13 Ocak 2021

A Rain Day with My Stepsister

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Derek was sitting on his bed, Playing his video game. It’s Saturday afternoon, I didn’t have to go any baseball practice and his best friend was out of town to visit some family. It left me with nothing to do but to listen to my stepsister and her friends playing out in the pool.

I would like to call my girlfriend, but she and I broke up last week, so that is out of the question. At first, our relationship was everything people envy, but I discover she was messing with guy who own a luxury car and find out that they were screwing in our bed.

I was so angry I totally lose it. I jumped into the bedroom and grabbed the dude and started to throwing punch at him. Even I was the winner of the fight, but he and my ex got me threw in jail, and since I was living her during the time. She threw me out of the place, so I found myself back living with my parents until I graduate from college.

I was interrupted by a thump on the window. I got up quickly to find the source of the noise. I opened the window and puck my head out.

“Hey,” I screamed, “Watch it out there!”

“OH! We’re sorry!”

“We didn’t mean to interrupted you”

“I mean we didn’t mean mess with you and your video games!” The last voice got me the most. It was my sister, Ashley. When I mean sister, I mean stepsister whose I have been a part of the family for almost 7 years after she was adopted. She always perky to me, and she my little desire.

I remember the first day we met. She was scary and shy, and I didn’t blame her. Her parents were good friend with each other. They would have some couple’s night out together. There would be always Christmas party and bowling together. I always there to protect from any schoolyard bullies and help her with any homework when our parents were too busy with work. We were inseparable until we got older. Things we have always enjoy fade away when she started to make friends, she starts to act more like them, which was really irk me

She and her friend are down in the pool, talking. She and her friend are all 18 years old and have big plan on leaving college together. I really don’t like any of her friends since they always act all snobbish toward me, and since Ashley is friend with them. She started to act that way too.

The problem was I have always feeling for Ashley even before she moved into my home, and she is being in the same house as I isn’t really helping me at all. She has grown up well. She was only 18 years old, and she had the body of goddess. She had the face of angel and statuesque figure with big luscious breast and firm ass, which I wish I could squeeze. My heart started to beat like crazy just being her presence. One whiff of perfume, she loves to wear, would drove me crazy.

I would have vivid dreams of her laying on my bed with nothing on, whisking with to come closer to her. I did as she asks and hover over her and lower my face towards her. We finally locked lips with each other. My hand would explore every inch of her body. I would have taste of her nipple to her sweet nectar between her legs.

I went back to the window to watch her, laying out of the pool. My stomach started to bother me. I went downstairs to make myself some lunch. As I enter the kitchen, I discover I wasn’t alone. Ashley was stocking her head in the fridge with her ass stocking right out. I couldn’t help but to stare her while she is looking for some food. I thought of smack her was getting me so hard.

I could always make a friendly executes, and she wouldn’t think twice about it. I walked towards her, and I did my best to not to make illegal bahis a sound. My heart was a jackhammer to my chest as I got closer to her. My hand felt heavy and my mind was racing like crazy as I move it toward her.

Without a single thought, my hand hit her from behind. She instead stood up and turn her face toward me as she glances at my direction.

“Wow!” she yelled, “why did you do that?”

“Well, I wanted you to get out of fridge, so I could get the grape jam.”

“You could have asked me instead hitting me like that.” She grabbed the jam and shoved it against my chest, which quickly grabbed with both my hands.

“How long are your friends are going to here?”

“I don’t see why you are complaining about. Are you planning to have your girlfriend over? Oh right, she cheated on your dumb ass.” My eye flushed with anger and coiled my fist.

“I know you are not talking! I hope you don’t forget that your useless boyfriend was cheating on you right.” Her face was agape as if someone smack with a frying pan.

“I hate you!” she said, and she storm outside to the pool area. I made my sandwich and went back up to my room.

“What’s eating you?” said Amanda, sipping on her iced tea.

“Just my stupid big brother!” I said, sitting back down on the chair. I couldn’t believe how much of asshole Derek was. I had to remind me of my break-up with my boyfriend. It’s hard enough that friends and everyone in school remind of it. I shouldn’t be surprised that everyone knew about what was going on him. There’re stories of him bring his side girl to his place after I left from his house.

I wonder if my friend knew about the rumor and never told me. Maybe my brother was right about them they have changed me to worst, and I have ignored him. I have also avoided my true feeling for him.

I like him before we became step siblings. He was only five years older than me, and he still great brother to have. He never disappointed, and he was always there. I wish we were more than slicing.

I would imagine him to be my boyfriend. He would caress me and kissed me, and he would also to fill me with his dick inside of me.

“Are you alive there?” said the other girl. I was snapped out of my thoughts. I found myself sitting in the chairs and listening to the conversation.

“Hey” I said. “Can I ask you guys something?” Both turned their head and look at me.


The whole afternoon we didn’t speak a word to each other. Those friend of her left and she was in the living room, watching television. I was still in my room, looking up at the ceiling, and the only sound was clash of thunder and rain. I could never understand on why she was still with those girls. An old friend of mine told me that they knew her boyfriend was cheating on her with some girl in another high school.

I wasn’t no saint because I had to remind her of the fiasco. Should I have apologized for it? I hate to say it, but I am going to have to be the bigger man here.

I walked out of the bedroom and headed toward her bedroom. I went to knock on the door but didn’t get no reply. I went to walk back to my bedroom until I heard the door opened. I turned head to find her with nothing but towel, walking out of the bathroom. She saw me she stood there looking at me. She didn’t look like she waited to slap me at all.

