3 Temmuz 2022

Milford Family Ch. 01

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Rob sat quietly in his seat and could not believe that he was really flying to US. He had dreamt of this moment ever since he could form a thought and now a young handsome eighteen year old boy from Eastern Europe was sitting in a seat over the Atlantic ocean, already 2 hours into the flight, resting his head on his hand, shivering from excitement and anticipation. He came from a poor family who could not afford sending him out to a university, nor cover such expenses as flying to the states and renting a place. But thanks to his hard labor, those sleepless nights and a promise he had made to himself, to not allow his poor financial position undermine his ambitions, the kid somehow managed to achieve the seemingly impossible.

He had been chosen, due to his remarkable ability to take on almost any subject and pass it with top grades. He was no genius, he did not score abnormally high on IQ tests, nor was he very eloquent. He just believed that he had no choice, either do it right or don’t do it at all. This earned him a position in an exchange program that a local student union held every two years or so. The flight was already paid for, he would be accepted to a given university for a year, free of charge, and he would spend his days living with a volunteering family. Taking these aspects into account, Rob was still dazzled by how lucky he was. Two days before he would have called you a fool if you told him that he’d be flying to the said dream land. And on top of that — he would be living in Los Angeles!

‘Would you like anything, sir?’

A soft, calming feminine voice reached his ears and he instinctively turned towards her. A stewardess was standing right beside him wearing a tight uniform painted in deep blue and yellow. She bent over a little bit allowing a hint of her cleavage to be seen. She looked straight at him, while his eyes couldn’t help but wonder. Her breasts, pushed together by that tight dress, slightly moved down as she let the hot air from her lunges leave her body, and up as she inhaled. Truly a delight to watch.

‘Maybe a bottle of water?’

Rob realized that he was staring for far too long and quickly looked at her only to meet her eyes and that confident smile she had.

‘No thank you, I’m fine.’

She nodded and straightened her back, her breasts pushing forward, pulling the fragile material that was covering them. Oh how delicious they looked. As she moved, they bounced ever so slightly and jiggled as the plane shook. Rob watched her walk along the isle, moving her beautifully round ass and those scrumptious hips. A mountain had grown between his legs, the head of his dick pressed by his jeans – it really was an uncomfortable position. He let out a sigh and looked through the window pass the man sleeping on his right. It was still bright outside, the wing of the plane shivered and Rob again started dwelling in his thoughts.

It was true that his main aim was to receive a higher education, but his imagination was not that narrow and his dreams would sometimes wonder onto different lands. He was already eighteen and yet still had no experience with girls, whatsoever. Not only was the kid still a virgin, he had never even kissed a girl before. And it wasn’t that he was not handsome or a slob, on the contrary everyone would praise him for his looks as well as his mind. While he insisted that the lack of female attention was due to the fact that he spent too much time studying, he knew that the underlying reason was part of his character. He was too shy, especially when it came to sex. The moment he discovered masturbation, he spent almost two years with a festering idea that he was a loser, undeserving of love or affection. He was ashamed of himself and this shame had done awful things to his already weak self esteem. He would still spank his monkey, of course. What is a teenager to do? But every time his legs would stop twitching from ecstasy that had just past through him, just as his breathing would return to normal and he would find himself at his computer, porn on the screen and hot white cum dripping into his soaked bellybutton and down his sides, he would be so disgusted with himself so appalled that he would succumb to his desires so easily. He then would swear to never do it again. A silly little lie he liked to repeat. The source of this shame was also unknown as neither he nor his parents were religious or saw sex as a taboo subject. It wasn’t a popular topic, mind you, but it wasn’t frowned upon either.

Now that he was a young adult, he understood that there was nothing wrong with self love, but the damage was still there. He was hoping that this year in US would serve as a perfect opportunity to fix this part of his social life. I mean, American girls are more sexual and more daring, right? He knew that that was what some Americans would say about European girls, but an Eastern Europe country, that only recently had won its freedom, still had conservative values held high and strong. He was part of the first generation and the only generation that had grown isveçbahis up into adulthood under the country’s independence. So really, this did seem to provide a plausible explanation why sex was still something everyone kept shush-shush about.

