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Cockaigne Chronicles is a series by various authors set in the fictional town of Cockaigne where the laws are different, and anything can happen. Social nudity and sexual interaction are nothing to be ashamed of, and the moral limitations that inhibit us don”t inhibit the residents of Cockaigne.

Thanks guys for all the great feedback and comments. I”m loving all your comments and ideas for future installments. Keep them coming.

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is fictional and took place in the imagination of the writer, nothing written ever happened. These fictional characters may or may not practice safe sex, however these are merely words and I would always advocate the practice of safe sex in the real world. Some of these fictional characters” actions may not also be legal in all or any places in the world, and these fictional stories are not meant encourage any reader to break any of their local laws. Anything can happen in our imaginations, but in the real world we are bound by restrictions. Play safe.

Now, fire up your imaginations and let the fun begin…

Leo Gets Closer to his Brother
by David Heulfryn

Archie didn”t stay with us very long when he got back from his date. Dad asked him how is date was and he just said it was alright and then left us so we could finish off the film we were watching.

When he left to go to bed, I went over to Dad on the sofa and snuggled up with him. I”d not done this for years, certainly not since I started puberty. But tonight, it felt nice, and Dad wrapped his arm around me as I rested my head on his bare hairy chest.

Dad made me feel safe and loved as we snuggled together. To an outsider, it may have looked strange for a naked seventeen-year-old young man snuggling his naked father. Neither of us felt anything sexual in it, just a pure form of love that only a father and son can have.

Once the film credits started rolling, I reluctantly tore myself away from him and carried myself off to bed.

The following morning, I woke up late. I didn”t have to go to college, and Archie was tasked to do the early morning shift on the farm. I think he was tilling the field getting it ready for sowing the winter wheat crop.

I slept naked, as I had started to feel more comfortable being naked in the house, however, when I got out of bed, I instinctively pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and a tee-shirt so I could go to the bathroom and relieve my full bladder.

I was still a little dopy when I walked in and stood by the toilet bowl.

“Morning, Leo,” Archie startled me. I turned around to see him lying in the bath.

“What… sorry,” I mumbled. “I didn”t realise you were in the bath.”

Archie just smiled at me and looked down at my hand inside my boxer briefs. I hadn”t yet taken out my cock but was just about to when he spoke.

“Do you mind if I just use the loo?” I asked.

“Sure, go ahead.”

I turned back to look at the toilet, pulled out my cock and let my morning stream of yellow piss splash in the bowel. As I was mid-flow, I looked over my shoulder and saw that Archie was still watching me.

Not sure what to do, I just smiled back at him and turned my head again to watch the stream leaving the exposed head of my cock.

After a couple of shakes and a quick squeeze, I had finished and tucked my cock away.

As I flushed the toilet, Archie suggested that I join him in the bath.

“I”ve only just got in, the water lovely and warm. Why don”t you join me for a bit, wash away all your dopiness?”

I usually showered in the morning and was going to suggest I just şişli travesti wait until he”s finished when something just clicked in my head. We hadn”t bathed together in years. I think the last time was when I was ten and I spotted some hairs above Archie”s cock, he must have only been twelve. Dad told me to stop looking and that he”d explain after we were dry and in our pyjamas. That”s when he gave me the talk. And Archie and I never bathed again.

Recalling this vivid memory, I pulled off my tee-shirt and grinned at Archie.

He grinned back and once my boxer briefs were on the floor, and I was naked, I looked at Archie”s crotch, pointed like a child and asked, “What”s that hair above for penis?” We had always been taught to use the proper anatomical terms when we were younger.

Archie burst out laughing. “Get in you doofus. This has been at least seven years overdue.”

I stood by Archie”s feet, and he drew up his knees to give me space. I slipped down and twisted my back to the side so that I wasn”t leaning against the taps. Being the youngest, I always got the tap end.

We just looked at each other at each end of the bath, our knees were drawn up so we could fit in, it was definitely a squeeze.

“I think this bath has got smaller since we were younger.” Archie joked.

I chuckled. “It must have shrunk in the wash.”

