24 Ocak 2023

Blown Fuses

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Not long after I got settled into my new home I noticed my Realtor staking a for-sale sign in the neighbors yard. I breathed a sigh of relief, as I was not saddened by the prospect of the crazy people next door being replaced. I smiled and waved as she drove off, hoping she would find a new owner who at least saw the value in cutting the grass regularly.

A couple months passed and spring was blossoming. People were opening their windows to the still cool breezes. It was around that time I noticed a moving van rolling down the street and stopping in front of the house next door. The usual curiosity took over and I watched from my living room window to see who my new neighbors might be. Although disappointed that all I could see were two men from the moving company, I kept looking and a short time later, a car pulled into the drive with out-of-state plates on it.

Not wanting to appear like the nosey neighbor, I stepped back from the window a bit, but kept observing as a beautiful woman emerged from the car. God, I hope that’s my new neighbor I thought to myself! I immediately started plotting how I could introduce myself and welcome her to our quiet little street.

The following Saturday was a warm one.. and I took the opportunity to get out and start tackling some of those outdoor projects that had been put off for the winter. It was then that I saw her again.. she had just arrived home from the store it appeared with a carload of necessities for her new house. I figured this was my chance and although I was a little dirty from yardwork, I didn’t want to miss it. I took those long steps across the lawn to offer my assistance. I extended my hand and gave her a warm welcome.

I tried not to stare, but my eyes followed the wonderful curves of her body until her eyes captured mine. She was even more beautiful up close. I’m not sure what I even said.. but I learned her name was Jessica and she had just relocated from out west. I helped her get some of her larger purchases into the house and left with the obligatory “if you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask”. And I really did mean ‘anything’!

In the days afterwards I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about her… from replaying our meeting over and over again to fantasizing about what it would be like to get to know her a little better. That opportunity quickly arose when I heard a knock at my door one evening.

Startled by a visitor at such a late hour, I sprang out of my chair to see who was on my porch. As I turned on the outdoor light I could see the figure of my lovely new neighbor. Fumbling with the deadbolt in my excitement, I couldn’t get it unlocked fast enough. I was surprised to see Jessica wearing so little on such a cool night as I swung the door open.. just a pair of shorts and a tiny haltertop. But this was an emergency, I assumed by the look on her face, and she had hurried out of her house. Still I couldn’t help but notice her obviously bra-less breasts, veiled by only a thin layer of fabric. The curves of her large bosom testing the elasticity of the material… her nipples hardened from the night air, stretching it even tighter.

As I recovered from the surprise I listened as she took my hand and urged me towards her darkened home. She explained the main breaker had tripped and left her with no electricity. And without a flashlight and unfamiliar with the house she couldn’t locate the fuse box. I grabbed a light from my truck and she led to the house.

Once inside we began our search. Quickly locating the main panel in the basement, I could feel her pressing close to me as we checked it out. It looked OK though; meaning the problem must be somewhere else. She placed her moist palm into mine once again and we headed back up the steps. The dim beam of the flashlight leading our way. Scanning the walls for another fusebox.

Although I was focused on the task at hand I couldn’t help but be aroused by Jessica being so close to me. Her soft skin sliding against mine. Her sweet scent teasing me as her hair brushed past my face. She was never more than an inch away as we stumbled through the dark.

After making an unsuccessful navigation of the house I plopped myself down on what appeared to be a large sofa to think for a minute. Jessica dropped down next to me, not releasing the grip she had on my arm. As we discussed where the builder could have hidden the other panel, her grasp slowly turned to caresses. I let my hand cross from my knee onto hers. Suddenly the lack of electricity didn’t seem like such a problem.

She raised her hand to my cheek, turning my face to hers. I trembled inside as I realized a kiss was now inevitable. My heart pounded in my chest as we moved closer. That first taste.. that first tentative meeting our lips. So soft, yet anxious.. like the calm before a storm. Our passion building like a thundercloud as our tongues moved like leaves turning in a gust of wind.

The kiss intensified… our istanbul travesti lips melting in a warm, wet embrace. Our tongues doing a lustful dance together. Darting in and out of each other’s mouths. Our faces colliding as our mouths became locked in a seemingly unending kiss. Time stopped.. the rest of the world ceased to exist for that moment. And just when I thought the kiss was about to break, a flick of a tongue or a tug with a lip would draw us back into another heated exchange. Our tongues dueling for position between our lips.

