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Becky’s Marine chapter 10

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Chapter 10

It was summertime here in the south and several months had passed since the refinery explosion. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) were wrapping up their investigation. The refinery had been rebuilt after 3 long months of work. Mike had spent 2 weeks in the hospital and went on to make a full recovery.

Becky and Jeanna had become fast friends, though we never had another threesome since that night. She had begun to gravitate to Carl, yet I can’t shake the feeling that she sticks with him as an excuse to be around Becky and I.

It was a hot July evening as I drove home from a long day shift. I was dog tired from being on my feet all day as we brought the newly rebuilt plant online. As I pulled into the driveway my phone rang.

“Hello.” I said, hoping that whatever it was wouldn’t take long.

“Drew! It’s Tyler, how ya been?”

“OK I guess, working my ass off these last few months. What’s going on?”

“Does that invite to your place still stand? Ryan and I wanna come out soon.”

“Sure, when were you thinking of coming?”

“In about 2 weeks. We are getting a month of leave, and Ryan wants to see his family so we will be in Washington for a week, then out to you guys for 3 weeks. That is, if you don’t mind hosting for that long.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem, but let me check with Carl though, just to be sure.”

“OK, let me know what’s up. I’ll talk at ya later devil.” He hung up the phone before I could say anything. Flustered, yet chuckling, I went inside and set my lunchbox by the door. As I went to the kitchen, I saw Carl and Jeanna making out on the couch.

“Get a room you two.” I said playfully. I made a drink and went and sat in the recliner we had recently bought, staring at them as they made out. It took a few minutes but eventually, Carl swung a pillow at me, breaking the kiss after he missed me by a mile.

“Don’t you have something better to do than stare at us?” He sounded annoyed, but I didn’t care.

“Yes, but I need your attention to do it.” I said before be could reattach to Jeanna’s face.

“What’s up?”

“Do you have any issue with two of my Marines coming out and staying with us for 3 weeks?”

“Not really, now if you don’t mind..” He went back to Jeanna’s face. I made a mental note to ask him again later when his blood supply was flowing to his brain properly. I finished my drink and went to take a shower.

As I got out of the shower I saw I had a missed call from Becky. I dried off and dialed her number.

“Hey you.” Came the voice on the other end. It always made me feel good to hear her voice.

“Hey girl, what’s up?”

“Do you work tomorrow?”

“Yeah, overtime while we start up the unit. After that I’m free though. What did you have in mind?”

“I want you.” Her voice was soft and lustful.

“I want you too baby, but I am beat. I haven’t been this tired in a long time. If you wanna come by I’ll leave my door unlocked.” I felt bad denying her that which she wanted, especially because it was my dick, but I was just too damn tired.

“Hmm. Maybe I’ll bring some handcuffs and take advantage of you while you sleep.”

“Be my guest. I’ll leave the door unlocked.”

“See you later baby.” She said in the sexiest way she could. I hung up the phone, laid down and turned on the TV. Within an hour I was out cold.


My alarm clock went off the next morning at 4 AM, but when I went to reach for it, I found my hands tied to the headboard. I slept naked anyway so having no clothes on was not surprising, yet I was a bit shocked that she had actually done it. Looking next to me I saw the sleeping form of Becky, so peaceful and serene. After a minute of hearing my alarm going off she rolled over and looked at me with the most evil look ive ever seen.

“Shut. That. Off.” She said in a very angry tone.

“Untie me then. I can’t turn it off if my hands are tied.” I said mildly annoyed. Usually we wouldn’t be so grouchy, but it was 4 in the morning.

“Fine.” She untied one of my hands, then rolled over and went back to sleep. I turned off the alarm and untied my other hand. By 4:30 I was out the door to another long day at work. After today I had 6 days of being off work before going back on nights.

Halfway through the day, Carl sent me a text.

From Carl:
What were you asking yesterday about Marines coming here?

