7 Nisan 2021

The Bet 07: Coming Home

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Henry stood proudly in the entry of the ranch styled house he called home. He loved his weekend getaways with his wife, but there was nothing like coming home. Unlike his wife, he had taken a few extra days off after their weekend. She jokingly kicked him to the curb before heading to work. It was late morning and the house was quiet. Both of his kids had likely already left for the day. Neither would be home for a few hours.

He took their luggage to the master bedroom and dumped its contents into a pile on the floor. He kicked the dirty clothes into a pile near the hamper and set the smaller bags of hygiene products on the counter between the double sinks in their bathroom.

Not ready to go through the numerous emails waiting for him, he plopped down onto the couch in the living room. There was a strange, yet familiar odor hanging in the air but shrugged it off. The house could probably use a good cleaning. Lord knows his children hadn’t done any since they left. He picked up the remote and turned on the T.V. Small rectangles appeared on the screen and his brow furrowed.

The corner of his mouth turned up as highlights floated by on the video framed for selection. Henry’s first thought was one of his kids was watching porn. Really poorly made porn judging by the quality on the screen. He chuckled to himself as he scrolled through the selection. He clicked on one and settled into the couch.

Unlike his son and nephew, Henry let the beginning of the video play without skipping ahead. Two young men were on the screen. One of them was kissing a pretty brunette sitting on a kitchen table. The second one was standing off to the side rubbing the bugle still trapped in his jeans. The tiny, flimsy skirt the girl wore was being pushed up her thighs as she fumbled to remove the belt and button of the guy’s jeans. The pants dropped then was joined by the man’s shirt. His hands had wandered up her sides and under her shirt to play with her nipples.

A brief moan escaped from the girl and the man kissed his way to her chest. He pushed the shirt over the girl’s head and resumed kissing his way to her handfuls of tits. The stiff nipple in his left hand was quickly taken into his mouth and the girl moaned again. The second man had finally lost his pants and his shirt before approaching the pair. He followed his friends lead and took the other nipple into his mouth.

“We hear you enjoy playing with yourself,” one of the men stated, rubbing the nipple that he released. His fingers twisted and pinched the little nub. “Would you play with yourself for us?”

“Yes,” she moaned as he tweaked her nipple again. His friend raised his head and gently pushed her to her back. After one of them removed her skirt, she brought her feet up onto the table. Her soaking pussy visible to all. Henry leaned forward in his seat as he gawked at the sight. Delicate fingers rubbed her clit in what looked like some kind of pattern. Slow and steady at first, then a little quicker only to slow again.

She moaned as her other hand slid lower and two fingers were inserted between the beautiful, full lips. The men stood back, each tugging at his one dick. They nodded in approval then whispered to each other.

“Looks like you need something a little bigger to fill that hole,” one commented as the other left the frame.

“Yes,” istanbul escort the girl panted as she worked harder to try and reach her climax. The man returned with something, blocking it from the camera as he passed it to her.

“This is all I could find,” he shrugged lazily as he stepped back. In the girl’s hand was a long, thick green object. The girl brought it to her lower lips and shivered.

“It’s cold,” she moaned as she pushed the object slowly into her waiting pussy. “And so stiff.”

“Zucchini tends to be,” the man who had brought the item remarked. The pair, and Henry, stared as the girl’s hips wiggled against the vegetable. Her moans grew deeper as the vegetable made its way into aching cunt. A steady thrusting motion was performed on the object and the girl groaned in delight at having her pussy filled.

“So big,” she moaned as she began to thrust faster and harder. Her fingers rubbing her clit harder. Her back arched and liquid dripped around the Zucchini as she pulled it free. Proof of her climax dribbled from between her legs and onto the table.

“How was it,” the man who had been kissing the girl asked. The girl sat up with a lopsided smile and a dazed look on her face. Henry grabbed the remote and paused the video. He stared in shock as the first clear view of his daughter’s stared at one of the men. Hastily, Henry exited the video and slouched into the couch.

Sarah, his daughter, had been recorded getting herself off. Thoughts of what the rest of the video would show made his thoughts trip over themselves. The tightness in his pants was almost as surprising as his current discovery. His eyes flashed to another video. Weighing the odds, he selected the first video. A few minutes in and he witnessed the same brunette being bent over a desk. Each one he dared to select held the same truth. All the videos were of his little girl in some sexual act.

Fumbling with the remote, he switched the settings on the remote and was relieved when he found the sports network. He tried to focus on the highlights of the game he had missed while away but his thoughts continued to drift. She had been splayed before two men who looked easily seven years older than her. Willingly she performed in front of them. His dick twitched.

The front door opened and he jumped, startled from his thoughts. In a tight pair of hip hugging skinny jeans and a tight tank top, Sarah strolled in. Hearing the sounds of the sportscaster, she stuck her head into the living.

“Welcome home, Daddy,” she smiled at him. She opened her arms to him and he stumbled to his feet. His eyes kept drifting to her braless chest as she came closer. Her nipples were poking through the tank and for a second he imagined his lips around them.

“Hello, sweetheart.” He folded her into a tight hug and instantly regretted it. Between her firm tits against his chest, and his growing erection against her lower half all the blood went straight to his other half. He cleared his throat and loosened the hug to look down at her. “How was your weekend?”

“Busy,” she sighed. Sarah struggled to focus on the conversation as her father’s bugling pants pressed against her.

“Did you come home for lunch?”

“My afternoon class was canceled.” She glanced at the T.V. and was happy to see cebeci escort John had remembered to change it back. Hopefully, he had thought to hide the flash drive as well. “Anything good on?”

