22 Şubat 2021

More Virgin than You

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I wasn’t there for the first half of the incident so I’m going by guess as to what actually happened, drawing on my knowledge of the people concerned. It was Suzy who stated the ball rolling.

“Sharon is a sanctimonious bitch,” announced Suzy.

“Wow. You said that in a very definite way. Do you mean our Sharon? Sharon the cheerleader? Sharon, the all-round nice girl, popular with men, women, children, and even the teachers? That Sharon?”

“That is the Sharon I mean and you damn-well know it.”

There were some giggles from others in the little group.

“What had she done to set you off? She always seems so nice. She never offends anyone. She pretty and friendly and doesn’t try to steal our boyfriends, although I’m sure she could if she tried. I mean, with a figure like hers half the school starts drooling whenever she appears.”

“Don’t I know it?” grumbled someone. “I’ve picked out two girls who are gay, just by watching their reactions to Sharon.”

There was some derisive laughter at that but the entire little clique secretly admitted that it was possible.

“But what precisely has she done to upset you, Suzy,” came the query.

“Oh, I wouldn’t know anything about that sort of thing,” Suzy said in a very sweet voice. She continued in her normal voice.

“We were discussing our boyfriends and the conversation sort of drifted around to their, ah, male attributes. Even allowing for exaggeration it would seem that the local boy’s equipment ups the national average by an inch or two. Sharon, however, put on her ‘I’m more virgin than you’ voice, denying any knowledge of cocks or erections or what you do with them. The implication was plain that she’s never even seen one, let alone touched one. As for anything else, forget it.”

There was a lot of giggling and agreement. They had all seen that side of Sharon at times. She could certainly put a dampener on a discussion of boys.

“What she needs is for some guy to hoist her ankles into the air and demonstrate what his cock is for,” observed Marie. “Maybe she wouldn’t have those little shots at us then. I know she’s made me feel guilty a time or two because I was going out with Mike.”

There was some ribald laughter at that point. The girls all knew Mike and his reputation. If you were going out with him your chances of being a virgin were zip.

“Not going to happen,” grumbled Suzy. “She steers clear of situations where that might happen. And I’m pretty sure that she’s not gay, because I’ve seen her eyeing a well formed butt or two. She’s just reluctant to get started.”

“So maybe we can make it happen,” said Marie thoughtfully. “Sort of put her in a position where we can point a man at her and say go, man, go.”

“How would we do that?” asked Suzy, curious.

“Easy enough. Your father is away next weekend, isn’t he? There’ll just be you and your brother home?”

At Suzy’s nod Marie continued.

“We’ll have a sleep-over at your place next Saturday. Rob is a pussy hound and he’s had an occasional success. Enough to give him a high opinion of himself, anyway.”

There was another outbreak of giggles. Suzy’s brother, Rob, was well known for his wandering hands and arrogant self-confidence.

“Once we’re at your place all we need to do is persuade Rob that Sharon wants to know what it’s liked to be raped, without being in any real danger. We’ll tell him that she’s hoping he’ll do it while she’s there, because she knows that the rest of us are around to make sure that there’s no violence. All he has to do is hold her down and screw her.”

“You’re joking,” snapped Suzy. “Rob would never go for it.”

“Ah, Suzy, he would,” said one of her friends. “He’d think it perfectly reasonable that Sharon would like him to have sex with her and he has no objections to taking part in a little let’s pretend scenario.”

“Speaking from experience?” asked someone, to be met with a giggle and a smug look.

“But what happens if Sharon kicks up a fuss afterwards? Rob could get into all sorts of trouble.”

“We cover for him, of course. We’ll say that she wanted the rape scenario and it wasn’t Rob’s fault if she forgot the safe word. He thought he was doing what she wanted.”

“What’s a safe word?” asked someone.

“Just casino oyna a password that you use during this sort of scenario to call a halt to things. If you change your mind you just call out the safe word and game over. In this case Sharon won’t have a safe word and Rob will fuck her rotten.”

There was a lot of giggling and fine-tuning of the plan, but it was all in fun. They had no real intent to actually go ahead and follow it through. Just a nice thought that wouldn’t go anywhere.

That’s where it probably would have stayed if it hadn’t been for Sharon’s own actions. She picked a bad time to come along; an even worse one to ask her question.

“My, you’re all looking very animated,” said Sharon, strolling up. “Discussing your boyfriend’s appendages again?”

“Ah, Sharon, we were actually making plans for a sleep-over at my place next Saturday night. My father will be out of town and we’ll have the place to ourselves. Would you like to join us?”

– – –

Robbie Burns quote “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley”

was proved again that Saturday. The various young ladies fronted up at Suzy’s place and a typical young ladies’ night began. Marie found time for a quick word with Suzy.

“Where the hell is Rob?” she asked. “Hiding in his bedroom? I’d have expected him to be out here for the laying on of hands.”

