finish ok?”

Ben started towards the pool as John went out the gate. He took off his t-shirt revealing half a 6-pack. He had been working at it all summer and was proud of his efforts. His bermuda shorts would do him for swimming and the sun wouldn’t be long drying him off so he had no worries as he dived into the pool. He was glad of the cool water on his dried out skin. He came up from his dive and looked around. The pool was nice and cool and the garden was coming on well.

Ben went for another dive and this time when he came up he had a surprise waiting for him.

Allison was standing beside the pool and she was just unwrapping the towel that had been hiding her figure. She was wearing a nice one piece black swimsuit. Ben cleared his eyes of water to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was. It was her alright. Ben appraised her body while he had the chance, she appeared to have a C cup or so but it was hard to tell with the material hugging them to her body. Her long legs were pale, probably from being covered in those baggy clothes so often. Allison turned around to lay the towel on the ground and Ben got a look at her lovely posterior. While the suit covered most of the flesh it couldn’t hide its inviting shape.

Ben could feel himself getting hard and had to concentrate and calm down before she noticed.

Allison was just turning back towards the pool when Ben decided he better let her know he was there. “Hello, Mrs Johnson,” he called out in a friendly voice.

It was still enough to make her jump into the air, unfortunately for Ben the material in the suit didn’t allow her breasts much movement.

“Ben you knocked the life out of me,” replied Allison trying to get her breath back.

This heavy breathing on her part was starting to get Ben aroused again and he had to wait a second before he replied.

“Sorry, I thought you saw me in the pool, John said it was ok, I’ll leave if you want me to,” he managed to get out at last.

“No, No its ok, I know you’ve been working hard and you deserve the rest, did John say how long he’d be?”

“He said he would probably be gone a while, he had to go to the hardware store and then he had to go to the church for a while.”

“Why did sisli esc you need him to do something for you?”

“Well,” she hesitated here unsure whether to tell Ben what she had wanted her husband for. Ben let her take her time hoping it was something he could help with. “Its just John said he would teach me to swim today, it doesn’t matter now.”

Ben dragged himself out of the water to stop her before she could go back into the house. “Wait, I can teach you how to swim if you want.”

She had the towel wrapped around herself again and was about to decline when she looked at Ben again. She saw all the hard work that he had been doing over the summer reflected on his body. It was this more than anything that decided her.

“OK, I suppose you could if you don’t mind.”

With that she dropped the towel again and headed towards Ben and the pool. Ben jumped back in and waited for Allison to join him. She slid into the shallow end and waited for Ben to tell her what to do.

“What do I do now?” She asked as she bobbed in the water.

“I’m going to have to hold you, is that ok?” Asked Ben shyly.

“Sure,” she replied still a bit reluctant.

Ben moved towards her in the water and placed one hand gently on her stomach and the other on her back. As he laid her back in the water he marvelled at the way her already dark hair went darker still. Allison’s breasts stuck up just above the water line and Ben enjoyed their closeness. When she started sinking in the water he moved his other hand from her stomach to her back, this time closer to her ass. Allison either didn’t seem to notice or else she didn’t mind so he kept it there.

“Move your hands back and over in the water,” he told her as he took her on a slow circuit of the pool.

Allison did as she was told, moving her hands gently under the water. At one stage her hand brushed gently against Ben’s dick. It had been quiet but that touch, innocent or not, was enough to light his fires again. He decided to see if it was accidental by moving his hand lower down. His fingers rested just where her ass started to curve. Both the water and the thick material of the suit prevented him from getting a nice feel but he could still imagine how soft it was.

He buoyed Allison higher in the water and then let her drop. When he caught her again his hand was firmly planted on her ass. Allison’s eyes were closed against the glare of the sun and when Ben looked at her face and though he detected a slight smile. He did a few further laps of the pool moving his finger slightly over the wet material of the swim suit. Once he moved them to the edge to feel the flesh beneath. This caused a flicker to cross Alison’s face but she kept her eyes closed. Ben decided to try a new tactic to get a better feel.


“What’s wrong? I was just beginning to enjoy myself,” she replied opening her eyes to look up at Ben. She thought about how young he looked silhouetted as he was by the sun. It was amazing to think he was 10 years younger than her.

“I want you to try floating on your front,” said Ben unaware of the thoughts flying around her head.

“Ok as long as you promise to hold me,” she replied.

