20 Kasım 2023

Alice Manipulated Ch. 09

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Twenty-one year-old tiny Alice, all 4ft 10 in of her, is on her way to a rendezvous with the erotic coupling business operators Bernard and Lani to honour her promise to let them enjoy her company in a steamy threesome. It’s bisexual Lani’s ideas as she’s had the hots for little Alice ever since she set eyes on the cute chick with the Asian-like small body, big brown bedroom eyes and a perfect pussy.

While Alice anticipates what it could be like as she drives to their address, Dr JG Dalliance the hypnotherapist Alice saw just four days ago is about to treat his private residence next door neighbour’s daughter, senior high school cheer leader Sheena.

Her mother is sending her in, hoping he can ‘straighten her out’ over her somewhat exhibitionist nature on one hand and her secretive ways on the other. She wailed at length with him when they met when he was putting up his shingle near her front driveway two weeks ago.

“I just can’t handle it,” she complained. I need someone outside our home to talk to her to get inside her mind to get her to include me in her life. She’s far too precious for my liking, even though she’s now 18 she’s a high school senior. Can hypnotherapy help?”

“Her father can handle her but it seems she won’t listen to me, she’s so fixed on him and she’s been a problem ever since she was old enough to drink.

He assured her she’s probably worrying over nothing as many fathers and daughters are very close and can be affectionate beyond mainstream but hypnotherapy will help him to straighten her out. “I’ll get it out of her, don’t worry,” he tells the harping neighbour knowing full well he’s already got that in mind but a different kind of straightening out.

“Oh I hope you can, I really hope so,” she replied. “Just do whatever you can; if you can get inside her head to find out why she’s turned away from me I’d be most grateful.”

He promised he would. Hypnotherapy, he told her, gets inside the mind and he can find out how she thinks and go from there.

It’s 10 days later and he’s expecting Sheena to arrive any minute for her second appointment. In the first consultation last week Sheena went out like a light under hypnosis, unlike little Alice who only pretended. But what helped Sheena go out like a light were the three glasses of bubbly wine he gave her while they chatted in order for her to totally relax. She asked him for a drink to settle her nerves after having another row with her mother. He can see she likes a bit of alcohol on the side.

She certainly gave him something to thank her for on her previous visit not knowing that while she was lying on her back in her short skirt in deep sleep trance he brought her to a clitoral orgasm, working on top with one hand and with two fingers just inside.

Today he hopes to go one better since she’s so easy to hypnotise, especially if she’ll accept the relaxing bubbly first. He needs her to go under like a rock hitting the water and deep enough for him to go deeper inside than the first two inches.

She’s arrives on time after rushing next door to her home to get out of her school clothes, take a shower, put on her make-up, and get into her new pale blue Reebok joggers, navy and white chequered pleated mini skirt that drops one-third the way to her knees, and a white satin blouse that’s tied in a knot above the midriff to expose her navel.

There’s an exhibitionist nature in her make-up and she ignores her mom’s pleas not to wear this shirt as it’s considered by her mother as too sexy even for she’s come of age.

The pony tail babe is keen to exhibit the gemstone piercing in her navel after getting it only last weekend to show she’s ‘cool.’ It’s an 18th birthday surprise from her father. He’s 45 years-old — that’s really old when you’re a teen — but he’s a fitness fanatic former gymnast who once represented his country, so for Sheena, he’s extra cool. And this daddy needs to be cool with such a hot daughter.

She arrives and no sooner takes a seat in his big study when the mother’s on the phone asking the therapist to send her home if he thinks she’s inappropriately dressed for a professional consultation. He tells her to stop worrying as that’s why she’s a nervous wreck; Sheena’s just fine and he hasn’t even noticed. Not much.

“Is mom giving you a hard time again?” she asks as he puts the phone down. “No it’s okay Sheena; she just worries about you too much. He turns his attention to her as he pours a glass of bubbly wine. “Here, this will help you unwind and not be nervous, and so we can have a little talk to get you relaxed. It worked last time didn’t it? Some people are too tense to go under properly.”

“Yes doctor, after the wine I felt so relaxed I could open up and let you into my private concerns but now I just can’t remember a thing. All I recall is you talking me to sleep and the next thing you woke me up but it was more than an hour later. It seemed only a few minutes from when I had my last glass of wine. Don’t tell my mom about bursa escort bayan that…. she’s against it but dad is more easily going.

