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Bi Maasai Warriors Of Kenya

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After living among the Maasai People of Kenya for three years, Anthropologist Angelica Braxton has become fluent in their language and knows their customs to a T. The isolationist Maasai Tribe prefers the Wilderness of Kenya to modern civilization and doesn’t trust outsiders. Angelica spent years earning the Maasai People’s trust. The six-foot-tall, athletic and curvy, Afro-sporting, brown-skinned and green-eyed young woman, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, has grown fond of them. Angelica, born to an African American father, engineer Jerome Braxton, and a white mother from the Netherlands, schoolteacher Famke Hauer, represents the changing face of American academia, especially in the field of Anthropology.

After graduating from Spelman College with a degree in cultural studies in the summer of 2014, Angelica Braxton went on to earn her Master’s degree in Anthropology from Howard University in Washington D.C. Inspired by legendary Black British academic Gus Casely Hayford, whose videos on African history and architecture astounded the world, Angelica Braxton went to Kenya in order to learn everything she could about the Maasai people. The notoriously elusive Maasai People have been profiled by white academics, people who poorly understood them. Angelica wanted to bridge the cultural divide and show the world that academics of color could make successful contact with isolationist Tribes.

The Maasai People’s territory ranges from northern, central and southern Kenya and also includes parts of northern Tanzania. The tall, dark-skinned Nilotic Tribe still keep to their ancestral ways, as they have for thousands of years. In eons past, European invaders and Arabian invaders have fought against the Maasai People and they fiercely defended their culture and territory. In the twentieth century, the Maasai People have relaxed in their dealings with outsiders, allowing themselves to be filmed by European and American scientists and cultural Anthropologists. The world is fascinated by the Maasai People, but they’re still seen as the Other, as far as Western society is concerned.

“I am a biracial woman who embraces my African roots, I want to show the world that the Maasai People are human and wholesome,” Angelica Braxton vowed to herself the day she landed in the City of Nairobi, Kenya. After attending historically black colleges and universities such as Spelman College and Howard University, Angelica is fascinated by black cultures around the world. The young African American woman intends to show the world that black Anthropologists can make a difference. Angelica Braxton intends to surpass her idols, Black British academic Gus Casely Hayford and Jane Goodall. The lady has ambition, that’s for sure…

The Village of Namelok has a population of three thousand souls, and it is one of the major settlements of the Maasai Tribe. Angelica Braxton spent years earning their trust, and has grown quite close with Prince Kingasunye, the Leader of the Village of Namelok. The six-foot-seven, lean and athletic, dark-skinned Tribal leader is an imposing man. Looking at the Prince, Angelica remembered thinking that he looked like Hollywood actor Peter Mensah. Prince Kingasunye has three adult daughters by his late wife Lankenua. The Prince is quite close to a young Maasai warrior named Barmasai and it can definitely be said that they live together. Nothing wrong with that.

Growing up in the City of Atlanta, Georgia, where escort izmir a lot of black folks openly identify as bisexual, lesbian or gay, Angelica Braxton is fairly tolerant and open-minded. Bisexual black men do exist and Angelica is fine with that. Hell, during her Howard University days, Angelica dated a bisexual gentleman named Theodore Morris, a standout on the Howard University football team, and they had a great time together. Of course, after graduation, Theodore went on to play in the NFL and got hitched to the obligatory tall and leggy blonde, Amber something or other. Angelica is fairly certain that Theodore is still banging guys on the side even though he married Amber. Angelica moved on with her life. Howard University and Theodore are in the past. The Maasai People represent Angelica’s present and future…

“Sister Angelica, tonight, join Barmasai and I in our tent,” Prince Kingasunye said in his deep voice, and Angelica looked at the tall, forty-something Maasai Tribal Leader and smiled. The Prince was so tall and handsome, and he could have any woman or man in the entire village. Angelica fancied the Prince but he was exclusively focused on his male lover Barmasai, and none of the Maasai Tribal women seemed to stir his desires ever since his wife Lankenua died. Angelica bowed her head respectfully, and happily accepted the Prince’s offer.