Archie raised his legs and rested them on the rim of the bath. “twist round and lean on my chest.” He patted his damp chest, which made a louder, slapping sound that it should.

I turned and leant against Archie”s body. I raised my legs and rested them either side of the taps. Archie moved his feet to rest either side of mine. I felt him reach around me, and he hugged my chest.

I heard Archie let out a light sigh. “This feels so nice. I love you, little brother.”

He sounded so sincere, and I felt the love from him as he squeezed me.

I lifted my head, trying to look up to see his face, but all I could see was the bathroom ceiling.

“I love you too, big brother.” I wanted to hug him back, but all I could do was to put my hands over his that were on my chest.

Archie slipped his hands from under mine, and I felt him run his fingers through my hair. “Your hair feels so silky.” I heard him take a deep breath. “And it smells so nice too.”

All the light touching was making my cock inflate, thankfully I managed to keep it under control.

“So how was your date last night.” I tried to change the subject. “You disappeared up to bed so soon after getting back.”

Archie was silent for a moment. “It was good.” He finally told me.

In the small of my back, I could feel something pressing against me.

“What did you do?” I asked him.

“We went for a nice meal. She paid actually. She said that she chose the place so she should pay. I wasn”t expecting that.”

“Very modern,” I commented.

“Yes.” Archie almost whispered.

“You don”t sound too certain. Did something happen? Didn”t you hit it off?”

“No, Leo. It was good, it really was. Just a little different.”

“How so?”

“Well, it was a vegetarian restaurant for one.”

I chuckled. “You hate vegetarians. You love your meat too much.”

“I thought so too. But the food was really great. I didn”t know it could be so good.”

“Sounds like she converted you. Perhaps you could take me and Dad, see how good it was. They say we should have some meat-free days; it”s good for the environment.”

“Yeah.” Archie then coughed like he swallowed his tongue. “No, I don”t think Dad”ll like it.” He then laughed. “You probably would.”

“Why? Dad”s always up for trying new things.”

“Not like this.” Archie chuckled.

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Behind me, I could feel the pressure above my buttocks increase. Archie”s cock was definitely thinking about his date. I couldn”t tell if he was completely hard yet, but I wiggled my arse, rubbing myself against him. Teasing him.

Archie groaned.

“It feels like you really enjoyed the restaurant. Or was it what happened afterwards.”

I wiggled again, rubbing his now hard cock between his belly and my back.

“Wouldn”t you like to know?” He teased.

“Come on, Archie. Tell me!” I whined.

“The restaurant was in Cockaigne, but it was different, even for Cockaigne.”

“How so?” I rubbed my hands along his arms.

“Well, you know how the town is clothing optional?”

“Uh-huh.” I nodded.

“Well, this one wasn”t. You had to be naked to eat or work there.”

“You”re kidding!” I choked at the thought of Archie in the restaurant, naked. “Everyone was stark bollock naked!”

“Yep, even the women.” He laughed. “Or should that be stark twat naked for them?”

I giggled. “I think you”re right, Dad wouldn”t like that.”

I felt Archie rub my chest and lower his hands until his fingers played with my pubes. My cock was now rock hard, and I wanted him to touch me, to rub my cock. I know he was my brother, but my cock didn”t care. In truth, I don”t think I cared.

“You fucked her, didn”t you?” I moaned as his touch became more intimate. “With you both being naked, how could you resist.”

Behind me, I felt his cock lurch, and he rubbed his hands back up my body.

“You fucked her, and you want to fuck her again.”

I felt his cock lurch again, and I wiggled my back against him. His hands rubbed my fleshy pecs, his fingers found my pert nipples.

Archie groaned.

“You pushed your hard cock deep inside her. I”m betting you didn”t wear protection. You”ve not needed condoms for months. Could you feel the moist opening as you thrust inside her?”

“Oh, god, Leo.” Archie gasped and pinched my nipples.

“Tell me how it was. Tell me how you felt as you fucked her. Was she tight? Was she shaved? Tell me, Archie.”

I reached for my hard cock and started to stroke it.