To Carl:
Do you have a problem with 2 coming out for 3 weeks?

From Carl:
Do they have PTSD like you?

To Carl:
Not to my knowledge

From Carl:
I’m fine with it. Might be fun

To Carl:
Thanks, I’ll let them know and keep you posted

The day went smoothly and the new plant was up and running by the time I got relieved. I went home and showered before calling Becky.

“Hey” she said when she answered

“Hey, guess what!”


“Tyler and Ryan are coming out for 3 weeks.”

“Sweet, when?”

“In 2 weeks. They are going to Washington to see Ryan’s family, then coming here.”

“Nice. What are you doing tonight?”

“Whatever you want. Should we see if Carl and Jeanna want to join us?”

“Sure. Smokey’s at 8?”

“Sounds good, see you there.”

We hung up and I went next door to Carl’s room, walking in without even knocking. He does it to me, why not return the love right?

I walked in and saw a sight that made me giggle a bit. Carl was sitting in a chair with Jeanna riding him. She was grunting a bit and he had his head towards the ceiling with his eyes closed. Jeanna saw me, but didn’t say anything, just smiled. I crept up behind Carl as quietly as I could.

“Ride that dick, girl!” I yelled as loud as I could. Carl jumped so high his dick could have came through her mouth. Jeanna and I laughed as Carl turned red.

“Bro, really.. Privacy!” He was a bit annoyed.

“Whatever, its not the first time I’ve seen you two naked, just the first time I’ve seen you naked together.”

Jeanna chuckled as she bounced on Carl, who was still a bit embarrassed.

“What do you want?”

“Pound that ass, cum on her tits, clean up and get ready. Smokey’s in an hour.” I said not giving them much choice in the matter.

“OK, but you gotta go. I can’t concentrate with you here.” He was motioning towards the door.

“Fine, be ready to go or you get left behind.” I said as I walked to the door, stopping at the threshold. kocaeli escort “If you rub her clit between your fingers she will cum faster.” I said trying to be annoying. Kinda mean, I know, however.. you can take the Marine out of the Corps, but you can’t take the Corps out of the Marine.

I left before I became the target of flying objects and made some quick food. I ate and listened to some music for a bit until Carl and Jeanna came out of the room, dressed up and ready to go.

“So what’s the plan you perv?” Carl asked as he made them a snack.

“Not sure. Wing it I guess.” I said. Carl must have had performance issues around other guys because he was a bit more agitated than usual. Maybe he was just playing it up, who knows.

We headed out and met Becky in the parking lot, she had another female with her. We got out and Becky ran over to me, jumping into a hug as we spun around. I set her down to readjust my grip on her and lifted her up for a kiss.

When I out her down her friend had walked over and was standing there awkwardly. Becky went over and pulled her over by the arm.

“Andrew, this is my sister Lauren. Lauren, this is my boyfriend Andrew.” She went to shake my hand, but I gave her a hug and picked her up. She seemed a bit shocked, and I realized how shy she was. Carl and Jeanna had walked over and were standing behind me.

Lauren, this is Carl and Jeanna. Guys, this is Becky’s sister Lauren.” They shook hands and we went inside. Carl and Jeanna were first through the doors, with Lauren following them and Becky and I bringing up the rear. Becky looked at me with a big smile and I couldn’t help but return one of my own.

“What do you think of my sister?” She asked softly, making sure others couldn’t hear.

“She’s shy. Like unnecessarily shy. She sure is cute though.” Becky slapped my arm and gave me a playful glare.

“Don’t even think about it you horn dog. If anyone is fucking my sister its gonna be me.”. We had a laugh at her comment and ordered our drinks. Carl and Jeanna went to dance and Becky went to shoot pool with several other regulars. I never worried about them, mostly because they knew how I felt about her and respected that enough to not try anything. Lauren was sitting next to me, nursing her wine.

“So Lauren, tell me about yourself.” I tried to break the ice.

