24 Ocak 2023

Going Solo for the First Time

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My husband and I have been visiting sex clubs for about ten years now. I was reluctant initially to go, but after a lot of reassurance from him, I said I would, as long as I could make the rules, and he promised to love me no matter what might transpire.

Our first visit was to a club that had a dungeon, pool, hot tub, and several different levels of rooms. We didn’t play with anyone, but he did tie me to the cross, and I enjoyed being aroused and stimulated manually. We made use of the private room, but that was it.

Fast forward about seven years, and we discovered another club that we very much enjoyed, since they had theme days. I am a white female, fitness instructor/trainer, and I work very hard to keep in shape. So I have a lot of energy, endurance, and a very high sex drive.

I also have a great love of black men. I have no urge to have sex with any caucasian men other than my husband. Our club has a BBC event once a month (I wish it was more!), and i have been lucky to enjoy many virile and well endowed men.

I finally developed enough confidence to attend a BBC event on my own. I did ask my hubby to come in with me initially and buy me a drink so I could undress and relax. Once I took a couple of sips of liquid courage, I sent him on his way with instructions to not return until I texted him.

Dressed in a semi sheer cover-up, with my long hair spilling down, partially covering my erect nipples, I decided to take a stroll around the club. It was early yet, so it was relatively quiet with only about twenty men and women lounging at the bar.

As I stopped to watch one of several screens showing different porn flicks, a handsome guy in his early thirties, Vince, walked over to me. He was about six feet tall, well muscled, with sexy bedroom eyes and a gorgeous smile. We immediately began chatting, and of course, flirting, and before long he asked me if I would like to go into istanbul travesti one of the three doored rooms.

The room had muted lighting, but it was not dark. As soon as Vince closed the door, I removed my cover-up, walked over to him, and dropped to my knees. I pulled his towel away, and a scrumptiously thick, fully erect 8.5 inch cock revealed itself to me.

Vince said, “I want you to suck my cock just a little, because I’m going to need a lot of time to fuck your pussy. And then I’m going to take your ass, baby”.

I loved how dominant he behaved, as if he knew I needed it. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock, and then licked his shaft to the base and back up. I took as much of his thickness in my mouth as I could and sucked him noisily. He moaned and spurred me on with his sounds of appreciation.

After about five minutes he reached down and gently took my hands to help me up. We moved to the bed, and I laid down on my back, stared longingly at his cock, and rubbed myself slowly. He crawled onto the bed, between my legs, and began licking and sucking my clit, while groping my ass.

I whispered my need to have him inside me but he kept sucking and stroking my clit with his strong tongue, while moving his hands up to grab my nipples and roll them between his fingers and thumbs. I can orgasm just having my nipples sucked or stimulated, so that in combination with the oral sex had me squealing and squirting in orgasm.

He pulled away to reach for a condom and after rolling it on, crawled on top of me, and slowly penetrated my pussy. He was so perfectly thick, I nearly came again once he was fully inside. He fucked me hard and fast after that, kissing me while our tongues intertwined.

After another intense climax, Vince told me to flip over onto my belly. At first he just laid on top of me. It felt so intimate. Then he reached down and inserted his finger istanbul travestileri into my wetness before withdrawing it and swirling it around my anus, and began to gently insert his finger. I’m a lover of anal sex, so it was easy to accept his finger and I began moaning as he pumped my ass first with one, then two fingers.

He said he needed to prepare me for his very thick shaft.

He penetrated my soaking wet pussy first, lubricating himself, and then withdrew and began to slowly penetrate my ass. It was the thickest cock I’d ever taken anally, and the pain was intense at first, but Vince was very aware of his size and he took his time to make it good for me. I felt so dominated, so owned.

Once he was fully in it took only seconds and I was screaming in orgasmic bliss. He began going faster, harder, and I came again. I lost track of time, but I think we fucked for about forty five minutes before he emptied himself in my ass.

He went and opened the door, where there were other men and a couple who were asking to join in.

Vince asked my permission to let them in, which I happily agreed to.

Three more beautiful black men came in, as well as a caucasian couple who were around my age. At this point, Vince asked me if I would be okay while he got a drink and a shower. He was so sweet and concerned about my comfort level. I said I was good, and thanked him.

Now I have never done anything with another woman in any of the previous times we were at the clubs, but this turned out to be the first (but not the last!) time I played with one.

One of the guys got on the bed in front of me. I got on all fours and began sucking his impressive cock, while his friend entered my pussy from behind. (Yes, it happened that fast.) While I was being split roasted, I felt hands massaging my tits, and then, after a few minutes, fingers rubbing my clit. I could feel another orgasm travesti istanbul building-the fingers seemed to have the ability to touch me exactly the right way-and I bucked and swallowed the cock in my mouth while I came again. It was so intense, I felt dizzy.

That’s when I heard a voice whisper in my ear, “Was it good for you, sweetheart?” and it was a female voice! I could not believe it. I’m definitely straight, but it felt so good to have her expert fingers stroking my clit, while I was being fucked hard.

After that, she laid down and the guy I had been blowing started fucking her. Her husband took the place of the guy who had been fucking me. And he came around in front of me, pulled off the condom, and I sucked his dick until he shot down my throat, and I cleaned every last drop off of him. The husband came at about the same time, so I was having a bit of a rest.

I was watching the wife being fucked on her hands and knees, and I’d always been curious about what it would feel like to suck a womans tits. So I asked her if I could try, and she said please do, She said that she loved having her tits sucked. I said I did too. So I crawled closer, rolled onto my back, and got under her tits. I started sucking on her soft, large nipples, and gently stroked my clit and labia. It was so erotic, and I loved it. She had a huge climax while I sucked her nipples hard, drawing one, then the other into my mouth, and the guy who was fucking her totally got off on what we were doing. He started groaning, thrusting harder and faster, and emptied himself into her pussy.

The group of us laid and sat on the bed afterward, relaxing and talking for a bit, until Vince knocked at the door to ask me if I was ready for round three, because he had four friends who wanted to take turns double penetrating me…but that’s another story.

The club doesn’t allow phones/cameras/photos, so you’ll have to use your imaginations, But I can assure you that this is a very real story, and I will be writing part two soon. As for personal info, I’m 5’6″, brunette with waist length hair, and a fit, athletic build (I teach yoga, spin, Pilates, and HIIT training classes).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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