22 Şubat 2021

My Telephone

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Mike was in his forties. He had two daughters in their twenties who he saw on an irregular basis. His wife had died in car accident a few years back and he now lived alone. A big payout and some successful investments meant that he didn’t need to work, but he still did some part time consulting work, usually operating from home.

He had a good relationship with his daughters and, oddly enough, he found that he was good friends with a number of their friends. Various friends of his daughters would sometimes drop by, apparently just to talk to him and get his advice on something. He also flirted with the girls when they came around, but never pushed it to the point of embarrassing them.

He had mentioned to one of his daughters once that he was surprised that their friends still dropped around to see him and talk to him. “It’s because you don’t judge, Daddy,” he was informed. “You accept them as adults, listen when they talk and give sound advice. You might be rude about something they’ve done or want to do, but you still let them decide for themselves.”

He suspected that it might also be because he was also good for the occasional small loan, lending $10 or $20 if required, on the grounds that it was paid back as soon as possible. It was also known that he never leant money again to anyone who stiffed him.

One day, Kelly, a friend of his daughter dropped by, visibly upset. He made some coffee and listened to Kelly talk a lot about nothing while they drank it. Finally she came out with her little problem. She’d dropped her phone and broken it. It was repairable and was at the shop right now getting fixed, but!! It was going to cost her $150 and she had to pay before she got the phone back. She didn’t have it. Her mother would lend it to her if she could, but she was currently broke as well. She’s asked her friends but money is tight all over and no-one is willing to lend it to her.

“Please, Mike,” she begged. “Can you help me? I’ll pay it back next week, I swear. Please, Mike! I’m desperate.”

Mike considered her. He could well afford the money and he wouldn’t really notice if she couldn’t pay it back, but it was rather more than the $10 or $20 he occasionally assisted with.

Kelly must have seen the doubt on his face as she started babbling again. “Oh please, Mike. I’ll die without my phone. Please, please, please. I swear I’ll pay it back first thing next week. Please. I’ll even pay interest.”

Mike laughed, amused at her desperation. Now that he thought about it, he had to admit his daughters also got frantic if anything went wrong with their phones.

“OK, Kelly. I’ll lend you the money. There’ll be no need for interest, but you pay it back next week.”

“Thank you, Mike. You’re a life saver. I can’t go without my phone. I’ll be here next week to pay it back, I swear.”

“That’s ok, Kelly. I’ll trust you. Of course, if you can’t pay it back I’ll have to confiscate your phone until you do or maybe spank you as a loan extender, so you can consider that horrible threat as an incentive,” Mike laughed.

Kelly laughed with relief and shortly after took her departure happily. Mike promptly forgot about the matter. He assumed that Kelly would pay back the loan eventually, even if not within the specified week.

Kelly did turn up the following week to see him. Mike assumed that it was to repay the loan but didn’t raise the subject himself, preferring to have Kelly raise it when she thought the time was appropriate. They had coffee again, and made small talk generally, then after the coffee Kelly took a deep breath and explained why she was there.

“I’m awfully sorry, Mike, and embarrassed. I haven’t got the money yet. I should have it by next week, I promise.” Then, before Mike could tell her that he understood and not to panic over it, Kelly jumped to her feet, hooked her thumbs into the waist of her yoga pants and with a sort of shimmy, she lowered them to her knees, taking her panties with them.

Mike was startled but appreciative. Kelly had a very nice figure and, as he could plainly see, a shapely and smoothly shaven pussy.

Kelly was continuing to talk even as she was dropping her pants and turning to bend forward over the chair she had just been sitting on, leaning on her hands. “You said you’d have to confiscate my phone or spank me if I couldn’t pay, and I just can’t lose my phone so I thought if I’m going to be spanked I’d better come and get it over with. Is this the correct position to take or should I be across your knees? Are you going to use your hand or do you use a hairbrush? I’m not sure how to go about getting a spanking from a man. Am I doing this right?”

Mike, amused, listed to her rattle nervously on. He’d been teasing about the confiscation or spank and had thought she would realise that. He grinned, took a step forward and gave her a couple of playful swats on her pretty little bottom before stepping back again.

Kelly looked at him, disappointment plain in her face and her voice when she said, “That’s it? I thought it would casino oyna be a proper spanking.”