“I would be honored, my Prince,” Angelica said gently, and Prince Kingasunye nodded gravelly. On that afternoon, the Prince led the men of the Village on the hunt, and they brought down three antelopes and a zebra. The entire village ate well, and as was their custom, the families gathered around the campfire and told tales. Legishon, a tall, awkward Maasai man who was also nicknamed the Tale Singer, entertained everyone with his outlandish tales…

“Enkai Ero the Spirit of Lust will stir the heart of even the most hardened man or woman and passion will overcome them,” said Legishon the Tale Singer. The women of the Maasai Tribe laughed and looked at their husbands and lovers. The men smiled at the ladies. Some of the men who favored male lovers instead of women looked at their chosen men fondly. Maasai women who prefer other women held hands with their chosen ladies. Angelica, wearing traditional Maasai female attire, sat close to the Prince, looking at him adoringly.

“Enkai Ero speaks true,” said Prince Kingasunye, and the towering, dark-skinned Maasai Tribal leader laughed merrily. Angelica looked at the Prince and his lover Barmasai. Tall and lean, with dark skin and a shaved head, Barmasai was around twenty years old. A great hunter and fighter, Barmasai was one of the Maasai Tribe’s most eligible bachelors. He looked at the Prince with open admiration and perhaps a bit of lust. Once upon a time, Barmasai had a female lover named Naipanoi, a tall and curvy, dark-skinned gal with a big butt and they had a passionate relationship. Barmasai left Naipanoi for the Prince, much to the young lady’s chagrin.

“My Prince speaks true,” Barmasai said confidently, and the Prince touched his shoulder and nodded. Looking at Angelica, Prince Kingasunye laid his hand on her shoulder and she smiled. The Maasai women looked on, astonished. Ever since Princess Lankenua died, bitten by a snake during a rare, female-led hunt, the Prince had only taken to bed his male lover Barmasai and ignored all other women. The Maasai Tribal ladies were stunned to see the Prince izmir escort bayan laying claim to Angelica Braxton, the half-breed foreign woman who insisted on filming and documenting everything the Tribe did. What could the Prince possibly see in her?

Legishon continued to entertain the Maasai Tribe with his tales, and folks laughed and rejoiced while drinking and eating. Following the feast, people danced, celebrating the gods, and the spirits of their ancestors. The Prince led the dance, and surprised everyone by dancing with Barmasai and Angelica. Thrilled to have the Prince’s favor, Angelica hugged him tight. Instead of acting jealous, Barmasai smiled at Angelica and embraced the Prince as well. With a big smile on his face, Prince Kingasunye took Angelica and Barmasai under his tent.

“My Prince, I want you to know that I cherish and accept you without judgement,” Angelica said as she joined Prince Kingasunye and Barmasai under the tent. The three of them lay on the straw bed and admired each other. The Prince looked at Angelica and nodded, and the young woman undressed, baring her lovely, athletic body. The Prince admired Angelica’s big tits, curvy body and big round butt. Looking at Angelica, the Prince could see both the African and the European in her facial features and body type. Prince Kingasunye had vowed to his dying wife Lankenua that no woman of the Tribe would ever replace her. When the Prince found himself lusting after Angelica Braxton the foreign beauty, he found a way to satisfy his desire for female companion without breaking his word to his late wife Lankenua…

“I want you to pleasure me, both of you,” Prince Kingasunye said, and he disrobed, revealing his tall, masculine and dark-skinned, virile body. Barmasai smiled and disrobed a s well, and Angelica grinned, admiring the young Maasai warrior’s fine body. He reminded her of NBA player Rajon Rondo. Without further ado, Angelica got the party started. Grabbing Barmasai’s face, Angelica kissed him, and he kissed her back, tentatively caressing her big breasts. The Prince looked on appreciatively.