He’s been smuggling me two small bottles of my favourite pre-mixer into my bedroom on special nights but only once a week but mom doesn’t know he’s been giving it to me since my last birthday. I don’t want her to find out he’s been slipping me a bit on the quiet, the drink I mean.”

“Oh, that’s interesting, a conflict of interest between hubby and wife. And you’re in the middle. So does just the two satisfy you once a week, the drink I mean?”

“Not really. I could handle more and I’d like to. It’s so stupid, I mean daddy loves me very much I know that, and so does mom only she’s not getting on with me lately but I can’t help it if I’m sort of rapt in him. It’s his fabulous masculine body that really lights up my light bulbs inside. Such a tight butt….grrrr.

“After all, he waited until I got legal even before he agreed to buy me the alcohol and we kissed one night after that. You know how it is with the law these days and I’d never want him to get into trouble with mom.”

“Well it was just that way. Daddy didn’t want mom to know he was giving it to me even though I’m old enough to make up my own mind she still treats me like I never turned 18 because she doesn’t drink and she doesn’t want to encourage it.”

“Was he helping you with your homework coming to your room?

“Not really. I usually had it done but he’d go over it with me to make sure I wasn’t putting it off. He’s a good father that way and he makes me feel good, whereas mom seems to find fault in me all the time.”

“So why the drink though? Do you need to be bribed to do your homework?”

“Ha ha. Not really. There were two kinds of homework, the ones from school and daddy’s own homework to see if I was making progress. The pre-mixed alcoholic drinks, little bottles of it, are just his way of spoiling me.

“I couldn’t get away with it under 18 as daddy’s strict about that and as much as he’s close to me I had to toe the line or else when I was younger.

“Daddy worries about me getting bonked by guys and ending up in trouble because I’ve got big tits and long legs in short skirts. All fathers hate their daughters getting to the age when they start dating, they don’t want their darling daughters to be in ther arms of another man because no other man is good enough for daddy’s daughter. Yeah, I think he’s a bit jealous of anyone else getting too close to me.

You know, when I entered my teens I was well advanced in body development compared to some girls the same age. Now Im 36-inch B cup still growing.”

“Your mother thinks you’re fixated on your father.”

“Well she would wouldn’t she? She’s a bit jealous that daddy spends a lot of time with me and I need some excitement in my life at my age. I’m not exactly a kid so she should wake up to that.Daddy he understands me more than mom. Besides she’s gone off sex, because he told me and that’s terrible. God, she’s only 41 and he’s 45 but he’s so fit he wants it like any normal man. I know 45 is pretty old for a man but he looks a lot younger and he’s got a fantastic body. I mean r-ea-l-l-y fantastic.”

“His height, his muscles, legs, what?”

“No, just all of him. Only he seems better now I’m much older. I always adored him growing up like most girls do I guess.”

He pours her third glass of wine as the conversation gets more interesting and she’s loosening up. As long as she’s tight inside he doesn’t mind. “So your father turns you on, his 18 year-old daughter?”

“Yeah, he does. But so what? Some of the kids I knock around with at school are into things I don’t even do.

“Doctor I know mom’s cranky at me but she’s too pushy. Daddy’s more understanding and gives me what I want. Look, I’ve felt like this about him ever since I became a high school senior. It’s something I can’t explain but he turns me on. Sorry, it’s not incest, it’s real something I don’t know what you call it.”

“Perhaps its just fatherly fantasy. Lots of young women your age have those fantasies, especially if he’s been a good parent.”

“Well it might have been fantasy when I was younger but once a girl reaches the age of adulthood she can tell the difference between fantasy and real affection.”

“Let me be frank with you Sheena, do you think you are an exhibitionist, a prick teaser to get his attention? Are you?”

“Sure. Why not?

“Sure but mom never found out that he was slipping it to me on the side, the drink I mean.”

“And how often does he slip it into you, the alcohol into your room, I mean”

“He said even though I’m a high school senior and 18 he doesn’t want to see me drinking alcohol in public and especially waving a red rag to a bull – that’s letting mom know I’m drinking. So he buys it for me and brings it to my room after mom goes to bed after taking her sleeping tablets.