“OK,” thought Mike. “Who am I to disappoint a lady?”

“Stand up,” he snapped, causing her to hastily snap erect.

“Now face me, hands at your side.”

She turned to face him her, blushing now. Mike deliberately looked her over, letting her see the way his eyes lingered on her nudity. He then sat down, indicating she should bend over. Blushing even more now, Kelly bent tentatively over his knee, hands resting on the far side of the chair, taking her weight.

Mike brushed her hands away so she would fall forward across his lap and placed a hand in the middle of her back to hold her firmly in place. His hand came down hard on her bottom this time. No more friendly little slaps but a good solid spank. He heard Kelly give a yelp of shock and pain, apparently only just realising what she had talked herself into. Careful not to overdo it, he gave Kelly a decent spanking, about a dozen hard swats that raised a decided red glow to her bottom.

After the spanking he let Kelly scramble back to her feet, where she stood, facing him with her hands fluttering protectively around her bottom.

Mike was quite a keen observer of people and was not often taken by surprise, although he had to admit Kelly had managed it this time. Now checking her attitude after the punishment, he was able to see that the tears in her eyes were matched by a buzz of excitement in her stance. He had admired her pussy before the spanking and was now able to see subtle changes in it, as it was now slightly swollen and flushed and he’d have been willing to bet that she was wet as well.

Mike just sat back quietly regarding her, seeing when it dawned on her that she was still standing in front of him showing her goodies. Her slightly flushed face turned crimson as she hastily pulled up her panties and yoga pants.

She promised faithfully to have the money by next week, as she definitely didn’t want another spanking, then after a bit more talking she went happily on her way.

Mike ran across her several times over the next few days. She showed no embarrassment when they met, giving no sign that she had ever been half naked and bent across his knees. The pay-up day eventually arrived and so did Kelly. Mike invited her in and enquired if she wanted some coffee, with Kelly nodding and then bursting into speech.

“You’ve probably guessed I don’t have the money yet. You’ll have to spank me again after our coffee.”

“That’s OK,” returned Mike. “I don’t mind. Hmm.” Mike seemed to ponder for a moment, and then he added, “You might like to take your things of now so you’re ready when coffee is finished.”

Kelly hesitated for a moment, and then laughed and smoothly slipped out of her slacks and panties. She was about to sit when Mike shook his head. “I’m sorry,” he said, “but as this is the second time I’ll have to up the penalty a little. You’ll need to take your top off, as well.”

Kelly hesitated even longer at this suggestion, then seemed to nod to herself; decision made. She calmly stripped off her top and bra and sat down, her expression quite serene as though she had coffee nude every day.

They had their coffee, discussing things of interest to them, while Mike quietly enjoyed the scenery. The coffee was soon finished and Kelly rose gracefully and moved around to stand in front of Mike, who moved his chair back from the table. Having had previous experience, Kelly confidently settled across his lap, waiting, but not having to wait long. There were a couple of friendly pats to start and help Kelly relax, and then Mike brought his hand down hard, giving Kelly the spanking she wanted.

Standing before him afterwards, Mike noticed with interest the signs of sexual excitement Kelly was now showing. He had no intention of following up on it yet, but he could see that she was now interested in him, and he was confident she would return the following week. He suspected that Kelly was finding the excitement addictive. Kelly sank back into her seat again, and she and Mike continued to chat for a while before Kelly seemed to realise she was still naked and dressed. Slowly and provocatively in Mikes opinion, but who was he to comment. He saw her on her way a short time later, wondering what the following week would bring.

The third week rolled by and eventually there was Kelly, knocking and being invited in. Kelly didn’t even hesitate this time, undressing while Mike made the coffee, her laughing face daring him to comment. As they are sitting, drinking their coffee, Mike sprung his little ultimatum on her.

“Sorry, Kelly, but this will be your last spanking in regard to the loan. If you can’t pay after this I’m just going to have to drag you into my bedroom and you can pay in kind.”

Kelly was a little wary now. “Exactly what do you mean by pay in kind,” she asked.

“I mean you will find yourself having sex with me. End of story. Now why don’t you consider that while I’m spanking you,” said Mike, slot oyna reaching over and drawing her to him and over his knee.

