3 Temmuz 2022

Masseuse: Beneficent

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Joanne Wallman ceased to exist not because Joanne wasn’t worthy to live, but rather because she stood for all the bad things that had happened in Julia’s life. The step she had taken to get out of her old life had pulled her into a new exciting existence where she had been given a whole new set of rules to live by. She had been reborn, her conscience awakened, and that life had merely begun and she felt eager to start exploring the new world she had been woken up in. She stood in front of the mirror and her thoughts were simply thrilled with excitement of the last days. Her body that had never before been appealing in her eyes were suddenly very attractive and was glowing of confident. It had been a complete transformation, but one that she had willed to happen, and she had moved her mountain to reveal a mixture of Heaven and Babylon.

As her thoughts kept processing the events, it dawned upon her that she had to take a shower in order to be presentable and got out of her uniform. Her light feet took her to the bathroom where she sat down on the toilet and rested while she turned on the water, letting it run for a while to make it warm, realizing that it was not necessary. She was so used to waiting for a minute in order to get warm water, but it was hot already, and so was she. The bathroom was filling up with hot white steam and she entered the running water and let it wash away all the bad things. She stood leaning against the tile wall, while the water was hitting her back like a gentle massage, and she closed her eyes to enjoy it even more. The water had an even temperature, something that she never previously had the luxury of enjoying, but there were many small things that she had not experienced, before her decision. She picked up the pale green sponge and foamed it up with a lot of soap. The lather was bright white and had a rich thick fullness with a sparkling surface, and it felt smooth as silk when she began to wash her long legs. She started humming, an old song by Ultravox.

“Dancing with tears in my eyes. Weeping for the memory of a life gone by. Dancing with tears in my eyes. Living out a memory of a love that died.”

The words suddenly raised to her relaxed mind, and she understood what she was singing. Her life, that’s what it was, a memory of a life gone by, a memory of a love that died. She sat down on the floor and started to cry. Her hands were shaking, but she didn’t know why because she was happier than she had ever been in her entire life. She couldn’t remember a single event, not even the birth of her children, when she had been close to this pleased with life. She sang out loud to emphasis the happiness she had found within these tiled walls.

“Dancing with tears in my eyes. Weeping for the memory of a life gone by. Dancing with tears in my eyes. Living out a memory of a love that died.”

She stepped out of the shower, clean from head to toe, and with a sense of harmony that extended the boundaries of her skin, flesh and bones. Her entire being was filling the room as she again stood standing in front of the mirror and she started to brush her long wet hair. She was playing with her long hair just like a teenager, and she smiled when she saw herself in the mirror. Coming to her senses she began to dry her skin with a towel, removing the pearls of water that laid sparkling on her soft body, without removing her eyes from the mirror. She wasn’t a model, that’s for sure, or rather not a model with those 36-24-36 figures, but she was looking at herself and being proud of what she saw. She was the perfect Julia Wildfire.

After finding her clothes and putting them on, brushing her hair one last time, and dumping the thought of makeup, she found that she was ready to face the guests of the hotel again. Walking down to the lobby, she spent the following hours helping and guiding guests, providing them with the service they paid for by staying at the hotel. At 1 PM she took some time to eat lunch with some of the other staff members, leaving her enough time before her next appointment at 3 PM. After eating she locked herself in her room, and sat down to learn the computer. She was pleased to see that there were simple instructions to follow, something called a tutorial with step by step instructions, and it was much easier than she had thoughts. She wasn’t new to the keyboard, her night class learning how to touch-type was paying off when she finally got the wordpad to work. She typed a few notes to herself, constantly keeping track of time, so that she wouldn’t miss being at room 1152 at precisely 3 PM.

And as she had planned, the door in front of her at 3 PM had the number 1152 written on it. She knocked on the door, and heard someone running with heavy steps for a while before the door opened. The young man opening looked nervous and his forehead was wet from sweat. Julia smiled a little before saying professionally.