“I’ve been wanting it for the past gorukle escort year after getting just one taste of it but good old daddy put his foot down and said when I’m 18 it’s open season and I shouldn’t be looking for it before I’m old enough. Gosh, it’s not that I’m into drugs or anything he knows that. It’s only pre-mixed drinks for heaven’s sake.”

“Sheena, alcohol is a drug it’s just that it’s the kind of habit forming and pleasurable kind of drug on the market. Everything else is dangerous and can turn that beautiful face and body of yours into a withering mess after a while. Look at the kids who overdose and they’re gone – never to have a real life, so just remember your mom and pop only want to protect you.”

She turns her nose up at his moralising tone as if she’s heard it all before. “Well, anyway, now I’m 18 I can have sex with anyone I want, even the postman if I wanted to but daddy is my man. He gave me this beautiful gemstone piercing in my navel for my 18th, you must have noticed it surely? Have a look”

“Oh, yes very nice. Quite sexy actually, it suits you.” That makes her smile as if she’s scored a moral victory over his moralising.

“So you’re really into body piercing too? What next?”

“Down below for my next one maybe but that will do me. Besides, when I go daddy nsists coming with me to make sure there’s is no monkey business because he said I’d have to open my thighs and be prepared for another man to be spreading my pussy lips without any panties and touching my clit or around it. Ooh, sounds fun!”

By now Sheena’s on her fourth glass of bubbly and seems to enjoy suggestive talk. Is she a prick teaser? He’s making sure as he tops up her glass while she’s babbling away excitedly and not counting. The randy therapist’s convinced she’s quite a hottie and possibly above average in experience despite her young age and innocent girl next door looks.

He notices the way she sometimes talks with double meanings, not sure if it’s a prick teasing deliberate style of behaviour or she’s not aware of it. The more she opens her mouth and he watches her sexy glossed full lips moving, the more he’s glad he moved his business to her neighbourhood.

“So your pop sometimes stayed with you for a while, talking to you I suppose.”

“Yuh, most times. Mom always goes to bed early like I said because she complains so much about needing her beauty sleep and daddy switches off the TV when nothing much is on and comes to see what I’m up to. He wouldn’t bring any drinking glasses into my room as that’s suspicious so I swig it from the bottle. I liked doing that in front of him though.”

“You put your mouth on the bottle in a suggestive way perhaps, to tease your daddy?”

“Of course,” she says with a giggle. “We girls learn a lot earlier than parents ever realise. We soon learn how to attract attention when we feel sexy. We can be real show-offs and yes, I didn’t mind because I was always safe with daddy. I always hold the stem of ther bottle in my mouth and….you know what I mean, I want to turn him on. He’s very special in my heart because he understands me and knows I’m a flirt.”

Sheena’s thirsty and she holding out her empty glass for yet another drink. Just as well he brought a magnum size bottle. He knows that if she can get one more into her it will be so much easier to penetrate her inner secrets under hypnosis.

“So he likes to spoil you, like fathers often do. I’m afraid I got divorced before we had any children so I don’t know what it’s like to have a daughter, but your father is very lucky to have such a perky daughter in the home as you, especially if you get on well.”

“Yep we’re pretty much as close as you can be. I adore him and like to make him happy. When I finally go to bed at night on my own I can’t get him out of my mind and I need that extra orgasm to get me to sleep with a smile on my face.

Leaning back in the chair, her tongue wagging about how wonderful her father is, the more he gets to see up her shapely inner thighs as her legs shift about , the more mouth watering delicious she becomes. Her nipples seem to be quite large pushing out against her tight satin blouse, obviously without a bra but so firm she doesn’t need that. Getting her in a sexy frame of mind with the help of the drink is making his job easier.

“Well it seems your father wants to make sure you don’t go off the rails and that’s why your mother is upset maybe. He’s giving lots of attention to you lately.”

“Well I ask for it doctor, I mean my daddy is a very sexy man fior an old guy. I didn’t think guys as old as him could such a tight muscular body. And he’s r-e-a-l-l-y fit. He’s a former gymnast champion and he taught me how to do handstands years ago. That’s how I got to be the team’s cheer leader last year because I was so athletic and of course, being a bit sexy looking helped. Daddy’s like a real sportsman still. No pot belly, it’s all muscle.