Both knew their roles and the spanking took place quickly, possibly too quickly for Mike who was enjoying the feel of that tender bottom under his control. Then Kelly tried to clarify the situation in which she found herself.

“You’re saying that if I can’t pay you next week, I have to sleep with you instead of getting spanked? And that will clear the debt?”

Mike shook his head. “That’s not what I said. I said after this spanking I was taking you to the bedroom. The spanking is now over and,” Mike reached out and ran his hand lightly along her mound, feeling the heat and the dampness along the edges of her lips, “you seem nicely warmed up. So unless you can guarantee me payment next week I’m going to spread your legs and take you now.”

“Do you really expect me to let you fuck me because I owe you some money?” demanded Kelly, a hint of temper showing.

“No,” Mike said with a smile. “I expect you to let me fuck you because you want me to and I want to, also. The money is totally irrelevant”

“If the money matters so little, then why did I have to have to be spanked?” demanded Kelly.

“Because you wanted to be. The thought made you excited and you used the money as an excuse to see what it would be like. And you enjoyed it and wanted more. That’s why you came back. Now why don’t you run along to the bedroom and hop in bed before I bend you over the table and just take you here.”

Kelly was very hesitant now. “I’m sorry, Mike, but I’m really not sure I’m prepared to go that far. I think I’d better get dressed and go home.”

But, Mike noticed, she was just standing there, not reaching for her clothes. He moved closer to her, took her hand and pressed it against his erection while his other hand reached down to cup her pussy and squeeze lightly. Kelly’s hand closed around his erection for a moment, her eyes widening. Then Kelly turned and walked into Mike’s bedroom, with Mike close behind.

Kelly moved into the bedroom, turning to sit on the bed and watch as Mike followed her in. As Mike reached up to start undoing his shirt, Kelly held out a hand. “Let me do that,” she murmured, drawing Mike closer. She deftly unbuttoned his shirt, helping him draw it off, and then turned her attention to his trousers. A quick flick had his belt undone, the zipper swiftly following, and Kelly pushing Mike’s trousers down and off. Well they would have been off, she protested if he wasn’t wearing shoes that large. Mike grinned, and slipped off his shoes, letting them join the tangle of trousers on the floor.

Now Kelly decided she was getting to the interesting parts, noting how Mike’s boxers bulged impressively at the front. She slipped her hand into the waist of the boxers, finding and holding the erection. “We don’t want to have anything damaged by getting caught in the elastic, do we,” she said with a little smirk, as she then eased the boxers down, leaving them for Mike to step out of.

Mike stood, letting Kelly hold and stroke his erection, letting her get accustomed to it, feeling it tighten and harden still more as her fingers grasped it. Kelly was just holding it still now, while her thumb slowly rubbed over the head, almost making Mike cringe with the need he was experiencing. Kelly has already spotted the condom on the bedside table and she now reached for it and handed it to Mike. “You might like to open this,” she said, “while I make sure this” giving his cock a squeeze, “is ready to receive it.”

Slightly suspicious of her intentions Mike opened the packet, while he watched Kelly lean forward and slide her mouth over his cock, licking around the sensitive head and sucking gently. “If I thought I was hard and ready before,” thought Mike, “I was obviously underestimating my capabilities.” He almost groaned at the sensations the little witch was inflicting upon him. Her hand came up to take the condom and he watched in surprise as she popped it in her mouth and bent her head over his dick again. Her head descended, taking his whole erection into her mouth, and he could feel the condom unrolling onto him. “Nice trick,” he thought, “but I wonder how she does it without choking.”

Kelly sat up with a gasp. “I read about doing that,” she said, sounding happily satisfied, “and I was wondering if I could.” She giggled. “I know you said you were just going to spread my legs and take me, but can you lie on your back and let me slide down onto you? I’ve always wanted to do that but my old boyfriend wouldn’t let me. He always wanted to be on top or behind me.”

“I’ve no objections,” said Mike with a laugh. “The idea is for both of us to have pleasure, and if that will make you happy, go for it.”

Mike sat on the bed and then twisted and lay back, putting his hands behind his head. “I’m at your mercy,” he said softly. “Do your worst.”