He had his hopes up that he would finally get laid and maybe, if the universe was feeling kind, he would manage to find a pretty girl to be by his side. Looking back now, there really was no way that he could have anticipated what actually ended up happening to him.

Several hours later the plane finally landed in an airport so big, it almost took an extra hour for the kid to finally leave the place. He was greeted by an older man who introduced himself as Brendon. He looked well into his 40s, however he seemed to be pretty well built for a middle-aged man. A morning beard covered his face as well as his wrinkles, which still seemed to be quite recent. The man smiled and waved at Rob while the kid was going down on an escalator. Brendon was to be his caregiver for the following year, a father figure, if you will. They had talked already even before they met. Once everything was put into place and Rob was allocated to a family, they did not hesitate to contact him. The agency responsible for the program gave out as much detail as possible to both sides and allowed a few months for them to cancel everything. As so Rob had seen a few photos of the Milford family, he also had a few conversations with them over skype and facebook. They all appeared to be peaceful and happy. The family consisted of five people: Brendon, Lynn, Tamera, Jean and Jarod.

Brendon was, as mentioned before, the father. What Rob could tell from the details sent to him and the few conversations he had with him, the man had a very calm aura about him. He had a successful business running that covered most of US, with at least one branch in almost every state; he always talked in a low, baritone voice, which had a somewhat hypnotic side to it. He was the kind of man that could say whatever nonsense he desired and yet still sound so interesting that you would not even dare to interrupt.

His wife Lynn was similar in character to Brendon. Well at least sort of. Both of them appeared to be always happy and unbelievably friendly. They both would giggle and comment on how handsome Rob looked over skype and how they could not wait for him to finally come live with them. She was a gorgeous middle aged woman, with long, mildly wavy brown hair falling down on her shoulders and her chest. While she was clearly not in her twenties, the barely visible wrinkles were almost perfectly fought off by her skin care products. Her face seemed incredibly symmetrical, her strong jaw line served to emphasize her thick voluptuous lips and she seemed to enjoy biting her lips whenever she would stop talking and would listen and wait for Rob to react. She had a kind of a childish nature to her, while her husband was nothing less than a matured man. While he was a man of few words and would usually get his point across in a matter of seconds, she on the other hand would go onto these long monologues, going off-topic almost every time she spoke. She would giggle at her own jokes and seemed so comfortable being herself, that nothing could ever damage her self-esteem. However she appeared to be a bit na?ve, as the stories and the ambitions she had of how much Rob will accomplish not only made him shy off and put unbelievable expectations on him but sometimes even ventured into the impossible. Yet even with her childishness, at certain moments she seemed irresistibly seductive, even while just staring at the camera. From the photos you could see that both Brendon and Lynn were no strangers to exercising. Lynn’s body appeared to be tight and yet curvy at all the right places. Rob’s friends called her a milf and he did not disagree however he felt that it would be inappropriate for him to call her that. After all, she was going to be a kind of a mother to him.

Tamera was the older daughter of the family. As far as the kid knew, she was in her early twenties, just about done with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He never talked to her, she would never appear on skype. She did accept Rob’s invitation on facebook but never bothered to message him or respond to his attempts of communication. She was the only person Rob was genuinely concerned about, as from her behavior it appeared that Tamera was not that fond of him staying with them for a whole year. Even thought everyone else insisted that that was far from the truth and the reason Tamera was always absent was just that. She was a very outgoing person, never home, always on the run. By the looks of it, she was quite the popular and the wild one too. At least that was what her facebook photos led Rob to believe. Always in a club, always surrounded by buff, six-pack abs kind of guys and girls so sexy, Rob could never even dare to think of approaching. All of this was unsurprising, as Tamera looked like she just came off from the covers of fashion magazines. She had a body hundreds of men would isveçbahis giriş lay their lives for and it looked like she was not the one that would shy off from using it to her own advantage.

