3 Temmuz 2022

My Being Ch. 02

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Then he gets up and goes across the room, but I don’t dare look up. He strips out of his clothes and then takes me by the hair and brings me to my feet.

Looking at me he says “Slave? do you need a reminder as to who is Master here?”

Still having my eyes to the floor, I answer him.

“No Sir, I know you are my Master”

My bottom is aching and tears are running down my face, but I wait to see what he wants of me next.

“You do? Are you sure?”

“Ohhhhh yes sir. I do understand completely”

He walks around to the front again and takes my shirt off of me and my bra. Having already kicked my panties and skirt off I stand before him nude. Daringly, I raise my eyes to see him and he looks in my eyes.

I see the desire, the lust and the longing. He takes his hands and cups my face, kissing me softly and meaningfully, slowly awakening all my desires. He stops and looks at me his fingers brushing the tears from my cheeks.


I needed isveçbahis to know what to do but was hesitant in asking. He smiled.

“Patience my slave, you will see soon enough”

He gathers me into his arms, kissing me more. His hands reaching down to caress my poor bruised bottom. I melt in to his arms surrendering my body to him. He stops and leads me to the bedroom.

“I have a surprise for you” he smiles at me.

“Oh, what is that sir?”

He looks over at me and grins

“Just lay down on the bed face down, you will see”

My smile fades cause this doesn’t really sound like a good surprise. But I obey him and lay face down on the bed. He takes his fingers and opens my anus. Then I get really nervous but I feel him put some cool lubricant there and inside.

“Don’t worry girl, it will be okay”

But I tremble with anticipation and worry. Then I hear it, a buzzing and I know what it is. I feel it as he pushes the vibrator inside me. But it feels different isveçbahis giriş than others. I squirm and he growls at me.

“Be Still!”

But the thing is huge and it hurts.

“Sir, please I don’t think I want this”

But he doesn’t stop he pushes it in further raping my bottom with this outsized dildo. I scream and he just laughs. Then I cry. I hear him curse then it stopped. He gets on the bed beside me and starts kissing my bottom and all down my legs then he goes to my back and up to my neck and my ears. I am writhing now with desire, his mouth burning trails all over my body.

“Oh please sir, ohhhhhhh. I want you so much, please make love to me.”

He turns me over and starts in on my front leaving my pussy for last. But then spreads my legs and licks my clit driving me mad with desire. I reach to touch him, but he pushes my hand away. I look at him in confusion.

“Why sir? Why can’t I touch you?”

He kisses me and then says. “Cause I want isveçbahis yeni giriş to please you. You don’t have to do anything, just enjoy what I am doing to you”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing no one had ever said that to me before.

“But, you can’t cum until I let you”

He looks at me, smiling.

“Ohhhhhhhh yes sir”

He went back to loving my body and especially my pussy. But I am going mad with desire. I need release.

“Please sir, please let me cum now. Oh, please”

I am begging and ashamed that my need is so obvious. He chuckles.

“No dear, not yet. You have not experienced it all yet”

And he brings me to the edge over and over again and keeps backing off. Then finally he whispers to me.

“Okay slave, now cum for me.”

Moaning,I cummmmmmmm and cummmmmmm for him. The effect so strong, I faint. I awaken a moment later to look into his blue eyes they are smiling, happy that he has satisfied me so completely. I love him so much.

He grins down at me the way only a Master can. He looked at me as his property. His to own, his to mold, his to do with as he pleases. His kiss when it comes fills me completely, my being suffused by his.

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