Kelly leaned over him, her long hair enclosing his face in a silky curtain as she slowly kissed him. Then her lips started canlı casino siteleri to trail down, running over his chest, kissing his nipples, moving down over his stomach until she reached his groin. “I’m not kissing rubber,” she murmured. Maybe another time when you’re not wearing one of these…” Her voice trailed off suggestively.

Mike felt her pressing his erection flat against his stomach, seemingly measuring it with her hands. Apparently satisfied with her findings she now moved to straddle him, kneeling astride him with her pussy pressing firmly down, holding his cock in place. He could feel her moving slowly back and forth rubbing his erection against her hot lower lips, agitating both of them with the friction she was creating. As he watched, he saw her start to raise herself up, letting his cock slowly rear itself, waving its need.

Kelly raised herself, feeling Mike’s cock following her as she moved up, apparently not wanting to lose contact with her. She smiled as she continued up and forward, feeling the erection slip between her legs, the tip now pressing against her lips, twitching slightly as though knocking. “What else can I do,” she thought, “but let it in when it’s asking so nicely.” She found herself pressing firmly against the large erection, letting it force her lips apart and press against her inner flesh. She sighed as she felt it lodge in her hidden entrance and then slide smoothly into her, slowly filling that aching void, not having known how much she needed it until it was there.

Mike gave a groan of relief as he felt Kelly’s pussy settling around his cock, taking him deep into her, giving him a slight relief from the pressure that had been building. He lay there, waiting. She had wanted to do this so he was willing to give her her head, letting her make the running. That didn’t mean that he intended to be passive, just that he’d wait for a sense of direction before he ravished her body to the point of delirium.

Kelly hesitated a moment, thinking, feeling Mike’s cock inside her, filling her. It was hard to think of anything but that intruder she had allowed entry, but she had to. Her thoughts were scrambled. Every other time she’d had sex she’d been passive, letting her boyfriend use her. Enjoyable, but not a great help when she was supposed to be the dominant partner. “Movement,” she thought. “I need to be moving.”

Kelly started to rock slowly back and forth, feeling the beast within moving against sensitive nerves, making her gasp at the sudden sensations. Making her stop for a moment in shock, and then frantically resuming her rocking when it felt as those sensations would stop. Rocking was nice, she decided, but it wasn’t enough.

Mike relaxed, feeling the rocking motions triggering impulses within him, feeling her indecision and curiosity but willing to let her experiment. He felt the sudden decisiveness in her movements as she stopped rocking for a moment, and then felt her move firmly up and away, letting his cock substantially withdraw before she dropped down again, gasping as it plunged back.

Kelly lifted her body, letting Mike start to slide down and away and then dropped to recapture him. That felt better. She didn’t want those tiny rocking movements. She wanted to feel his cock slamming into her. She raised herself again, enjoying the upwards thrust that followed. A couple of more times she bounced, relishing the movements and then she began to feel the change in Mike.

“At bloody last,” thought Mike, as Kelly began to bounce enthusiastically on his cock. Timing himself he quickly picked up the pattern and moved with her, thrusting hard as she started to come down, hearing her gasp of shock as he slammed hard upward. Not that the shock seemed to deter her at all as she willingly lifted her pert bottom up and away giving plenty of scope for the next upward thrust. Mike’s hands now reached up and closed on those breasts bouncing happily in front of him, closing on and roughly caressing them.

Kelly felt Mike take her breasts, the mauling he was giving them pleasurable, helping built the excitement that was gathering within her. She pressed down onto him, forcing her breasts hard against his hands, her mouth frantically seeking his, wanting all the contact she could have, while all the time her pert bottom was twitching up and down, driving her pussy hard upon Mike’s erection, her whole being existing only to unite her with that seemingly enormous cock that was so devastating her senses.

How long they stayed like this Kelly knew not, neither did she care. What was happening felt right, and all she could do was go with it and enjoy. She felt herself spiralling out of control, her body moving faster and faster with no input from her conscious mind, everything now pure instinct, right up to the moment she fell off the edge of the world and felt herself falling apart.

Mike was gasping, not sure how long he could stay the course, thrusting repeatedly up into that warm tight body that was clinging so tightly to his, determined not to be the first to yield. Felt his climax coming, helpless to stop it, just relieved that it was happening, but also relieved to sense Kelly also climaxing moments later. He really would not have liked to leave her disappointed.

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