3 Temmuz 2022


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It happened just last week, but I can’t get it off my mind. I just moved into a new place last Friday so I took a day off work to finish cleaning my old apartment, just to make sure I got my full deposit back. I never would have guessed it would be an amazing erotic experience. I arrived around ten with my hair in a ponytail, no makeup, wearing a baggy pair of gray sweatpants, and a plain white tee shirt. I didn’t really have that much to do; all the furniture was out and most of the cleaning was done already. I just wanted to do the refrigerator, oven, cupboards, and steam clean the light beige carpet in the hall and living room. I made quick work of the kitchen and started in on the carpeting. The steam cleaner is one of those small home units that I borrowed from my Mom, much like an vacuum cleaner; after a bit, it got heavy — and I got hot.

To cool off, I slipped off my sweatpants. I didn’t think anything of it, and finished the rugs. While I was checking the other rooms, making sure I didn’t forget anything, I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. My face was flushed, my hair had started to fall out of the ponytail, and a few strands hung down by my cheeks. I could barely see my panties peeking out from under my tee shirt. I was wearing a pair of gray cotton panties, nothing special or attractive, but that’s what caught my eye. It must have been just the right angle, because I looked, to myself, well, sexy.

Just thinking about it made my nipples grow. My breasts are small, only a B-cup; my areolas are also small, about the size of a quarter, and brown, but my nipples, when hard, are over a quarter-inch. I pulled the tee shirt up isveçbahis a bit, uncovering my navel and my left breast, and there I stood, in the bathroom, adoring myself in the mirror, slim waist, flat stomach, gray panties, erect nipples. I could feel a surge deep inside me, a rush of sensuality, the ensuing heat between my legs.

In the mirror, I watched one of my hands make a slow, purposeful trip up my stomach and brush against my left nipple. The sensation rolled down my spine. I circled my nipple with a single finger. Then the other hand joined, giving equal attention to the other nipple. It had been a while since I had last pleasured myself, but I could sense the foundation of an orgasm being laid by my gentle self-caresses. I took my breasts in my hands and squeezed them, rolling my hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I shuddered as I came, the orgasm pitched within me and I felt a warm secretion between my legs. I put one foot up on the counter and pushed my hips forward. As I hoped, expected, on the crotch of my panties, a diamond-shaped dark spot was growing and elongating toward my ass.

I put my foot back on the floor and slowly pulled the tee shirt off, stopping with my arms bent over my head to admire my firm, round breasts, and long dark nipples. I wanted someone to be licking them, sucking them, but I could only look at them in the mirror, seeing myself as a lover would see me, ready, which added to my excitement. I tossed the shirt to the floor and began to caress my breasts again, this time more robustly, pinching and twisting my nipples. I could feel another orgasm cresting. The wetness in my panties was becoming uncomfortable, so isveçbahis giriş I removed them as well, quite matter-of-factly. I lifted my foot once again onto the counter. This was my first glimpse of my pussy, smoothly shaven only the day before. I touched the very tip of my clitoris, alight with excitement, and slowly spread my swollen labia.

My fingers felt a tad cooler on my pussy than on my breasts, the chill added voluminously to my titillation. My orgasm was almost at hand, needing only a small jolt to arrive. I placed my forefinger upon my clit rubbed back and forth slowly. I felt the rush again, the quiver from within; I bent forward to get a better look at my pussy, watching myself cum, watching the trickle of opaque white liquid run down toward my ass.

My excitement level was almost unbearable. I needed something in me, a vibrator, fingers, anything to stretch out my constricting pussy. I was naked and horny in an empty house, without even a bed to lie down on to finish myself off. I felt suddenly, inexplicably desperate. I did not want to lose this amazing feeling, so I took the few steps into my empty bedroom. I knelt down on the floor and then laid back. The sexual memories of that bedroom flashed in my mind, the place where I was first with another girl, a place where I’ve masturbated many, many times. It was as if I was watching movie clips of my sex life in my mind: my fingers in my pussy, a dildo, Shelly, my first, slipping my panties off and tonguing my dripping cunt, tasting her as she came, her cum thick like cottage cheese on his lips and chin. These memories flooded my mind; all the while I rubbed my tits with one hand and the isveçbahis yeni giriş exterior of my smooth pussy with the other. I could feel one more cum beginning to pulsate, announcing its intention.

I spread my pussy lips and slowly sunk in two fingers. I was already so wet that two slipped in easily. I began to pump them in and out; I want someone here, perhaps a strange girl I meet, sharing this with me; I don’t even know her name. I want to smell the mixture of sweat and perfume, and the heat of her breath, like an elixir to me, as she whispers dirty talk in my ear. I want her to use the word cunt, and how she is fingering my cunt: Oh, I want to cum! I lay on the floor of my old bedroom, slamming my fingers in and out of my pussy, the word “cunt” echoes in my head; so I say it, aloud, to myself, and to my fantasy stranger; and I cum again, the warm stickiness on my fingers as my pussy tightens around them.

When the orgasm has subsided, my excitement has not. I can’t stop thinking of this room and my experiments. One thing, however, will not leave my mind, one thing I have not done. As I lay on the floor, I decide to try one last experiment. I have heard about doing it, thought about it, talked about doing it, but I have never done it: that is, peed as part of sex. Shelly wanted me to try it, yet I couldn’t. But in that room, alone, horny, for the last time, I did it. I spread my legs and lifted my ass off the floor and held my up my hips. I trembled from excitement. It took a moment, but I started to pee. What a feeling of unbelievable freedom. My own urine streamed out of me in a long arching trajectory across the room. I could only watch the pale flow and listen to it splattering on the carpet. When I was finished, it took only minimal touch to my clitoris for one final orgasm, one last one in this room, my nipples so hard they hurt, my body on fire, a fitting denouement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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