“Last year when I showed bursa merkez escort bayan a picture of him in just his swimming cossie to some of my classmates they want me to invite them to my place for a sleepover just so they can check him out! I mean that’s super! I think they were looking at the size of the bulge in the front of his swimmers though more than his face. Typical!”

He’s working her into a corner but the coup de gras will be putting her under and getting into her where it’s warm and cosy. If he can get her under like last time now he’s got ideas about hpow she thinks about sex and he can have some fun. Meanwhile he’s enjoying getting her tpo talk around the subject to put her more in the mood.

She’s on her last glass of wine and he’s keen to get her undressed without her being aware of it. She might be a bit of an exhibitionist but taking advantage of her when she’s helpless is something different.

“Do you masturbate much,” he asks quickly. “Ooh, that’s personal. Well I suppose you being a doctor I don’t mind. Of course! Most days anyway. I can see you never had a daughter,” she laughs.

“Most chicks do it because we don’t take long to find the spot and discover it makes us feel good. Damn! I started what, more than ten years ago easily when I come now it’s a lot more louder. I can’t help it I’m just one of those chicks who let go when she’s past the point of no return and I try to muffle it into the pillow otherwise I’d wake the neighbours up….he he… that’s you for a start. Have you heard me yet? I suppose you will eventually.”

He’s certain he will but it will be a lot sooner than what she’s thinking. It concerns him a bit though that if she’s very noisy enjoying sex his walls are not soundproofed.

He jokes about it to her suggesting her mother might need to wear ear muffs to bed, but she’s already got the answer. “No, mom doesn’t need the ear muffs, daddy’s looking after my privacy by soundproofing my room one day when mom was out. He said it was natural to be a bit noisy as lots of girls are and some are not. Trust me to be one of the noisy ones.”

She’s finished her fifth glass of bubbly and he can see in her eyes she’s going to be an easy touch. “Well Sheena, all I can say is that you’ve been very fortunate but I think we should get on with putting you under now and trying to get those guilt thoughts out of your head about being so rapt in your father.

“Would I be right in suggesting to you right here and now it seems to me that you see him as some kind of sex symbol more than just your daddy.”

“Oh well, maybe so, but so what. I can’t get into trouble for thinking things about him.”

“I’ll be perfectly frank with you for a moment, Sheena, 18 is an adult age but you’re still young even though just looking at you you are woman all over. Have you ever had sex with him since you turned 18 just to prove anything?”

“Gee that’s a bit too personal doctor, I’m not going to tell you that. Okay no, but I wouldn’t mind, anyway why do you want to know?”

“It’s because you said a while ago and in your exact words you said when you finally go to bed on your own you need a second orgasm to go to sleep and I took that to indicate you had one in his company just beforehand, maybe yesterday or the day before or last week, but very recently. Tell me I’m right”

“No I’m not saying anything. You’re getting like mom now, no wonder she asked you to treat me. A person my age is entitled to her own privacy so you’ll never know and neither will mom.”

“But will your father know?”

“Mot saying anything. It’s no use trying to put words in my mouth just to please mom. Okay I’m ready so do what you have to do.”

He’s heard enough anyway, it’s turning him on the way she talks about sexual connotations But now she’s had a skinful of bubbly wine any inhibitions should be easily conquered under hypnosis. He also knows that if she goes under as heavily as he hopes, he will get the truth out of her and she won’t even know she’s saying anything. All she’ll remember when she wakes up is that he’s still here talking to her and she’ll still be fully dressed so nothing will seem out of place. It’s time.

She must shut her eyes and listen to every word he says as if her whole body is a heavy dead weight and starts floating like she’s on a cloud. Five minutes later her head flops forward and her arms flop over the sides of the big executive leather chair she’s lounging back in, one leg leaning to the left giving him a nice upskirt look that wasn’t there a minute ago.

He wants to dig into her memory if he can. Sheena’s switched off but ready to be switched on. The bubbly wine made his job easier. He puts both her hands in her lap and performs several tests to ensure she is absolutely out cold and capable of hearing him,understanding him and in a totally compliant frame of mind so she senses nothing but happiness, a feeling of freedom and that he has her sole and undivided attention. She is in not just under his spell, she is under his control.

He stares at her magnificent 36-inch firm breasts that sit up so behind her tight blouse, the nipples pressing in to the material while she leans back in the big chair. All he’s got to do it to see them in the flesh without her clothes and to get into her honey pot.

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