Ben got her to stand in front of him and again placed one hand on her stomach, his other hand held just under the water. Once she was lying in the water again he brought his hand up to hold her just at her knees. This proved awkward when he told her to kick her feet so he moved it slightly further up. His right hand was now just under her breast while his left was on her upper thigh.

“I want you to move your hands like before,” he told her as he walked around the pool.

Alison complied, moving her hands slowly under the water. Her hand again brushed against his now hard dick. The first time he ignored it believing it was an accident but when it kept happening it was impossible to ignore. It was still just a slight brush every couple of seconds as Alison mover her hands through the water. Every time it happened the contact lasted just that little bit longer.

Ben decided to get a better appreciation of her body as she seemed to have no problem feeling his. He moved his right hand onto her breasts and his left just below her pussy. The material of the suit again blocked some of his efforts and he wished that they were both naked. Allison let out a gentle moan as Ben moved his finger around her pussy. She stopped moving her hands back and forward and instead concentrated entirely on Ben’s hard dick.

Her fingers curled around his cock through the trouser material. Ben tried to separate the material of her swimsuit from her body but couldn’t manage it with one hand. He didn’t want to besiktas escort stop for fear of breaking the spell that seemed to have fallen over them. He contented himself with rubbing her pussy through the material and gently massaging her breasts. He felt he was about to cum and concentrated on pushing the wet material deeper into her pussy.

Ben felt the pressure building until he couldn’t hold it anymore and released his load. As his dick started softening Alison let go and stood up. This also broke his contact with her pussy and he just stood there staring as she started to wade away from him. He didn’t know whether to follow or if that was the end of things. Any neighbours who happened to be watching would not have noticed anything untoward, all the action having taken place under the water.

Alison was at the edge of the pool now and about to climb up the ladder. Ben started to follow when her ass cleared the waterline. She leant back from the ladder arching her back and creating an arresting profile. She did not even turn to look back as she continued on towards the house. Ben had been contemplating getting out and heading home but now he was determined to get a closer look at that fine ass, it had been hidden behind baggy clothes for too long.

Ben got out of the pool and approached the house. He stopped at the door as he was still dripping wet and didn’t want to soak the place. He spotted the towel Alison had been using earlier and wrapped it around his body. This done he proceeded into the house. He had been inside a few times and had a good idea of the layout. He figured that if she had wanted anything else to happen she would be waiting in the master bedroom for him. He made for the room drying off as best he could along the way. The bedroom door was closed so he pushed it open gently and put a big smile on his face.

The room was empty. Maybe the play in the pool was it. He turned to go again but curiosity got the better of him. He entered the room fully and headed towards the set of drawers beside the bed. The first one only contained socks but he hit the jackpot with the next one down. Inside were Alison’s collection of panties and bras. Whatever baggy or out of shape outer clothes she wore, her underwear was very sexy. He found one bra that was only a half cup and could imagine her nipples or even half her nipples just peeking over the top of them. He wondered should he grab a pair of her panties but decided to leave it and hope he got another chance again.

If Alison had wanted him she would have been waiting. He admitted defeat and headed for the back door again. He heard a faint humming noise coming from off to the left and decided to investigate. Alison was in the laundry room sitting on the tumble dryer. Her eyes were closed but there was a blissful expression on her face. He didn’t want to disturb her but he wanted in on the action as well.

“Allison, about the pool!”

“Hmm,” was the only reply he got so he tried again.

“Alison, do you want to do something else?” He asked hoping for a more favourable response.

He though he heard an Ah hem so he decided to approach. She was still wearing the swimsuit and it would be impossible to take it off her without breaking her contact with the machine. At the moment she was sitting at the corner on top of the tumble dryer with her pussy pressed tight against it. Ben dropped the towel but kept on his shorts for now. He could try feeling her up through the swimsuit again but he wanted closer contact than that. He decided to concentrate on her breasts especially after his discovery in her drawer earlier.

He reached up to the straps of the swimsuit and gently eased them over her shoulders one at a time. The suit was still wet so it stuck to her pale skin. Alison allowed him to move her hands through the straps and begin the next phase of the unmasking. Ben held either side of the suit and began to gently peel it down Alison’s body. The curve of her breasts, while not a major obstacle, took a bit of manoeuvring. Her nipples when they finally came into view were a nice light pink in colour. Ben continued rolling the suite down her body until it reached her stomach.