“He’s at Mike’s place,” said Suzy with a sigh. “The boys decided that as we are all here they’d all go around to Mike’s place for a barbecue and a booze-up. Probably having more booze than barbecue. We won’t see Rob until tomorrow lunchtime, if them, and probably hungover. Sharon has the best fucking luck.”

“In her case, I guess it’s the best unfucked luck,” giggled Marie. “Still, doesn’t matter. Let’s party.”

– – –

I was supposed to be away the full weekend but an early breakthrough in our discussions and a chance at an early flight home had me landing before midnight and at one AM I was walking through my front door. It was quiet which rather surprised me as Suzy had said she was having a sleepover and I’d half expected to find tipsy young woman giggling and talking all over the place.

Still, if the girls had gone to bed at a reasonable hour it wouldn’t have been fair for me to wake them. I went quietly down to my room and entered, switching on the lights as I did so.

I was rather irritated to find my bed occupied by a young lady. It wasn’t the occupation by a young lady that irritated me, but the fact that it wasn’t considered polite for a host to join the aforesaid young lady. I had noticed that the couch was vacant and it seemed to me that that was where I’d be spending the night.

I took one last look at the forbidden fruit, or what was supposed to be one last look, and then I paused, looking closer. I knew the young lady which wasn’t really a surprise. Her name was Sharon, and Suzy had been known to refer to her as the perpetual virgin. What Suzy didn’t know was that several times in the past year Sharon had given me a very discrete and subtle come-on, which I had ignored as I considered her a little young for me. I’m not saying she was under-age, because she wasn’t, but maybe a little young. Or is that another way of saying I’m a little old for her?

Looking at her now it occurred to me that Sharon had the right to be attracted to an older man if she wanted to. Who was I to tell her she couldn’t? I shrugged, leaned over her and placed a gentle kiss on her mouth.

She responded very sweetly, kissing me back dreamily, and then her eyes flickered open. I stood up, smiling down at her.

“Good evening, Sharon,” I said quietly.

“Oh, Mr Jackson. What are you doing here? You’re out of town.”

“Call me Ron,” I said. “I arrived home early to a very nice surprise.”

“Ah, I suppose you want me to move, Rob,” she said, sounding a little confused.

“Ron,” I repeated. “Rob is my son. You know, the boy who hangs around here being ignored by the girls.”

“Sorry. Ron,” she said with a giggle. “Um, where should I move to?”

“Nowhere, as far as I’m concerned,” I said, taking off my tie and starting to unbutton my shirt. “I’m quite happy to have you stay right where you are.”

“What? I can’t do slot oyna that. What are you doing?”

“Getting undressed. I normally do when I’m going to bed.”

“You can’t get undressed before me,” she protested, and I paused.

She was sitting up by this stage, showing she was wearing some sort of silky looking pyjamas.

“Quite right,” I said. “Where are my manners? Feel free to take your pyjamas off first. It will save me having to do it.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” she said, but she didn’t seem offended. “You can’t expect me to take my pyjamas off. If you’ll excuse me I’ll go find another bed.”

She made no effort to get out of mine, though.

“It’s what I meant and I have no wish to excuse me. I much prefer you to stay right where you are, without the pyjamas.”

“If you’re making a pass it’s not going to work,” she said. “I don’t do that sort of thing.”

“I’m not making a pass. A pass can be missed. I’m just going to get into bed and make love to you. For your information all women do that sort of thing. Some just start later than others. I don’t mind helping you to start.”

I finished taking off my shirt and started undoing my belt. Sharon was still just sitting there, looking nervous, but not making any effort to get out of the bed to find somewhere else to sleep.

“Start small,” I said. “Slip of the bottom of your pyjamas first. They’re still under the covers so I won’t see anything yet.”

“You don’t really think I’m just going to stay here and let you, um, ah,”

“Yes, I really think you’re going to stay there and let me um ah. Now, the pyjamas.”

She continued to just sit, looking at me, apparently torn in indecision. Part of her wanted to go, and go fast, but another part was holding her in place.

“Let me help you,” I said softly and, leaning over, I started flicking the buttons of her top undone. I didn’t try to separate the sides or take it off. I just flicked open the buttons, letting her natural attributes persuade the top to gape wide.

“Bellissima,” I breathed, looking at the swell of her breasts, pearl white with pink tips.

I was now sliding off my trousers and Sharon was watching as they went down. Then she gave a little gulp and slid her pyjama top off, sitting up with her breasts on display.

I leaned forward and kissed her softly, feeling her lips cling to mine, while my hand gently cupped a breast, thumb resting on the nipple and gently rubbing it.

I straightened up and Sharon’s eyes went to my crotch and the bulge that was stretching the material of my shorts.

“The pyjama trousers,” I prompted her, “and then lie down.”

Blushing, she finally got with the act. She wriggled about as she pushed her pyjamas down, her breasts swaying enticingly as she moved. Dropping them on the floor by the side of the bed, she wriggled back down under the covers, just her flushed face showing, watching me.