“Hello, my name is Julia. I believe you’ve ordered a massage?”

The man looked down the corridor to see that no isveçbahis one else was near, and invited her inside her room without saying a word. His behavior reminded Julia of a schoolboy, making sure he wasn’t caught by his parents with a girl. She walked into the room, and looked curiously at the man as he closed and locked the door before turning to her. His held his shoulders low as if he was ashamed of something, enhancing the feel of a guilty schoolboy, and he looked at the floor in silence, so she raised the massage table and placed a towel over it.

“It’s my first time.” he mumbled.

“It’s okay, we have time, so would you prefer if I looked away?” she replied with a kind tone of voice.

“Yes please.” he replied quickly.

Julia turned around with her back towards the man, and took off her jacket while she heard him undressing behind her and laying down. She remained with her back to him and instead began to talk to him to calm him down.

“So are you in town on business or vacation?”

She avoided to say business or pleasure, since that could lead the conversation to much.

“Business, I’m attending a computer fare.”

“So you sell computers?”

“I’m a programmer, here to promote a new software together with our sales team.”

Julia turned to the man who was laying face down, relaxing. She picked up the bottle of oil and poured some into her hands while she continued to show an interest to his work. When Julia began caressing his feet and shins, he stopped talking and allowed her to work with his body. She felt a lot of tense muscles in his legs and took the time to treat them properly before moving on slowly further up. She looked up to examine his position and make sure he was laying in a comfortable and appropriate position. She smiled, having a difficult time to hold back her laughter, when she noticed a piece of plastic in the crack between his legs and ass cheeks, but she didn’t say anything. If he wanted to have something like that inserted in his rear then that was his choice and nothing she would comment so Without a word spoken, she continued while the young man continued to relax, sinking deeper into the table. Reaching his round rear, the man suddenly sighed.

“I thought you would be older.”

Julia was a bit surprised, but asked calmly.

“Why would you say that?”

The silence following indicated to her that he was hesitating to answer her, and she said.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything.”

“I would have liked that.” he mumbled.

“So how old do you think I am?” she asked curiously.

“28.” he answered with a low voice.

Julia smiled, taking his guess as a compliment, but also told him that she was a bit older than that, and that she had given birth to three healthy children which were his age. Julia took the reactions in his body as a positive sign, and kept rubbing oil into his skin. She could hear his breathing getting heavier and suddenly as she was attending to his shoulder he moaned out loud. She knew she hadn’t been the cause, but still carefully looked to see if her actions had been the cause of his moaning, but they weren’t from pain but from pleasure.

“Is everything all right?” she asked.

“I love older women. You have such a wonderful touch. Would I be to bold if I would ask of you for something special?”

Julia could hear by the sound of his voice that he was about to ask something that wasn’t about giving massage anymore. She let her hands slide over his arms as if she was as calm as ever even though her heart was bounding hard in her chest. She licked her lips to make sure they were moist and also avoiding to sound strange as she answered him with a counter question.

“What would that be?”

“I would like to masturbate for you, while looking at your …”

He stopped mid-sentence in hesitation, and Julia held her hand still as she asked.


“…your pussy.” he ended his sentence. “I’ll pay whatever you want.”

Julia felt as if she was about to faint, but holding her hands steadily on his shoulders held her up. She looked around and noticed the gold ring on his right hand, not left so not engaged. She evaluated the situation and a lot of things had to be taken into consideration when he said.

“3.000 dollars?” he exhorted.