“Well, I go to school at the community college right now, but I hope to transfer to a proper university someday.” She said sipping her wine.

“That’s great. I wish I had gone to college. I never was the school type though.” I finished my whiskey and ordered up another. She looked at me with pure curiosity.

“What?” I asked as a smile crossed my face. She looked so much like her sister it was startling.

“Oh, I’m just marveling.” She said as she finished her wine.

“At what?”

“How someone like you winds up here, in this town, with my sister.” She was prying for something, I just didn’t know what. Let’s roll with it. The bartender came over and before she could order, I ordered for her.

“She wants either whiskey or vodka. Her choice.” She gave me a threatening glare, but she wasn’t very intimidating.

“Whiskey, and get him another as well. On his tab.” She never even broke the stare. So there was some fire in her after all. As with the wine, she nursed her drink, sipping on it once in a while as we talked.

“So, where should I be? And who should I be with, if not with Becky?” I asked as I finished my first drink

“I don’t know, but I can tell you’ve had some rough experiences in life, and as you probably know, Becky has had her share of rough boys. I just don’t want you to hurt her.” She finished her drink and ordered another.. On my tab again.

“Well, its true that I’ve seen more than someone should ever have to, and it was pretty traumatic. However, I would never willingly harm Becky. Physically or emotionally. Your sister is very precious to me, and I want her to be happy, even if it isn’t with me.” This seemed to alleviate some of her concern. That or the whiskey was getting to her small frame.

She sat there, sizing me up for a minute, and I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was. She was small, like her sister. 5’5 on her best day and maybe 100 pounds. Her tits were smaller than Becky’s, I’d have to guess either a large A or small B, but her body was proportional and her hair was short and blonde to Becky’s long and brown. She shared many of the same facial features as Becky, like her jaw line and nose, but her lips were more full and a slightly darker shade of red.

“Well, I guess she could have picked worse. You make her so happy, and I guess that makes you OK in my book.” She finished her second glass and ordered a water. She must have been feeling the alcohol because I could have sworn I saw a lustful desire in her eyes. I’d have to probe those waters later though.

Becky came over and leaned against the bar in between us, putting a hand on each of ours and looking at us as we looked at each other.

“Well, you gonna kiss her?” She asked jokingly, yet I thought she might have been serious for a moment. We chuckled and talked for a bit before Carl and Jeanna came back over.

“So, what’s the plan?” Carl asked

“Well, I’m gonna get another drink and then take Andrew to sing with me.” Lauren said. Becky looked about as shocked as I did. We exchanged glances as the bartender came back by us. Lauren was about to order when I stopped her.

“Kenny, can we get a mason jar? On my tab.” I asked. I knew Kenny had several jars of shine he kept behind the bar, conveniently hidden inside vodka bottles, due to the legality of selling real shine. Only certain customers got to enjoy it, and since all drinks came in mason jars, it looked like vodka.

“Sure kid, but this ones on me. Call it a token of my gratitude for spending so much money in here. Y’all keep this place going.” He joked as he poured us a full jar. We passed it around a few times before Lauren stood up to pick a song. She wavered a bit on unsteady legs before Becky made her sit back down.

“Y’all sing, I pick the song.” She said, much to her sister’s disappointment. Becky kissed me and went to pick a song for us to sing.

“Don’t worry, she knows what she’s doing.” I said placing a hand on Lauren’s arm. Her smile returned instantly, and I suspected there would be trouble later, but for the moment I went with it.

“No. She will pick something to embarrass me, like she always does.” She looked so sad, I darıca escort couldn’t help but feel bad for her.

“Then we will be embarrassed together won’t we? I won’t leave you high and dry up there, I promise.” I moved my hand from her arm to her hand, bringing back that smile. Oh yeah, trouble was a-brewin.

“OK, you two have a song, then him and I have one, then Carl and Jeanna have one.” Becky said leaning on my back.