Jean was the youngest daughter, while already eighteen she sometimes appeared younger due to her petite body. However she did not seem to be bothered by her short size at all and in fact she would joke around about her size and how life is different to the one Tamera has. She had average length hair that barely reached her shoulders. Jean seemed to be quite an extravert, just like her mother. Almost every photo of her, showed her with a smile so cute and adorable, her hair dyed in pompous colours. Rob gathered that she seemed to enjoy dressing provocatively and liked to show more skin than girls would usually choose to. On the other hand, they were living in Los Angeles, so I guess there was no real reason for wearing many clothing anyway. She would write messages to Rob almost every day. These messages would sometimes consist just of a short greeting and a reminder of how excited she was that he would be living with them. Other times they would be as long as a chapter of a novel, where she would describe how her day went and how she spent her day with people Rob had never even heard of and how they did things people would never bother to pay attention to. Rob, however, did his best and responded every time and did not let any detail slip him by. Due to this, once he was already on his way to US, he had a strong impression of Lynn’s friends, who dated who, how they acted and what their hobbies were.

Finally Jarod was the only son in the family. He seemed, as far as Rob could tell, almost an exact copy of his father. He enjoyed sports, but also seemed unbelievably chill. His facebook profile picture was of a drawn man who was holding an almost finished joint, pointing a finger at it and saying ‘No’while smoke was coming out of his mouth. At the bottom of the picture a caption said ‘Jarod always says no to drugs’. The comments all basically said the same thing: ‘That is so you’.

Brendon greeted Rob with a hug and a few minutes later they were already on the way. Rob could not help but admire LA, how different everyone looked, how differently the hot air filled his lungs and cuddled him from inside. As the wind from the open window played with his hair, they talked about the weather and the flight and every other unimportant topic they could think of. Both of them weren’t chatty people but they did well. Brendon smiled throughout the way and hinted that everyone were already waiting for him back home. While this made Rob a bit nervous, he also knew that he wanted to meet everyone just as much as they did.

The house was huge, with a tall designer made fence surrounding it from the outside world and a front yard neatly taken care of. Flowers and a stoned path led them from the car to the beautiful red wood front door. Brendon grabbed the handle and stopped for a second. He looked at Rob and smiled and said ‘Welcome home’. He opened the door only to reveal a huge room with a luxurious hanging chandelier over in the centre. The place received quite a lot of light from the large windows that seemed to be almost everywhere. The sunshine reaching the crystal glass pieces of the chandelier diffracted and coloured the white painted stairs with soft rainbow colours. The floor was made out of glassy looking plates which also reflected the falling light. Everything looked so bright and yet so feelingly comfortable. In the middle, in a kind of a curvy row, the rest of the Milford family was standing. They looked like they have been eagerly standing there ever since they saw Brendon’s car driving into the front yard.

‘Everyone, meet Rob!’ Brendon introduced.

Jean could no longer hold off her excitement and jumped upfront. She ran with her naked feet towards Rob and hugged him with such force that Rob had to take a few steps back. She was even smaller than he had expected. The side of her face pushed into Rob’s chest, the top of her head hardly reached his chin and she was already standing on her toes. Her warm hands surrounded him and he could feel her small perky breasts massaging just below his chest as she breathed and talked.

‘You’re finally here!’ she exclaimed still hugging him.

She can’t have been wearing a bra as Rob could easily feel her hard nipples circling around his celiac plexus. She was wearing teeny tiny jean shorts that barely even covered her ass. It was one of those things that let the bottom part of a girls’ bum jump out for some freedom. The only other thing she was wearing was a loose black tank top which was hardly holding off on her shoulders with needle thin strings. If one of them would have fallen off her shoulder, her breast would be exposed for the whole wide world to see. Not that that would be a bad thing. And that was about all that she was wearing, aside from panties of course, but even that was debatable.

The sudden feminine touches and implied nudity once again had awoken the isveçbahis yeni giriş curiosity of Rob’s dick, which he quickly tried to calm down by repeating ‘Don’t. Don’t you fucking dare, don’t you fucking dare’to himself in his mind.

‘Jeez, Jean! Let him breath, you’ll have plenty of time to cuddle!’

