11 Haziran 2020

A New Taste Part 20 (Tasty Milk)

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A New Taste Part 20 (Tasty Milk)
I had been weeks without my fix. All my boys were busy. Harrison had gone off to university and although I had been expecting him to find a boyfriend and had braced myself for life without his adorable body and pretty pink boy pussy I was surprised when he announced he had a girlfriend.

It’s hard to believe a boy fancies girls when his anal muscles are enthusiastically clenching around the base of your erection but I was happy for him, and a little jealous to be honest. It had been about three years since I had been intimate with a woman. As soon as he told me I started fantasising about them together, I could picture his intensely stiff cock pleasing her, sliding into her. What a lucky girl. Did she know that his cute butt had lovingly milked my big cock? I doubt it, I doubt she knew he had another side. Most guys hide their gay side.

By the time he came home to visit his parents I had moved to a new flat with nobody looking over my shoulder at what I might get up to. I asked Harrison if he would like to come over and see me. He said yes but that we couldn’t get up to anything naughty. I agreed to this with no intention of keeping to the promise.

He looked so healthy. Standing in bright sunshine in my kitchen he chatted away about his university life. I looked at him with barely concealed lust smiling like a proud parent. I interrupted talk of classes and social life to ask him about his girlfriend. He knew my other passion was women’s bums and inevitably I asked about hers.

“It’s beautiful!” He bursa escort said “Just beautiful.” I beamed along with him.

“Lucky boy!” I responded. “Does she like yours?”

“Oh course! Who wouldn’t!” He turned and wiggled his delicious tush for me. I inhaled through my nose signalling how much I approved.

“Does she lick your beautiful bumhole?” I broke the polite conversation open.

He paused, considering his options and spoke quietly. “No, she doesn’t do that…”

We stood in tense silence until I spoke firmly…

“Turn around, hands on the counter.”

He thought it through and slowly turned around in full knowledge of what I would do.

I knelt behind him and slipped my hands around to the belt of his jeans and undid them. I listened to his breathing. There was a sense that he was disappointed with himself. Disappointed that he couldn’t resist. My fingers grasped the waistband and firmly pulled jeans and briefs to his knees, exposing his perfect boy bum to my immense delight. I pressed my face against his cheeks, taking a moment to enjoy how much I loved that bottom. Then I began.

I held his right hip with one hand and pushed the small of his back with the other. This pushed him forward and his buttocks back towards my face… my mouth. I kissed those peachy cheeks with joy before parting them and launching my tongue at his tight pink arsehole. I lapped and pushed at it and dragged my tongue from his ball bag to his spine. He eased back expressing his pleasure by moaning and opening his buttocks more. He had missed my rimming görükle escort bayan as much as I had missed that sweet hole.

“Oh god! I want you to fuck me Ben.” He blurted out. “Fuck me hard, right here!”

This quick submission to lust thrilled me. I carried on probing his anus as my hands undid my clothes. Somehow I managed to take everything off. I was naked, he just had his bum exposed. I rimmed him while rubbing his hard on with my left hand and wanking my stiffening cock with my right. Finally I stood up. He spread himself and my target glistened with my spittle in the warm sunshine. My cock looked huge as it touched his hole. He pushed, I pushed. My glans slipped into him and the pursed mouth of his sphincter tensed around my pole. I looked at the beauty of this stretched embrace, my penis, his arsehole. I was frozen for a tiny moment in aesthetic reverie before shoving my length into him. Cutlery rattled in the drawers and cereal boxes fell on the counter top.

I fucked him hard as he requested. Part of me was reminding him what he was missing, and it was abundantly clear he couldn’t disguise the truth of that. After a few minutes I wanted to get him into my bedroom and for him to see himself getting fucked in the big mirror I had placed there in anticipation. I pulled out. My cock felt huge.

“Strip off completely and get on all fours in the bedroom.” I ordered. He obliged and I happily held his leaking stiffy for a moment. Watching his skinny youthful body run to the bedroom really was a pleasure and I followed bursa escort bayan stroking my cock a I walked.

There he was, already positioned so he could see entry.

“God I have missed you babe.” I said.

“I’ve missed you too Sir! I use our dildo and think of you!” He said.

I plunged into him. He fully exhaled and groaned with lust. His eyes fixed on my cock ploughing his arse. I lifted my leg and used every inch so he could marvel at his capacity to be fucked so well.

I was rampant but long lasting, every thrust a sensuous thrill. I spun him over and he held his legs back without asking. His hardness against my belly I fucked him face to face. We kissed passionately and his tongue exploring my mouth tipped my over the edge of control. Unstoppable fountains of my hot semen jetted into his body. I held him as my body tensed. We never broke our kiss despite my ecstasy.

Finally my 8 inches was not so hard. My orgasm drifted away. This beautiful boy under me was red faced and sweaty.

He kissed me and held my face. He told me he loved me. I looked down at him as my cock slipped out of his body. He was a mess. Precum all over his tummy, red patches on his neck and chest.

“You are beautiful.” I told him.

His prick, as ever, was stiff. Naturally I took it in my mouth. He tilted his head back and gave in to the pleasure of fellatio. I must admit a few tears rolled down my cheeks as I sucked him. I truly loved his penis, its hardness, its taste. I throated him and worked him skilfully using the flat of my tongue and gently snorting suction. He was only in my mouth for a couple of minutes before his heavenly man milk squirted up his shaft. What yummy bliss it was. I was a cum glutton and Harrison’s cum was the finest variety I knew.

Finally we were done. Exhausted. Content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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