“Wait, what?! Who said we were singing?!” Carl exclaimed. If Lauren thought Becky would embarrass her, she was wrong. Carl and Jeanna would be the target of anything embarrassing now.

I grabbed Lauren and we went to the stage. Lauren was shaking with nervousness, but proceeded anyway. The DJ switched over to the machine and the music started playing. I recognized the song right away, and judging from the smile on Lauren’s face, so did she.

“Hey, up in the backwoods, down in the holler,
Old boys feelin’ like a dog on a collar,
Keepin’ that chain pulled tight,
Waitin’ on Saturday night.

Put on the smell-good, put on Skynard,
Head into to town like a NASCAR winner.
Cruisin’ back an’ forth to the Tasty-Freeze.
Everywhere you look, all you see…

Is hillbilly deluxe, slick pick-up trucks.
Big timin’ in a small town.
Stirrin’ it up right about sundown.
Black denim an’ chrome to the bone with a little home grown.
A country girl cuddled up…
Hillbilly deluxe.

Yeah, couple cute sweet things drivin’ a fastback.
Shoot ’em a cool smile hopin’ that they smile back.
“Hey, Baby, what’s you name?”
Burn a little rubber when the red lights change.

Here come the blue lights, here come Barney.
Hide all the beer, y’all, let’s move the party.
Gotta go, but that’s all right…
Do it all again next Friday night.

Hillbilly deluxe, slick pick-’em-up trucks.
Big timin’ in a small town.
Stirrin’ it up right about sundown.
Black denim an’ chrome to the bone with a little home grown.
Country girl cuddled up…
Hillbilly deluxe.”

By this time the crowd was singing along and almost drowned us out. Becky knew just what songs to pick to get the crowd going. I looked toward Lauren, she greeted my gaze with a smile as we continued the song.

“Hillbilly deluxe, slick pick-’em-up trucks.
Big timin’ in a small town.
Stirrin’ it up right about sundown.
Black denim an’ chrome to the bone with a little home grown.
Country girl cuddled up…
Hillbilly deluxe.
Hillbilly deluxe.
Hillbilly deluxe.”

As the music faded we received a round of applause, then went back to hit the mason jar again before I had to go back up with Becky. We headed to the stage as the DJ selected the song. The music came on and I laughed hearing the tune. It was an old song, but one of my favorites.

“There’s an Elvis movie on the marquee sign
We’ve all seen at least three times
Everybody’s broke, Bobby’s got a buck
Put a dollar’s worth of gas in his pickup truck
We’re going ninety miles an hour down a dead end road
What’s the hurry, son… where you gonna go?
We’re gonna howl at the moon, shoot out the light
It’s a small town Saturday night
It’s a small town Saturday night”

“Lucy’s got her lipstick on a little too bright
Bobby’s gettin’ drunk and lookin’ for a fight
Liquor on his breath and trouble on his mind
And Lucy’s just a kid, along for the ride
Got a six-pack of beer and a bottle of wine
Gotta be bad just to have a good time
They’re gonna howl at the moon, shoot out the light
It’s a small town Saturday night
It’s a small town Saturday night”

“Bobby told Lucy, ‘The world ain’t round…
Drops off sharp at the edge of town
Lucy, you know the world must be flat
‘Cause when people leave town, they never come back’
They go ninety miles an hour to the city limits sign
Put the pedal to the metal ‘fore they change their mind
They howl at the moon, shoot out the light
It’s a small town Saturday night”

“They howl at the moon, shoot out the light
Yeah, it’s a small town Saturday night
It’s a small town Saturday night
It’s a small town Saturday night”

Another round of applause followed us from the makeshift stage they had put in. Carl and Jeanna sipped some more shine before heading up to the stage. Carl stopped by the DJ booth, probably asking about the song. He got up on stage with a grin on his face, “This is for you, old buddy. Thank you for everything you’ve done!”