His offer made her head spin. Didn’t money mean anything to him? Regardless if they did or not, they did to her. She could set up a trust fund for her future grandchildren with that amount, so with great doubt in her voice she still answered a simple:


He turned around, laying on his back with his cock in his hand already stroking as she took of her panties and walked to his head. She stood with her thighs on each side of his head, just standing still as he frantically kept jerking off with her pussy above his face. He was moaning loudly between her legs and inside she simply wanted him to reach out and lick her or come right away, isveçbahis giriş but she didn’t say a word and kept watching in silence. His hand was squeezing hard around his shaft and the secrete was making the head wet, preparing for the ending that was coming closer and closer. She could feel him breathing heavily against her pussy, which was getting wet from watching him, and he stopped breathing. Julia had seen it happen before a few times, she knew it was close so she spread her legs a bit wider so that he could see more of her, feeling how she started leaking a bit into his face. At that moment he came, and the force of his orgasm threw his head up against her wet cunt. She moaned loudly at the sudden contact with his face and squeezed her thighs around his head briefly while she watched him stroke and pump before her. He’s cum was shooting straight up into the air, and landing on his legs, over and over again. She felt him rubbing his face in her juices and then he’s head dropped down and the rest of his body relaxed. She stood still waiting for him to make the next move. He moved his arms and pushed her away, so she took a few steps back and picked up her panties and put them in her pocket.

“Wow.” slipped out from the wet face of the man as he climbed up and put an envelope in her hand before laying down in bed.

Packing up the massage table and lotion case without a sound, she walked to the door hearing him say.

“Can we do that again tomorrow?”

“Tell me the reason why.” she replied.

“Another 3000 dollars.” he said with a confident smile.

Julia didn’t reply, and closed the door behind her. Walking down the corridor she thought about how dreadfully he had misunderstood her question. She had wanted to know why he did it, but maybe his reason simply was that he had 3000 dollars that he had no other use for? Still she couldn’t help laughing quitely to herself just thinking of a good looking young man with an apparent good mind for computers and yet having to pay her just so he could see her pussy. The flashback of if all made her realize that it had been nasty to watch him jerk off for her. Simply stroking quickly at the sight of her open slit with no other way to get off. It was nasty to the degree that she felt how her own juices began to seep out and slide down her thighs. Entering the elevator alone gave her the opportunity to quickly wipe away the drops with the panties that still wasn’t wearing. She hoped that there were no other guest to attend to at the moment, but reaching the lobby she found that there was. She called up to the room, to know if he was still interested, and a few minutes later she was standing outside yet another door: 2104. She had never been so high up, but she could notice that these higher floors were designed differently with more exclusive furniture in the corridors, the doors themselves had different animals carved into them, and the tiger that was looking at her was very delicately crafted. She reached up with her fingertips to feel the surface, and it was very smooth. The door opened and a young woman opened up the door. Though expecting a man, she still introduced herself.

“Hello, my name is Julia. I believe you’ve ordered a massage?”

The woman showed her in with a graceful gesture, and Julia picked up her things and walked in, amazed not to see a room but a small apartment with luxurious furniture. There were a dining table for six, a group of leather couches in a formation heading the huge TV, and a bar counter with glasses and bottles behind it. The woman showed Julia the way to a smaller room which was decorated in blue colors making it appear cold, and in the middle of the room stood a massage table already with a man laying on it. A steaming towel was covering his head and another laid over his waist. She was instructed to begin, which she of course did after removing her jacket. The man had large feet with well shaped toes and toenails. The skin was soft and she took all of these things as a sign that these feet got their share of pedicure. The woman turned on the sound system and the room was filled with the sound of wind, rain and thunder. It made the blue room seem darker, but it relaxed the man even more. The woman left the room and Julia continued her duties. After a while she felt relaxed too by the sounds that were playing, and smiled to the simplicity of not having to keep up a conversation. The legs felt very powerful and firm, and the muscles were clearly showing so the hours must have been countless to get that well in shape. She kept going until she reached the towel covering his waist, wondering if she should remove it or work around it.