Fighting off the urge to continue we pulled ourselves away from each other.. breathing heavy.. hearts jumping. Looking into each others eyes, only the light from the streetlamp sneaking through the curtains illuminating our smiling faces. No words said.. no words needed as I felt her hands move over my body.. as I heard her innocent, but almost devilish giggle. She rose from the couch with a lingering touch across my face, her fingers tracing my freshly kissed lips. She turned and moved towards the mantle.. lighting a large candle on either end. I could see the warm, flickering light modulate across her ivory skin.. and then silhouette her body as she stepped in front of me. Looking up at her, her head lowered, her soft dark curls hanging, framing her face.

My hands rising along her exposed thighs.. onto the denim covering her hips. Her fingers stroking my hair. I could feel them encouraging me to move closer. Breathing her in.. that sweet scent seducing me, I leaned in. Hands raising the hint of a shirt covering her belly. My lips meeting soft skin.. as the tight fabric peels away, revealing the lower curve of her full round breasts to my traveling kisses. I heard her sighs as she pulled me tighter to her body. My lips anointing her half covered breasts with teasing kisses and licks.

Hooking my fingers in her beltloops, pulling her closer. My mouth opens wide and consumes her swollen nipple. Sucking hungrily as my fingers follow the stitching to her buttoned up fly. Slowly undoing one button after another. Her shorts slinking lower on her hips, my hand helping them down over the curve of her ass. My fingers searching for some kind of panties, but finding only smooth soft skin as her shorts dropped to the floor.

My eyes feasted on the most erotic sight I had ever seen as she slithered out of her tight shorts. Her pussy was shaven totally clean. In all my years.. this was the first time for me. I had often wondered how nice it might feel and I was about to find out. Seeing the flickering light of the candles reflecting off the curve of her smooth white mound only served to make my stiffened cock throb even more.

As she reached down and slowly spread her swollen outer lips I got a glimpse of her pink inside, glistening with moisture.. her clit engorged, trying to peek out from under its covering. I leaned in.. my lips pressing against hers. Her hand ran through my hair.. encouraging me to kiss more deeply. I hummed with delight as I let my tongue slip into that beautiful smooth pussy. A sigh of relief escaped her mouth as my licked along her sweet juicy slit.

It was just as I was starting to feel her wetness saturating my tongue that she surprised me by pulling my head away from her. It turned out to be a pleasant one though as she smiled and turned… presenting her tight round ass to me. She leaned forward, balancing herself on some yet to be unpacked boxes on the living room floor. Looking back at me… her fingers of her other hand digging into the soft flesh of her asscheeks…parting. “mmmm, like this” she requested as she wiggled her ass invitingly in front of my face.

She didn’t need to ask twice as I eagerly buried my face into her from behind. Her now soaked pussy exposed between her thighs. My tongue glided easily into her from this angle. Her hips pushing back offering me her tasty treat… my tongue dove in deeper lapping at the sweetness dripping from her. Her fingers pulling tighter on her cheek, allowing my tongue to slide up over her puckered little asshole.

She moaned with curious approval as my tongue navigated her rim. Licking up and down before letting the tip of my tongue come to rest. Another moan of delight arose from her as I worked it slowly against the center of her tightly sealed hole. She spread herself wider, inviting me in for deeper exploration. Her once unyielding rim relaxing under my undulating tongue. Alternating the strokes between her contrasting holes.

It didn’t seem like it took long until I had Jessica on the edge of a building orgasm. Her fingers on her clit were bringing her closer to climax as my tongue lapped greedily at her pussy and her ass. Plunging alternately between them. Anxiously awaiting the flood of her sweet cum. It was fast to arrive as she pushed back against me… my face buried deep between her cheeks, my tongue swimming deep into her convulsing cunt, my nose pressed tight to her flexing istanbul travestileri sphincter.