When I heard the music my heart almost stopped, and I was thankful that I didn’t have to sing this song. I ordered another whiskey, I was gonna need it.

“I was there in the winter of ’64 
When we camped in the ice at Nashville’s doors 
Three hundred miles our trail had lead 
We barely had time to bury our dead 
When the Yankees charged and the colors fell 
Overton hill was a living hell 
When we called retreat it was almost dark 
I died with a grapeshot in my heart”

I was starting to break. This song hits home pretty hard, though I don’t expect Becky knew it would have this bad of an effect.

“Say a prayer for peace 
For every fallen son 
Set my spirit free 
Let me lay down my gun 
Sweet mother Mary I’m so tired 
But I can’t come home ’til the last shot’s fired”

Becky was holding my hand, squeezing it for dear life as if letting go would let me fall into a bottomless pit.

“In June of 1944 
I waited in the blood of Omaha’s shores 
Twenty-one and scared to death 
My heart poundin’ in my chest 
I almost made the first seawall 
When my friends turned and saw me fall 
I still smell the smoke, I can taste the mud 
As I lay there dying from a loss of blood”

Lauren took my other hand, probably at Becky’s silent request. I was thankful, even though it was a bit awkward having both sisters, who I’m sure both wanted me, holding me like this.

“Say a prayer for peace 
For every fallen son 
Set my spirit free 
Let me lay down my gun 
Sweet mother Mary I’m so tired 
But I can’t come home ’til the last shot’s fired”

“I’m in the fields of Vietnam, 
The mountains of Afghanistan 
And I’m still hopin’, waitin’ prayin’ 
I did not die in vain”

“Say a prayer for peace 
For every fallen son 
Set our spirits free 
Let us lay down our guns 
Sweet mother Mary we’re so tired 
But we can’t come home ’til the last shot’s fired 
‘Til the last shot’s fired”

The audience sang as the choir. It was all I could do to keep from crying, gölcük escort even though I had Becky and Lauren holding my hands.
“Say a prayer for peace (for peace) 
For our daughters and our sons 
Set our spirits free (set us free) 
Let us lay down our guns”

“Sweet mother Mary, we’re so tired 
But we can’t come home (No we can’t come home)”

Again, the audience sang the part of the choir.
“‘Til the last shot’s fired”

The room was booming with cheers and yells, calls for encores and free bird, all enjoying what we had done. When Carl came over, he hugged me as a brother hugs his brother and bought us all a round. Becky and her sister went outside for a brief moment as Jeanna put down fresh drinks in front of our seats.

“That was great guys, really. I know in crying, but that song hits home hard for me.” I said through whiskey soaked thoughts. Jeanna hugged me and kissed my forehead.

“It could have been worse. It could have been ‘Arlington’.” She said as Becky and Lauren came up. We sat and had a few more rounds, talking and laughing, with Lauren still being a bit shy around Carl and Jeanna.

As the night wore on, the bar started to empty, leaving a few regulars and our group still there. We gathered our things and headed for the parking lot.

“So, what are your plans tonight Lauren?” Becky asked as we got to our cars.

“Not sure, probably go home and rest. What about you guys?”

“We are going to bed.” Carl said with a yawn. I looked to Becky, who had an ear to ear grin on her face.

“Not sure, the night is still young. Any suggestions?” I asked Lauren with a smile.

“You could come back to my place. My roommates shouldn’t be home.” She offered.

“Roommates? Oh no, we can go to my place then.” Becky said. Something told me she had plans that wouldn’t work with roommates there.

Lauren looked a bit downcast. Something said she had things there she wanted us to enjoy. Carl and Jeanna headed home, leaving the 3 of us together. I went and hugged Lauren, feeling her warmth return to her.

“Go get whatever it is you wanna show us, and meet us at Becky’s, it’ll be worth it.” I said with a wink. Sure, I could have gotten in big trouble for that, but I figured something was up, so I took a chance.

