22 Şubat 2021

Clothes Shopping with My Hairy Mom

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Note: The characters in my stories are all the same. The following story is a continuation in the lives of the mother and son in the “I Love My Hairy Mom” stories. Please refer to those before reading the following story to have the necessary background information about the two.


So my mom had taken me to the mall with her, which she almost always did, to shop for some new clothes for herself. We were in Sears in the mall, and she was searching through the Women’s section for a new skirt and some tops and whatnot. I was bored as any son would be just walking around while their mom stops and looks at a million things before picking only one thing to try on.

Anyway, I was hiding in-between the clothes racks that had the circular secret fort in the middle (haha) and just keeping myself occupied. My mom had picked out some things to try on and told me to walk with her to the dressing rooms. There were no employees in the dressing rooms to monitor who goes in and out, so it’s wasn’t a big deal when I walked over with her. The dressing rooms were separate stall-like rooms, but the doors reached the ground and you couldn’t see beneath the doors or anything so it was pretty secured for women to try clothes on. Based on the sounds of hangers and shuffling sounds, there were a few women trying clothes on in some of the rooms.

At the end of the dressing area, there was a bigger dressing room I guess to allow bigger people or handicapped people to be able to fit in there. My mom chose that one and told me to come in with her, which I did. The room had those sharp pins all stuck in the illegal bahis carpet and against the wall there was one of those three-sided mirrors so women could get a good look at what they were trying on. I sat on the bench near the mirrors and my mom hung her clothes up on the hangers.

She chose the skirt to try on, so she unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. As she did, her panties came down with her jeans. She didn’t care to pull them back up, though. I had the view of her bare butt in all its big and motherly glory, and the mirrors were in front of her so I had a great view of her completely nude body from the top-down. Her dark hairy bush was in full view and it looked so soft and big. My eyes were fixated on the mirrors and on her bush. She, of course, saw me staring and chuckled.

My mom then turned around to face me and kissed the top of my head. She then whispered in my ear, “Don’t make any sounds, ok? There are other women in the other rooms and these walls don’t hide the sounds because they’re open at the top.” I nodded with my wide-eyed stare as she stood me up and unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off along with my shoes. She sat me back down on the bench and proceeded to take her top off along with her bra. Her big breasts bounced as gravity took over and the nipples seemed to stare at me as if they were eyes.

All of these events had already made me very hard, but my mom got on her knees and kissed my penis and jerked me a few times to get me going even more. She put me in her mouth and slid it up and down a few times to get me wet, and then she stood back up, stepped forward, illegal bahis siteleri and sat down on my penis. Her bush rubbed against my shirt and then my pelvis on her way down, and it felt so soft and ticklish on me. My mom slowly rode up and down as she took my hands and had me grab her butt. She had me squeeze her as hard as I could as she went up and down, but she did all she could to not make a sound. The bench creaked lightly with the rhythm of her movements, and she stared into my eyes with a smile on her face as my mouth was wide open along with my eyes as I was both nervous and excited.

My mom then stood up and faced the three-sided mirror and bent forward so her breasts were hanging down toward the ground. She had me get behind her and slowly move in and out of her bush so my body would hit against hers and make too much noise. She looked back at me over her shoulder as I was going in and out of her, but my eyes were focused on the giggling of her breasts in the mirror. They swung forward and back, and side to side, along with the movement of my penis in and out of her hairy pussy.

I then looked down at her smile and she whispered, “Ok, I want you to cum inside of my hairy bush, baby, but try to not make any noise.” With that request, I couldn’t help myself. I thrusted faster and faster, with my body hitting her butt several times. This made a loud clapping sound when it did, and my mom let out a few high-pitched squeals. She shhh-ed me quietly but the look on her face said she didn’t care. I finally came, and I let out a sigh of relief as I stopped moving while completely canlı bahis siteleri inside of her. I could feel the thick hair of her bush and butt-crack against my groin and pelvis as I stood there and felt my penis pumping my cum into her.

When I was done, my mom stood up slowly and my penis slowly came out of her. She had me get dressed as she put her clothes back on. She didn’t try any of the clothes on at all, and she just left them on the hangers as we walked out of the dressing room. When we exited the room, there was a woman standing in the hall waiting for a dressing room who, when she saw the two of us, got pretty wide-eyed and her mouth opened a bit. My mom said, “It’s all yours hun!” as we walked by her. She didn’t say anything in response to my mom, but she stared at us both as we walked by her. There is no doubt she could hear the sounds from our room. As we passed the last dressing room on the right, a woman opened her door as if she was anticipating us walking by and stared at us with a look of surprise. She didn’t have any clothes in her hands as she walked out, which made us think she was sitting in there and listening to the sounds. The two women were probably not expecting a mother and her son to walk out of the dressing room.

My mom hugged me to her side as we walked out of Sears and went to the food court for some lunch. She told me how much she loved me and said how much fun we have together. I told her how much fun that was because we had to stay as quiet as we could, and that I loved seeing her butt and hairy bush at the same time because of the mirrors.

She did some shopping after that as I played some videogames in GameStop, and then we left and went home.

I hope you enjoyed that experience of mine! There are an endless amount of stories that I have to share, but I hope these last two have been a good start!

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