While he had been doing this Alison had wrapped her legs around his body and pulled him close. His hard dick pressed up against the machine and he could feel the vibrations travelling through both his body and Alison’s. He started playing with her breasts enjoying how her nipples had hardened in response to either the temperature change or her arousal. He bent closer to lick her body starting just above the suit and working his way up to her breasts. He could still taste the pool from her body. As he placed his mouth over her breast şişli escort Alison put her hands behind his head and held it close.

Ben experimented first playing his tongue over her nipple then just the edge of it. He could tell when he did something right as Alison would tighten her grip. At one stage he bit down gently and this produced the biggest response. Both her hands and her legs tried to pull Ben closer. The vibrations from the machine were really stating to work on him now and he assumed it must be the same for Alison. He moved onto her other breast and repeated the procedure.

Alison’s breathing had started to deepen and Ben figured she would orgasm soon. He bit down slightly harder and tried to help her along. He used his hand to work on the breast that wasn’t occupying his mouth. When he heard her sigh of release he was both glad and disappointed. He was glad that she had managed it but disappointed that he hadn’t. Her hands and legs released him and he stood back from the machine with his dick pulsing.

Alison must have seen the expression on his face when she opened her eyes as she hopped down from the machine and went down onto her knees.

“Let’s get you out of the wet shorts, shall we?” She said looking up at him from her kneeling position.

Ben wasted no time in complying kicking them over to the side out of the way. He now had an overview of her breasts and they looked as good from this angle as they did every other.

“Close your eyes and relax,” she told him as she moved her hand over his dick.

Ben did as he was told and felt her hand begin to move up and down his shaft. While the hand job in the pool had been good this was 10 times better. There was a lot more feeling to it, not just the skin to skin contact but the measured pace Alison used. Just as he was getting used to the rhythm it suddenly ceased and he almost opened his eyes to see what was wrong. He resisted this temptation and was rewarded a second later.

He could feel her hot breath on his balls and it travelled up his shaft. He felt her tongue touch the tip before she took it into her mouth. The pastor was a lucky man because she knew what she was doing. Her tongue traced circles up and down his shaft as her mouth created a perfect seal. He had already been aroused from his contact with the machine and with her technique he knew he wouldn’t last long.

“I’m going to cum,” he announced out of respect

“Onto my breasts.”

What? He opened his eyes to see her kneeling waiting for him to shoot his load onto her breasts. She used her hands deftly to help him achieve this. As he emptied himself once again he saw some drip down into the gap between her swimsuit and her body.

She followed his gaze and decided to finish removing the swimsuit. As it passed her hips he waited eagerly to see whether she was clean shaven or not. Her pubic hair had been cut into a nice neat triangle almost like an arrow pointing to her moist pussy.

When Alison had extracted her legs from the suit, she turned around to put it in the washing machine. She bent over and placed it inside along with Ben’s shorts which she had also retrieved from the floor.

Ben had an excellent view, her shapely ass did look a lot better out of the swimsuit. Her short pubic hairs were just visible under the mound of her pussy when she was bent over fully. If he had not just cum he would probably have tried to take her from behind then. It was proving difficult to restrain himself but 19 or not he couldn’t manage anything more for the moment. He was contented with just watching her.

She needed to get some more sun though, her whole body was pale. There was a barely discernible line around her ass cheeks and pussy from swim suits or whatever she wore sun bathing, if she did any.

She straightened up and looked back at him with a little smirk.

“What, don’t tell me your exhausted already?”

“Just give me a few minutes and I’ll show you exhausted” he replied glibly hoping he could live up to his promise.

He followed her to the bedroom watching her bare ass as she sashayed down the hall. When she reached the bedroom she threw herself down on the bed and waited her him to make the next move.

He could feel the blood beginning to flow back to his dick and when it was fully hard once more he made his way over to the bed. At that point she jumped up and made him lie flat before straddling him. She played with him first, rubbing her pussy along his shaft before finally guiding it inside her.

As they started grinding he noted with satisfaction that her breasts moved a lot better now that they were free of the swimsuit. At the rate she was going he couldn’t survive long and just as he was about to cum inside her she pulled out. She took his dick into her mouth and used the skills she had demonstrated earlier to finish him off. This time she swallowed everything.

As he lay back on the bed utterly exhausted he wondered what they would get up to tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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