Lauren agreed, so we went our separate ways, meeting back at Becky’s that night. Becky and I went to my house to get some clothes and hygiene supplies before going to Becky’s. We had been there nearly an hour before we saw Lauren’s headlights pull into Becky’s driveway. We went to help her unload anything she may have.

“No, go away Andrew. For Becky’s eyes only!” Lauren said stopping me only feet from the front door. I sighed a dramatic sigh and went back inside. I sat in front of her TV while they brought in clothes, shoes and bags full of God-knows-what. Becky and Lauren came out to sit with me, laughing as if they were in in some giant secret that I wasn’t privy to.

“OK you two, what’s so damn funny?” I ask sarcastically. Becky and Lauren exchanged glances as they sat on either side of me. They giggled a bit more and then both kissed me on the cheek.

“That was nice, what was that for?” I asked.

“I want to tell you something, but I’m not sure how you will take it, so I need you to do something for me first.” Becky said, her voice soft and uneasy as if someone else was listening in.

“What’s up babe?”

“I need you to tell Lauren why you cried when Carl and Jeanna sang that song. Tell her about the IED blast and the names on your ribs, then you will be rewarded.” The words were hard for her to form. She didn’t want to put me through that, but whatever she was worried about was obviously pretty big.

“OK, if I tell her, then I get one wish tonight. One thing that I get without you being mad, upset, or jealous. That goes for both of you.” I said with some military bearing. Lauren seemed shocked at my words, but Becky understood.

“OK, one thing. But you have to hear us out before you get it.” Becky said as she headed for the kitchen to get a bottle and some glasses.

“OK, deal. Before I begin.. Becky, I love you, and Lauren, you’re Becky’s sister, so I love you like a sister. Now get comfortable and hold on. This will be difficult.” I told the story as I had told it to Becky and a dozen different doctors before her. Lauren hung on every word, fixated on how much suffering and pain I had been through, with mentally and physically. She cried several times, hell, we all did. When I finished Becky moved to sit on the opposite side of Lauren, putting her in the middle of us.

“Thanks baby, j know that wasn’t easy. Now we have something you should know about us.” She gazed hard into my eyes, as if judging a reaction to something she had yet to say. The anticipation was killing me.

“Go ahead, I won’t judge you guys.” I said, choosing my words carefully.

“We aren’t just sisters, we’re lovers. We’ve been having a relationship for years, since middle school. I know its wrong, but we can’t help it. We didn’t have anyone to teach us anything about sex when we were growing up, so we learned from the internet and tried things on each other. I didn’t want to hide it from you forever, but I had to be sure you wouldn’t run off or worse.” She rambled a bit but I just listened. I figured something was up, but this wasn’t what I thought.

I looked at them each in turn, wearing my best poker face, which Tyler will tell you is shitty at best. Becky was nervous, yet Lauren was almost in tears. I couldn’t let them suffer like that, especially after neither one had noticed that growing lump in my pants.

I pulled Lauren into me and reached over to hold Becky’s hand, “That’s fucking hot. I knew something was up with you two, but I wasn’t expecting this. I think it’s sexy as hell.” I said calming their fears and getting big smiles from them. These two were beautiful, and I was happy that they had a sexual history together.

“Really, you think its hot?” Lauren asked looking deep into my eyes.

“Yes, what turns me on the most is that I know you can’t get each other pregnant. Children born from incestuous relationships have a very high probably of genetic anomalies and lots of medical problems. Here, we don’t have to worry about that at all.” Lauren practically broke my back squeezing me so hard. She definitely popped it, which felt amazing by the way. Becky leaned over her sister and kissed me hard on the lips.

“OK, now we have laid bare all of our souls, what is your one wish?” Lauren asked with a glimmer of lust in her eyes. Becky saw my grin and knew what was coming before I even said it.

“I want you. Both of you. Tonight.”

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