The seductive undertones even in such a plain sentence were undeniably there and from that Rob already knew who was talking. He lifted his eyes from Jean who was still glued to his body and looked forward were Lynn was standing with her arms crossed and a smile that only she could manage to pull off.

‘It’s very nice to finally meet you, Jean.’

Rob smiled and hugged her back for a second or two. Jean finally let him go, but she still stood right beside him with her eyes stuck to his face.

‘Wow, you’re even more handsome than I thought you would be’ said Lynn.

She was wearing a sexy little flowered dress that unfortunately covered most of her body all the way down to her toes. However there was still some cleavage to be seen which was more than enough. She slowly walked towards Rob and gave him a welcoming hug. Her hug, unlike the one Jean gave, was not abrupt, forceful or fast. It was rather slow, premeditated. She put her hand on his shoulder and gave a little squeeze. She then put a step forward and bent over a bit while with her other hand she surrounded Rob and slightly pushed him towards her. Once again the delight of having breasts pushed on your body was presented to Rob. Lynn was a real woman, curvy in all the right ways, her hips, her breasts, a silhouette of a perfect woman. Her childish side was nowhere to be seen, she was just a seductive, sexual presence that made Robs legs shiver just by touching his shoulders. The hug lasted nowhere as long as the one Jean gave him, but it had twice the effect. She released him from his arms and looked at his eyes for a second, smiled and, while Rob himself isn’t sure if that actually happen, gave him a little wink. She turned around and by slowly moving her hips she returned towards a girl who could have only been Tamera.

Words could hardly describe how Tamera looked so there really is no point in attempting it. She was the girl. Teenage boys have twenty tabs opened on their laptops with pictures of the girl they spend every night masturbating to. Tamera was their dream girl. Young males see the girl standing at the bar with her tight dress that would haunt their fantasies for days later. They see her and immediately turn their looks away and only dare to peek at her every once in a while. Everyone stupid enough to approach such perfection would eventually end up being rejected, not by her, but by their confidence and self respect. If her figure did not disarm you, her eyes will do that without failure. Tamera was the girl. Older men leave their families just to have the chance to talk to girls like her. And while there was no excuse for them, the desire, the taste of the girls’ skin would be too much for a single human to handle. She was the girl. She looked at Rob and a wave of pleasure and anxiety went through his body. She did not move and she did not give him a hug. She just looked at him and smiled and said hello. And this was enough to start a war for.

‘I ain’t gonna hug you man, but just let me shake your hand’ said Jarod and walked towards Rob. ‘Meet my freaky over sexualized family.’ He laughed and looked at the girls.

The mother was smiling with her hands once again crossed, Jean was almost jumping around from excitement and Tamera rolled her eyes and walked away.

‘Son, could you give Rob a tour of his new home?’

‘Sure thing’

And they all left, while Jarod proceeded to introduce Rob to everyplace in the house, which was a mansion to say the least. This took longer than one would expect. He showed him the backyard, the pool, the small stone fountain in the middle of it. He showed him the massive living room, the long kitchen with a view of the pool and finally the room Rob was going to stay in. They talked and joked around about particularly unimportant things, which, to be fair, served as a decent ice breaker. Jarod seemed to be just as Rob had expected him to be and they got along quite well so far. While they were on the tour Jean followed their every step yet generally kept quiet, only throwing a sentence or two on occasions of silence. Although she always gave out the most adorable smile whenever Rob looked at her, her body language made him believe that she was a bit tense however. When Jarod finally told Rob that he would now lead him to his soon to be room, Jean livened up and once again jumped forward only this time towards Jarod and asked him if she could have the honor of showing it to Rob instead. Jarod was a bit skeptical at first and looked at her with a strangely twisted face that could have meant really anything. Yet he managed to force a smile and nod and reply with a ‘sure’. Jean could not have been happier. She grabbed Rob’s hand, her palm intertwined with his all the while holding her other palm firmly on his wrist, Jean started dragging Rob upstairs. Rob looked at Jarod to see if he had maybe reconsidered this, however Jarod just nodded once more, without a sight of a smile, a bit worried even and said:

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