As I placed soft kisses and sucks all up and down her cum soaked crotch I heard her gasp and pull away. Not a sensual gasp but a frightened one. As I looked up my eyes fell upon the same sight hers had a moment earlier. A hard-hatted figure in the window.. silhouetted against the flashing yellow lights of a service van parked out front. Jessica had all but forgotten about her urgent call to the electric company when she first lost her power. And although she had only left a message with them before summoning me to help, they had apparently sent someone out to investigate.

As the lineman hovered just outside on the porch, Jessica pulled her tiny top back down over her breasts and shimmied back into her shorts. I tried to conceal the now raging hard-on in my pants as we both slinked over to greet our would-be rescuer. As Jessica swung the door open we discovered that our uniformed friend was not a line ‘man’ at all, but rather an attractive female. We hadn’t noticed her long blonde pony tail pulled back behind her large hat through the window, nor had we noticed her chest hidden beneath the baggy company-issued work shirt. From the colorful tags sewn over each breast we learned that we were about to meet Sheila from Northeast Edison.

I think Jessica and I were a little embarrassed as we stood there in the doorway.. hoping that Sheila hadn’t inadvertently observed our antics in the living room. We were almost certain she had though as Jessica had yet to put up any curtains across her big front window.

Sheila smiled politely and introduced herself, explaining why she was there at such a late hour. “Well, you have the right place” Jessica acknowledged. She invited her in while joking that we were just starting to get used to the dark. “Yes, I could tell” Sheila admitted. I was a bit surprised as she revealed that she couldn’t help but notice how we were enjoying ourselves in the candlelight. But what surprised me even more was what came our of Jessica’s mouth next… “So, did you like what you saw”? she inquired.

Even in the darkened foyer I could see that Sheila was blushing. “Yes, I liked it very much” she replied after a short pause. With that information in hand Jessica went on to explain how, in a panic, she had sought out my help and how our unsuccessful search for the fusebox had resulted in our tryst in the front room. A sort of evil grin turned the corners of Sheila’s mouth as she nodded understandingly. “Well, I can try and locate the trouble, but I think you might prefer me to leave you to your candlelight” she quipped sarcastically. “Or” Jessica replied as she reached over and touched our visitors arm… “You can take a little break and join us”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but I wasn’t going to object. Jessica turned to me and pressed her hand against the hard bulge that was still filling my pants, sending a shiver over my body. “It seems that my neighbor Ben here has a more immediate problem that needs taken care of” remarked Jessica. “I’d love to help any way I can”, Sheila shot back, that grin once again stretching her full lips.

Sheila removed her hat, letting her long hair fall free as Jessica pulled us both back into the box-cluttered living room. As I lowered myself back onto the couch, Jessica began stroking Sheila’s flowing blonde locks. “Very pretty, don’t you think, Ben”? Jessica asked. I nodded in agreement, feeling a little speechless. I watched as Jessica’s hands roamed over Sheila’s body, unbuttoning her shirt, loosening the belt on her not-so-sexy shorts. Sheila let her uniform fall away from her body. She stepped out of her clothes, standing there in just white cotton undies and work boots. Her hands now caressing Jessica as their bodies pressed together in front of me. She was tugging at Jessica’s skimpy garments, quickly freeing her of them.

I undid my pants as I watched them undress each other in front of me. My fully erect cock sprang up as I pushed the waistband of my boxers down just below my swollen balls. My eyes moved back up… the two bodies in front of me had merged into one. Jessica was kissing her way down onto Sheila’s chest as she slipped her bra away from her smaller, but firm tits. I reached down and let my fingers circle my shaft. It felt hot and thick in my hand. I gave it a few long strokes, watching them embrace and suck each others tits.

As they continued to caress and kiss each other Jessica guided Sheila down in front of me. Jessica then pulled a hand away from Sheila’s nearly naked body and reached up towards me. I released my cock into Jessica’s grasp. Sheila watched as she slowly pumped my engorged member. “I want to suck him first, and then you can have a lick, OK”? Jessica inquired. Sheila nodded and licked her lips in anticipation.

Jessica pulled her hand away from my cock and let it slap back against my stomach, travesti istanbul then leaning over me found my swollen head with just her mouth. She took me immediately deep into her warm, wonderful mouth. She wasted no time before swallowing my length and sucking up and down furiously. No light licks or kisses.. she was sucking me like she was starved for cock.. her hands on my hips.. her head bobbing in my lap. I thought I was going to lose it right there, but she sensed this and eased her frantic pace.