At that moment she saw the woman enter the room again, wearing a completely different outfit than she had been wearing when Julia arrived. The black lingerie consisted of black heels, fishnet stockings, corset and long gloves. She wore a mask before her eyes and walked like a cat on her hands and knees towards the center of the room. Julia was puzzled by isveçbahis yeni giriş this but continued giving the man his massage, and coming to the decision that she had to remove the towel in order to knead his buttocks and lower back. When doing so she noticed a leather strap going across his lower back, which apparently was holding him to the table. She didn’t give it much thought and continued her doings while she saw the woman come closer and closer until she crawled underneath the table. Julia felt the man’s muscles come alive, but relaxed again as she worked her way passed the leather and up over his back and shoulders. He was becoming more and more restless which should have been the opposite considering that she was giving him a very accurate massage. The woman made no sound from underneath the table, nor did Julia actually see her or bother to look, but when she felt the woman’s hand on her foot she looked down only to see her hand point at a chair in the corner of the room.

The gesture made it clear that she was instructed to stop her doings and sit down, which Julia did without understanding why. When she sat down in the very comfortable armchair, she saw the table from a new perspective, and also what the woman was doing. Through an opening in the table hung the man’s cock out and the cat-woman were leaning on her hands while licking the tip of the manhood. It was amazing to watch how she kept licking the tip without using her lips or hands. She kept licking for what seemed an eternity, every now and then looking over at Julia and smile. It was clear that she was enjoying to treat a cock this way, in a very erotic and slow way, as if she was carefully exploring every fiber of his thick head. It was as if she was giving Julia a performance, and the man was simply living props on the small stage. Julia couldn’t help to find it poetically erotic as the woman kept turning below the table to lick all sides of the exposed cock, and it was also becoming clearer that the man had increasingly difficult to lay still. She could only imagine how crazy she would be if someone would lick her that slowly, but then she would probably enjoy being licked very much since it was one of those things that her husband thought was degrading.

The table was beginning to shake as the man was trying to get loose from the fixed position, but that didn’t change the tactics that the woman was using. She kept going slowly with her tongue, and every touch was as if someone was licking Julia too. Her body was shaking, and she noticed how she was trying to spread her legs apart, only to move them together and grind herself against the chair. She wanted so desperately to lift her long skirt and push her fingers inside her burning hot pussy, and feel her walls suck her fingers even deeper inside her while kneading her breast with her other hand, but she remained seated where she was, and enjoyed the performance that was going in slow-motion. Time wasn’t essential, only lust was and Julia was certainly getting her share. Noticing how the man was fighting hard against the strains that apparently also held his hands, and possibly his head, underneath the towel that was still covering his head. He fought like a wild horse at a rodeo kicking to throw the rider of him, but in this case the rider was below him, and the rider had won.

Julia watched as the woman licked the top faster, circling the head over and over still without using anything but her tongue, and then their eyes met. While the woman began to show that she was about to use her lips, moving closer and closer to kiss the tip with her full lips, Julia began thinking:

“Please don’t.” as if a kiss would finish the act.

She took her time moving closer and closer, and Julia felt her legs rubbing rapidly against each other, and she let out a sigh that was covered by the sound of thunder when the lips touched the head and began to suck in the cock. Julia felt trapped between what she felt was right to do and the urge to give in, and that paralyzed her in her seat, with her attention directed to the small area below the table. The woman had her lips tightly sealed behind the ridge and turned around so that she was leaning on her arms, chest up. She let go of the cock only to resume the licking, but it became quick and determined, her rapid tongue slapping the head as a contrast to the slow caressing licks she had been doing before. Laying there straight below him, as if she was ready to receive his loads, and the movement of the table became less violent before ending totally when he surrendered to her tongue. Julia couldn’t help moaning as she saw him spraying the beautiful woman’s face with his white cum, covering her black mask and whirling tongue. Load after load kept covering her face and it looked greasy, messy, but oh how Julia wished she was the one below the table. The thick sauce laying on smooth skin made her lick her lips, also wanting to receive such a rich load of cum, and she saw the woman turning to her and blew her a wet cum covered kiss. Julia felt so jealous, and with that she got up, took her things and left the two lovers. She couldn’t stay there any longer, and her room seemed to be on the other side of town, not just the other side of the hotel.

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