I gave her something to watch, dropping my shorts next to her pyjamas, while my erection reared its ugly head, waving to the room in general. From the look of Sharon’s face she didn’t find it ugly. Fascinated and frightened would be a better guess, with a healthy over-tone of lust.

It was a warm night. The covers were more for convention than necessity. I took hold of them and tossed them to one side, leaving Sharon lying naked before me. I settled onto the bed next to her, lying on my side, looking at her.

“Touch me,” I told her.

Blushing, she reached out a tentative hand and placed it on my chest.

“Not like that. Touch ME.”

She got the message this time and slowly reached down and touched me, her hand settling light as a feather on my cock. She gave a little start and then her hand snapped closed, holding me.

“No need to strangle it,” I said. “Just hold it lightly and become familiar with it. Learn what it feels like. Fairly soon I’ll really show you what it feels like. For now, take your time and explore.”

Stupid, stupid, advice. Her hands wandered over me, sometimes firmly, sometimes with a feather-light touch, exploring my body, learning about the male of the species. A man can only take so much of that kind of attention.

I seized her wrists and pinned them above canlı casino siteleri her heads, holding them there easily with just one hand. With those hands no longer trying to drive me wild I settled down to doing something similar to her.

I kissed her gently, with my mouth on hers a contrast to the way my hand was making free of her breasts, rubbing then quite roughly, squeezing and massaging. Then it was the turn of her pussy to get some gentle explorations, my fingers tripping delicately across her mound, softly touching and probing. Even while I was doing that my mouth was on her breasts, still treating them rather roughly. I sucked and bit her breasts, nipped her nipples, dragged my face across them, knowing that my stubble would be roughly rasping across her flesh.

My fingers were wreaking havoc on her pussy, rubbing against her mons, agitating her lips, fingernails scratching lightly along her lips, fingers slipping between them to probe deeper. She was twisting back and forth under my touch, moaning slightly, pushing herself up against my hand, wanting more.

A toe hooked over her ankle and dragged her legs further apart. Then I was laying between her legs, cock resting against her slit, her wrists in my hands, her arms pinned to either side of her. She was open and helpless before me.

“You do know what I’m going to do?” I asked, the head of my cock butting against her pussy, right at the spot where her puffy inner lips were protruding.

She nodded, breathing harshly.

“Do you want me to stop?”

There was no hesitation. Just a fervent shaking of her head.

“Do it,” she entreated, and I pushed forward.

I kissed her hard as I took that initial thrust, the distraction of the kiss helping to alleviate any pain from the first entry. She jerked slightly, giving a little whimper, but her arousal was too complete for that to have any effect. Then I was pushing firmly along her passage and she was pushing eagerly up to meet me.

Geez, that was a relief. If I’d had to wait any longer before taking her my balls would have burst. Now she was mine and I was making the most of it. I moved slowly, encouraging her to move with me. As she moved I picked up the pace and soon things were humming along quite nicely, Sharon breathing hard and making soft little sounds of pleasure. Now that we were going nicely I slowed down again, easing her down while still keeping lust alive. Then it was kick it up a notch again, heading for that climax.

With a bit of skill, and I humbly admit I have a bit of skill, you can lift your mate up until she’s hovering just below a climax. That’s when you start taking her back down again, keeping her interested but not letting her finish. Each time you do this you can lift her higher, and the feeling’s not too bad for you either.

Sharon was tossing her head about, threatening me now. If I took her that close to a climax and then let her down again she was going to do some very nasty things to my testicles. I don’t think what she suggested was possible but I decided I didn’t want to find out. I settled down, driving in harder than ever, lifting her up and over the hump.

Knowing there were other young ladies in the house (including my daughter) I leaned forward and kissed Sharon hard, my mouth covering hers while my cock plunged deep, spraying her and setting the match to her climax. I swallowed her shriek, feeling her coming apart beneath me, feeling her fingernails clawing into my back. I was going to need medical treatment for the scratches she was leaving.

Afterwards we both just relaxed on the bed. I suppose stunned satisfaction can be call relaxed. Eventually I got up and went and fetched some warm water and a cloth and carefully wiped Sharon down, taking time to kiss various parts of her body as I worked. She just lay there, watching me, and smiling. Afterwards I climbed back in bed and tossed the covers over me.

“Do you expect me to sleep here with you?” she asked.

“Well, you wouldn’t kick me out of my own bed would you?” I asked her. “I know I wouldn’t kick you out of my bed.”

She smirked and signed and snuggled up next to me, my hand caressing her.

It was odd. A couple of weeks later I overhead Suzy bitching to one of her friends about Sharon.

“Blasted Sharon,” she grumbled. “She’s all about how her boyfriend is superior to ours. And what am I supposed to say? He’s my father, for crying out loud.”

Suck it up, Suzy. I may be older but I’m by no means dead.

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