“Just rough highlights,” he stammered. “Nothing exciting.”

“You should find something exciting. It might help you relax after that long drive.” He nodded and watched her leave the room. His eyes fell to her ass and he scolded himself. He groaned as he sat on the couch again. A thump from beneath the cushions made him pause. Thinking it was the remote, he reached into the cushions. His fingers wrapped around something plastic but it wasn’t the remote.

Retracting his hand from the dark crevice, he studied the cylinder-shaped object. He knew what it was from seeing something similar in his wife’s drawer. The vibrator didn’t look like any she would have. If it was hers, she wouldn’t be so careless as to leave it laying around. His eyes flashed to the screen then back to the vibrator. Clearly, his son wasn’t the one watching the videos.

Awkwardly shuffling down the hall, he knocked on his daughter’s bedroom door. He mumbled yeah and he was opening the door. His eyes were transfixed on the toy still in his hands as he stepped into the room.

“Uh, Sweetheart?” Looking up his voice caught in his throat. Standing in front of him was his half naked daughter. She was bent at the waist, pulling her legs free from the jeans. Her firm ass and smooth pussy greeting him. He cleared his throat and stammered, “I think I found something of yours.”

“I thought it was lost forever,” she beamed at him straightening to her full height. She pranced over to her father and took the toy from him. “Thank you, Daddy.”

Sarah stood on her tip toes and kissed his cheek as her young, warm body pressed against him again. She pulled away and gave him a bright smile. He nodded, unaware his eyes roamed over her again. From the tank top that looked ready to burst to the little tuff of dark brown hair between her legs. He licked his lips as he nodded again.

“Are you sure?” His eyes jumped to hers only to see them glued to where erection was growing. He could see her nibbling on her bottom lip as the gears in her turned. If Sarah had learned anything this past weekend, it was that the men in her family were gifted. She didn’t care that she was gawking. She wanted to see what was being restrained behind those khakis.

“Sarah,” Henry cleared his throat. She licked her lips as she looked back up at him. “You should get dressed. Your brother will be home soon and so will your mother.”

“I will,” she smiled, waving the device casually between. “After a little me time.”

Henry backed out of her room, shutting the door but not closing it. Leaning against the wall he debated to watch the live action show about to unfold, or return to the living room to discover what else his little girl has been up to. The silence in her room made up his mind.

Slinking back into the living room, he returned the television to the menu screen. He scrolled through the verity of highlights. Selecting one, he slouched back in to the cushions and undid his belt. The video started with a couple making out on the couch. Clearly his daughter was one of them.

Sarah’s hands made quick work of the man’s clothes. As ankara escort she pushed the jeans down, Henry’s hand dove into his pants to release his aching cock. He watched as his daughter guided her lover to his knees in front of where she sat on the couch. The man’s face kept out of sight of the camera. His hands moved up to pull her top free. Her perfect tits disappeared as the man’s head blocked.

The deep moans and praises slipping past her lips were a clear indication that her tits were being admired. The fabric of her skirt slowly fell to the floor and the boys head slowly moved down her body. Her legs were pushed wider as he buried his head between them. Sarah’s head rolled back as she hissed out a yes. Her hand fell to the head of dark hair and held him in place.

Henry used the precum pooling at the tip of his cock to help his hand glide over the stiff member. He continued watching as the man moved her legs so that her feet rested on the couch cushions, giving him more access. One hand groped at her tit blindly as his other one appeared to be working between the luscious folds.

“Oh, God,” Henry bit out as he felt his release coming. The moans playing out from the video urged him on. Sarah was climaxing on the screen. Her body tensioning before a shudder rolled through her.

The man’s arms hooked under her legs and picked her up. He adjusted them so Sarah was laying on the couch with her legs on his shoulders. With his profile no visible, Henry’s hand slowed its pace. The scruffy beard. The greying near his temples. Henry’s jaw nearly dropped as he watched his neighbor, Dale, buried himself in his daughter.

“You like that,” the familiar voice asked. Sarah moaned out a yes. He was slow as he sawed in and out of her. Her body shuddered as another orgasm hit her. Henry was amazed at how quickly he was able to get her off. “Tell me, baby. Tell me how it feels.”

“Amazing, Mr. Gunther.”

“I think we’re past formalities,” Dale chuckled. Sarah’s own giggle was cut off as she bit her lip as his wrapped around her nipple. The farther he leaned toward her, the deeper he was able to dive into her. His thrust became more powerful. Each push forward caused Sarah to gasp.

Henry lost control and cursed as he tensed. The cum landed on his shirt making him look away from the screen for the first time. He watched as the next shot landed on his exposed hip then his hand. The repetitive praises drew his eyes back to the screen. He watched as his daughter’s lean body clung to the neighbor’s body. Dale released his hold on Sarah’s legs and pulled free from her. The wild grins on their faces was more proof of the enjoyment shared between them.

It wasn’t until Dale offered her a drink and left the room that Sarah got to her own feet to retrieve the recording device. Henry set the T.V. back to cable and stuffed his semi-hard cock back into his pants. Taking a deep breath, he recomposed himself and went to his bedroom to change out of his stained clothes.

Sarah smiled to herself as she watched her father from the entry way. She tiptoed back to her room with a wild smile on her face when her father started switching screens on the T.V. back. She closed her door completely and debated telling her brother what she just witnessed. Then again, she could always keep it to herself.

Knowing how her brother might handle finding out, she picked up her phone and typed out a simple message asking him to hurry home. Then she sent a photo to give a little encouragement. His response instantaneous. He was on his from Drew’s and would be home soon.

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