I watched Sheila slip her hand into her white panties, which contrasted nicely against her tan skin, and finger herself while gazing wantonly at Jessica’s tongue swirling around my glistening cock. She held me at the base and bathed the length of my shaft with her sensual tongue. I watched as she slid her other hand down over Sheila’s ass, pushing her panties down. Jessica once again aligned her mouth with my cock and swallowed me down her throat..

Sheila’s eyes followed Jessica’s full shiny lips as they moved over me, anxiously awaiting her turn. Jessica’s fingers had found their way into Sheila’s pussy from behind and she was fingering her in rhythm with her slurps up and down my shaft. Sheila leaned in closer to me, apparently unable to wait any longer for a taste of my thick cock. Her hips grinding against Jessica’s probing fingers, she pressed her lips to the base as Jessica sucked at my head. The feeling of two hot mouths on my cock was nearly too much for me. And the sight before was truly something else.

Jessica soon yielded her position to Sheila’s hungry mouth and moved down to fully remove her saturated white panties. Jessica continued fucking Sheila’s obviously very wet hole with her fingers as she watched her greedily suck on my near-to-erupting cock.

It was hard to hold back the climax as I watched Jessica move her free hand to her own pussy.. her fingers disappeared between those smooth lips and emerged after a few dips coated with her sweet juices. My hips lifted and I thrust into Sheila’s inviting mouth as Jessica pushed her cum-soaked fingers to my mouth. After making sure I had a good long taste she withdrew them and went back to rubbing here visibly swollen clit.

When Sheila paused and raised her mouth from me, Jessica made her move. She stood, and facing away from me, straddled my thighs. She reached back between her legs and took firm hold of my slick, stiff rod and positioned herself over it.

A loud moan escaped her as she guided me in and sat all the way down on my cock. Her warm, wet, walls embraced me.. she let her ass rest against my lap and rocked her hips… my shaft buried deep inside her. I placed my hands on her waist and watched Sheila push between our legs. I felt her hands join mine as we both watched Jessica start to rise and fall on my cock… her body moving between ours. Jessica’s hands went up to cup her bouncing breasts offering them to Sheila… her pussy now pumping up and down my throbbing, shiny shaft. Sheila gave Jessica’s nipples each a good long suck before kissing down over her belly and over her smooth mound. I could feel her hot breath rush over my wet cock every time Jessica made that long, slow ride up my shaft.

I couldn’t believe the feeling as Sheila pushed her face into our union… sucking.. licking at us both. Jessica’s hips were working magic over my cock… her perfect movements begging me to cum. Sheila’s tongue had found Jessica’s clit and was bringing her to another climax. Her hips bucked wildly, her hands tangled in Sheila’s hair… fucking my cock.. fucking her face at the same time as her cream flowed down over my cock. Her pussy convulsed around me and sent me over the edge… my body became as rigid as my cock.. I gripped her body tight as my hot load came loose inside her. She pushed back feeling my heat shoot deep and then slipped off my spurting cock.

I felt Sheila’s hand quickly grab me and jerk the rest of my cum onto Jessica’s swollen pussy. She pulled the cum from me… letting it spill across her waiting tongue.. taking me in her mouth a sucking out those last drops. Jessica fell back against me as Sheila licked and kissed our mingling juices from us.

I sank back into the couch and tried catching my breath. I pulled Jessica back with me.. my arms around her waist. Her body relaxed on top of mine. We both sighed as Sheila gently licked at the aftermath of our fuck. Jessica pulled her up to us and we all shared a cummy kiss as her lips slid back and forth between ours. The yellow light still flashing on her van outside, bouncing off our naked, heaped-together bodies.

“I’d love to stay, but I have another call to make yet tonight” Sheila announced as she rose from us and began searching for her panties.

“That’s OK, we understand” I said, holding Jessica tight to me.

We watched Sheila pull her deceptive clothing back over her lovely body. Jessica felt so warm and comforting next to me… my hands roamed slowly across her soft skin. Now dressed, Sheila leaned over and gave us each a kiss goodbye, the taste of our sex still on her lips.

“Let me know if I can be of service to you again” Sheila said with a giggle and strolled to the door.

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