12 Haziran 2020

A Weekend In Paradise Day 3 !

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A Weekend In Paradise Day 3 !
We let go of each other. “Right girls its bedtime I think” Christine announced. “Okay Auntie but” “But what?“ ”Can we take these with us” Katie held up the vibrators.

“No ! Not at all take these instead” Christine reached into her large handbag and brought out two oblong packages wrapped in greetings paper. “Sorry Girls. With all the fun I’d forgot about your pressies. I’d heard from your Mam that you’re birthday present was going to be a fuck off Sparky and she’d already told me she’d given you experience of a vibe girls and you so liked ! So unwrap and enjoy girls goodnight !“ ”Night Sparky Night Auntie” and they went merrily up the stairs.

“So they won’t be going to asleep soon and i’m ordering a taxi home Chris”

“Don’t be silly kip here then leave in the morning ok”

“That’s a better idea but if Ann finds me here she’ll go off it again” I said back. “No” she said “you’re only banished to the spare room so kip there and leave in the morning so just do that… night” With that Chris headed back upstairs to get into bed next to Ann.

I staggered upstairs and laid down knackered on the bed and dozed off.

I was awakened by a whisper in my ear ! It was dark but I could tell it was Christine.

“ What are you doing” I whispered back. “ I want your cock” Now this may seem silly but I said “No …No Way ! Ann is near and could wake anytime Chris ! I’m knackered too so just go back to bed ok ! Ann starts work at eight !”.

I glanced at the clock. “Its nearly six, she’ll be up soon, sleeping tablet or not !” Chris gave me a kiss on the cheek and said ” You’re loss Steve, night or should I say morning ?” She crept back to Anns room.

“You Idiot” I thought to myself.

God ! I did want to fuck her but I really was knackered and soon slept again.

I awoke and looked kaçak iddaa at the bedside clock. 10.38am… “ah well wash,shave,pack” I thought.

I went downstairs to say goodbye to Katie, Claire and Christine.

Nobody was about. They had a key to get back in and I shut the Yale lock behind me as I left. I put my key together with a note saying sorry to Ann through the letterbox. A final goodbye to Ann.

I was feeling a bit down and as I passed the pub I decided a pint was needed. I walked in and it was quiet, thank god !

I got my drink and sat down and read the paper which I had picked up off the bar. I necked my Strongbow in three gulps and ordered another.

“God topping up” I thought and shook my head. I really was feeling down. Not because of Ann, but because I was missing Chris and the girls. Still it had been fun. “Ah well life moves on” I muttered to myself.

I sat there and suddenly I was surrounded by Christine, carrying her bags, then Claire And Katie.

“We’ve been to your house then second guessed you’d be here. Cost a fucking fiver in the taxi !“ Christine said ”and I’m not leaving until OK“ ”Until when” I asked but Chris had wandered to the bar.

She came back with four bottles of house wine and four glasses. “Finish that and then drink this and take this” Another pill. I needed one ! Mr Floppy and getting more pissed by the second but I wasn’t giving this opportunity up !

I did as I was told. I knew what “the not leaving until” meant now as the girls gave me a cuddle !

“Mams at work Steve so its the Fab Four again” laughed Katie. She knew I loved the Beatles and I smiled. It had been a Hard Days Night and I should have asked for Help but didn’t ! I just thought of Yesterday lol. …..Ah well we were the Fab Four Yesterday ! I mused.

We had finished three bottles kaçak bahis when again Christine took control. “Back to yours now Sparks.”

I ordered a taxi. I lived about 2 miles away on the other side of town. It arrived with a lovely girl at the wheel.

“Baby you can drive my car” I said to her tipsily. Chris and the girls laughed. Beatles again ! The driver annoyingly called Ann(wish she had been called Michelle) just shook her head. Not laughing it off.

We got in and set off to mine. She got a good tip for putting up with us. We were rather raucous !

We entered my house and went into the living room.

” Put some music on Sparks. Lets have a good time eh ?”.

Yip it was Christine speaking. It was only half 2! “Open the bottle Sparky”. I poured the drinks but nobody seemed that interested to drink for some reason.

I put on some music and it was Christine who again spoke “Lets play cards”. “Snap” I replied laughing “No Taboo ! Yes girls it’ll be fun and erm… good fucking fun ! Fucking being the main object !”.

Claire, Katie, and Me, just looked at each other in a sort of stunned amazement ! Christine reached into her travelling box of tricks and brought out a small carton. It contained cards and dice.

Chris explained the rules and we started the game. I’d never heard of it but we rolled the dice and it was Katie who went first. She rolled a 4. “pick the first card and read number 4” Chris said.

“Massage the persons breast or chest on your right” Katie read out. My eyes widened. It was Claire to her right. Katies tentative hands rubbed Claires breasts through her t-shirt for a second or so.

“NO NO ! Katie properly ! Squeeze em and please em ok” Christine ordered. Katie did as she was told, Claire giggling while Katie squeezed and pleased.

Claire rolled the dice next güvenilir bahis and took the card. She read it out loud “Everybody has to take three items of clothing off” . We all ended up nigh on naked. All except panties and underpants.

“Oh Fuck this” Said Christine “Get em off Sparks its time”.

I didn’t need to. Katie was straight into to my undies and my cock sprang out hard and ready. There was a gasp from all three !!

“Go on Katie suck” Christine ordered and I gratefully accepted Katies lips covering my stiffie.

We all started ! Christine put on her Strap On again. ” Claire lie down on your back and spread your legs ” she said.

Chris started licking and fingering Claire and I started to do the same to Katie. Both of us playing with sweet teen pussy and the girls writhing, legs spasming, and their pussies slightly squirting. ” They’re ready Sparks”.

We both lifted ourselves and entered there tight moist cunts. Chris in Claire. Me In Katie. We started slowly and increased our speed in unison, Claire and Katie screaming with pleasure. We swapped and I entered Claires dark trimmed pussy. Christine turned Katie over and did her doggie with her plastic eight inch dick. We swapped over again.

I did the same to Katie,with my hard 10 inches, she was screaming “harder harder” when suddenly I erupted inside her ! “Oh Fuck” I thought. “Sorry Katie I’ve cum in you !” and withdrew. Chris and Claire stopped and looked as my cum seeped from Katies pussy.

“Ah well” Chris said matter of factly “Your first Creampie Katie !”. “What if I get pregnant?” Katie asked. My thoughts exactly. “No you won’t and anyway I’ve A pill you can take that should help”. She again went into her bag and produced a box of tablets. That bag was bottomless ! ” Take this Katie and don’t worry OK”.

We dressed, sat and chatted for ages when Chris said she had to leave and ordered another taxi. The girls left with her. It was only half four !. I was pissed off !

I’d never seen Christines pussy never mind fucked it !

Final part cumming soon !

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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