“Let’s do this,” Angelica said, and she then kissed Prince Kingasunye, and reached for his long and thick cock. Angelica grinned and stroked the Prince’s cock while Barmasai watched, stroking his own cock. Leaning over, Angelica took the Prince’s cock into her mouth. After a brief hesitation, Barmasai joined in on the fun. Angelica winked at Barmasai as the young Maasai warrior sucked on the Prince’s balls. Angelica used to do threesomes with her bisexual ex-boyfriend Theodore and his roommate Aaron, so hooking up with the Prince and Barmasai was right up her alley…

“You’re so different and beautiful,” Barmasai said to Angelica, as she aggressively sucked Prince Kingasunye’s cock. The Prince sighed happily as the young, biracial African American woman sucked his cock while his favorite Maasai warrior sucked his balls. The younger pair joined forces to suck the Hell out of the Maasai Prince’s cock, getting him hard as a rock. Fully hard and horny as Hell, the Prince was ready to fuck. Angelica got on all fours and shook her big brown butt for the Prince. Whether Tribal or modern, no black man can resist the lure of a black woman’s big, natural booty…

“Oh yes, I do want you,” Prince Kingasunye said, and he caressed Angelica’s ass as she began grinding her big butt against his groin. Without further ado, the Prince gripped izmir escortlar Angelica’s hips and thrust his big dark dick into her pussy. Meanwhile, Barmasai watched as the Prince began fucking Angelica, who screamed passionately. Turned on, Barmasai drew near, and Angelica looked at his dick hungrily. Smiling, Barmasai nodded and Angelica grabbed his dick and began sucking him off. The Prince and his lover exchanged a smile as they joined forces to fuck the gorgeous female foreigner…

Angelica sucked Barmasai’s cock as the Prince fucked her roughly, slamming his dick into her pussy. For a man who lives with his male lover, the Prince certainly knew his way around a vagina. Angelica would have screamed as Prince Kingasunye slammed his dick into her pussy, bruising her oh so nicely, but Barmasai had his big cock in her mouth so that’s that. After a while, they switched things up. Angelica was more than happy to suck the Prince’s cock while his lover Barmasai came up behind her and fucked her sweet pussy. The two handsome, masculine and decidedly bisexual Maasai men slammed their dicks into the sexy biracial African American woman’s holes, fucking her passionately.

“You’re insatiable,” Angelica said as Barmasai finally pulled his huge cock out of her pussy. The young woman slumped on the straw bed, and took a moment to catch her breath. Prince Kingasunye kissed Angelica and caressed her breasts, and she flashed him a wan smile. The Prince spread Angelica’s thick thighs and inhaled her scent. Angelica grinned approvingly as the Prince began eating her pussy. Meanwhile, Barmasai watched them while stroking his big cock.

“I am here for you my Prince,” Barmasai said, and the young Maasai warrior came up behind Prince Kingasunye and caressed his ass. The Prince continued to eat Angelica’s pussy. Angelica licked her lips and caressed her hardening nipples. Prince Kingasunye was eating Angelica’s pussy like a hungry man. Barmasai took some oil from a flask, applied it on the Prince’s ass and rubbed his cock against his butt. Just like that, Barmasai grabbed Prince Kingasunye’s hips and thrust his cock into his ass. The Prince barely reacted as the Maasai warrior began fucking him in the ass. Prince Kingasunye ate Angelica’s pussy, seemingly unperturbed by the ass fucking that Barmasai was giving him…

“Hmm, fuck me,” Angelica whispered, taken to the edge by Prince Kingasunye’s pussy licking. The Prince smiled and Angelica welcomed him with open arms. Kissing Angelica passionately, Prince Kingasunye thrust his dick into her pussy as Barmasai slammed his dick into his ass. The Prince was on cloud nine as Angelica’s sweet pussy gripped his cock tightly while his lover Barmasai’s hard cock filled his ass. For the bisexual African Prince, it doesn’t get any hotter than that. Angelica’s screams mingled with the Prince’s moans and Barmasai’s grunts as the three-way bisexual action continued. Good times…

After a night of raw, unlimited passion, Angelica Braxton permanently moved into Prince Kingasunye’s tent. Angelica fell in love with the Prince and his lover Barmasai, and decided to renounce her ties to the outside world and officially join the Maasai Tribe. Prince Kingasunye stunned the Maasai Tribe by declaring Angelica his new bride. This was a historic moment in the existence of the Maasai People of Kenya. The first openly bisexual Prince of the Maasai Tribe has a male lover and a new bride who’s from the outside world. Prince Kingasunye is thrilled with how things are going. He gets to keep his throne, plus his favorite lady and his favorite fellow, and with any luck, Angelica will bear him a son. All is good in the Maasai Kingdom!

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