“You horny fucker, you are obsessed with sex. I bet that”s because you”re not getting any. Except what your hand gives you.” He wrapped a hand over mine, and frantically forced my hand up and down my cock.

“Get off!” I giggled, and Archie released me and wrapped his arms around my chest again, hugging me tightly.

“We did have sex, Leo. It felt so good. It was back at the car, we were still naked, and we fucked standing up.”

Archie thrust his hips forward, pushing me against the water and creating a wave that rebounded from the sides of the bath and splashed against me and dripped over the sides.

I felt his fingernails scratch my nipples and sucked in a deep breath through my teeth, beneath me, my cock twitched, and a drop of pre-cum oozed from my slit. Behind me, Archie”s cock pressed hard into my back.

Archie pushed my hands away from my cock, and I felt him grip my shaft. He had a firm grasp.

I groaned, and he slowly stroked me, no doubt imagining that it was his cock in his hand. Behind me, Archie pushed against my back and squirmed, his cock rubbing against me. I closed my eyes and leant against Archie”s chest. I snuggled against him, enjoying the feel of his warm damp chest.

My cock throbbed as his hand rubbed against my exposed knob, and I felt a trickle of pre-cum ooze from my slit. I could feel Archie rubbing over my knob and down my shaft as he stoked me.

We were getting close, I certainly was, istanbul travesti and I could feel the tiny thrusts and grinding from Archie behind me getting more vigorous.

I heard Archie groan and his hand quickened on my cock.

My balls began to ache, I pushed backwards again, feeling Archie”s grinding cock against the small of my back. For a fleeting moment, I wanted to know what that cock would feel like inside me.

“Oh, fuck!” We groaned in unison.

My cock swelled and throbbed in Archie”s fingers, and I opened my eyes at the moment my cum shot out.

The first and most potent shot came hurtling towards me, I flinched as it hit my eye. My head shot backwards and connected with Archie”s chin.

Archie recoiled and cracked his head on the wall behind him.

Behind me, I felt Archie”s cock throb and spew its contents onto my back

In front of me, Archie milked my cock as it calmed down.

Tentatively, I opened my one good eye and watched as he squeezed the last few drops from my cock.

I reached up and wiped the cum from my eye. After rinsing my hand clean in the bathwater, I scooped up some a water cleaned my eye properly.

“Fuck, Archie. What just happened?”

“Sorry, Leo. I don”t know what came over me. It was like you were part of me for a moment.”

“Don”t apologise. It felt great.”

I sat up and reached for the soap. I washed my chest and groin, rinsing away all traces of my cum and then handed the soap to Archie.

“You”d better wash my back. I don”t want to go round with your stale cum on me.”

Archie pushed my head forward, “Pervert!”

Now cleaned of all cum, I stood up and turned to face Archie. My soft cock was hugging my balls, hanging very low because of the warmth of the water.

“Who”d have thought such a small thing could make such a big mess.” Archie teased me.

Underneath the murky water, I moved my foot in between his legs. I lifted my foot and let it connect with his submerged balls.

I didn”t kick hard, but just firm enough to make him wince and bend forward, his hands cradling his aching balls.

“Be careful, Archie. You”re in no position to be causing trouble.” I lifted my soft cock and pointed it at him. “Why don”t you feel how small it is and put it between your lips.”

I was only joking, but I swear I saw Archie lick his lips in anticipation.

“Where”s your towel?” I asked him, looking around the bathroom and seeing it on the rail. I grabbed it and started to dry my body before stepping out.

Mostly dry, I handed the towel to Archie, who stood up to take it off me.

“Now, I see why you called me small.” I pointed to his shrivelled dick.

“Fuck off.” He said and went to slap me, but I quickly shifted, so all he could manage was to waft some air around.

Archie stepped out the bath, his arms open wide, and he hugged me.

Our bodies were connected again, and I could feel his cock plumping up, as was mine.

When we parted, Archie had a massive grin on his face.

“Now, you”re wet again, and I have the towel.”

Archie slung the towel over his shoulder and padded out of the bathroom, his wet feet leaving damp prints on the carpet.

I smiled to myself.

I love my brother.

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