“I was going to try to talk you about earlier, but you weren’t in your room.” I said, “I am sorry about what I said to you that was out of line.”

“It was my fault,” she said, “you were right those girls knew about what illegal bahis siteleri my boyfriend did, and they didn’t say nothing to me. I guess I don’t have friend anymore.”

“You could always guess as blessing in disguise. Those girls had serious stick up them assess.”

She laughs as hard as I never heard laugh before. It was good to laugh again even with my jokes. I find themselves glued to opening of her robe. As she was laughing, her breast was juggling as she did. What out me know, she looks at my face. My face was flushed red. I couldn’t believe I was caught staring her like that.

I had expected her to cover herself up, but she didn’t she was just kept look at me. A flash of lightening stuck and along the power. We find ourselves completely in the dark.

“I’m scared!” she said, as she came closer to me and wrapped her arms around me, feeling her large breast smashed against my chest. She forgot the sight moment that they had together, but I did feel good. I held her a little tighter than before.

Passion was overwhelming my senses. My cock was getting hard, and it was poking her legs. She was aware this completely. I lifted her face toward me and stared into her eyes, and I pressed my lips with her.

She didn’t fight at all, she wanted as I did. I slip my tongue inside of her mouth and dance with her tongue as I lower down. I lower my hand and pulled her robe apart, leaving her bare while her robe falls to the floor.

Those luscious breast were so magnificent to look at. I moved my hand toward her nipples, and they were hard to touch. I lower my face down to kiss her neck and their level and put one in mouth. I was sucking on them while I was pinching the other one with other, and a moan escaped from her as sucked and knead them as grind against her.

“Please don’t stop!” She screamed. She squeezed my head and with finger digging through my hair. I move my hand down toward her pussy and insert two of my fingers inside and twirled around.

“Oh, wow!” she said, “I bet you have always wanted to do that to me!”

“Yes, I have wanted to fuck for a long time.” I said, as I jabbed inside of her pussy while my thumb flicked her clit. I slowly increase the tempo as the wall inside was getting tighter, clenching the fingers.

“Ooooh good! It feels good.” I moved between her legs and taking a whiff as dive my face down to pussy, and I stuck my tongue into her pussy, darting in and out. I am getting a sweet taste of nectar, which was overflowing from her pussy, sucking up as much as possible.

I began on sucking on her clits, as I continue to dig my fingers inside of her pussy. My finger was wet from her gushing her nectar on my fingers.

“Oh god, Derek.” She screamed, “Please don’t stop! I am going to cum!” I felt her legs spasms against my hand, and I moved my face away as her pussy convulsed.

She breath as her chests heaved in and out. She had a smile on her face, as stared into my eyes. She becking me to come toward her. As I crawled toward her face, she laid her head as my face come toward her face, and we locked lips again.

She was getting sweet taste of her nectar from me. Our tongue moving around each other, twisting and twirling. My cock was getting worked up from me, grinding against her pussy. It wanted to get out and to feel the sweet inside of that vagina.

I pulled apart and sat up. I pulled my shirt off along with underwear. I know she could see how swollen I was. Those years in the gym really paid off as she licked her lips.

“OH may!” she said, “I am in for a treat aren’t canlı bahis siteleri I!” she spread her legs wide as I moved in between. I grabbed the head of my cock and position it at the entrance of her pussy. My mind was racing as I slowly slide it inside. The sensation was something I would never forget. It was sweet wet and tight as I paced in and out.

Those breast of her jiggled up and down as I increase tempo. The wall of her pussy clench tight around my cock. I feel like I was going to burst as it was brimming with some backed up semen.

“I am going to cum!” I screamed.

“You better not cum yet!” she yelled, “We have to do it together!”

“I don’t think I can hold on any longer!” I moaned, “I just wanted shoot your fucking semen inside of me!” she yelled, “I wanted having your fucking baby with you!”

“What will our parents say about me getting pregnant?”

“I will just tell them that your douchebag of an ex-boyfriend of yours fuck you without a condom on and left you without helping you at all.”

“You are so evil big brother!”

“I know, I don’t care!”

“Well, in case, shoot your sticky semen inside me. I wanted to our baby to suck on my fucking big titty.”

“As long, we are share!” I moaned, as the wall of her pussy enclosed around my cock. I shoot a burst of semen shoot inside, and stream after stream filling her cervix.

We were breathing as we stare at each other face. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pull my face down toward her face. I am never going to get sick of tasting her lips.

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself off. I turned the water and let the cold-water splash over me.

I heard my curtains opened and turned around to see who it was.

“What are you doing here?” I said.

“Sorry brother!” she said, “I couldn’t get enough of you! And besides, I wanted to make sure I get enough of your seed inside.”

She got down on her knee and wrap her hand around my cock and pull it inside of her mouth. The sensation I was feeling with the warmth of was driving me crazy. She sucks my dick while she is fondling my balls.

“Did you like it?” She pulled out and give me a smirk.

“OH, yes!”

“Good! You better not cum inside of my mouth. I want fuck me again with that big cock of yours.”

“Sure, thing sister. Now come over and straddled on this cock again.”

“Sure thing, brother.” I picked up, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me, and I started to move my hips up and down inside of her pussy. The feeling was as good as the first time.

Water rain down on us. It felt good to have those big tits smoothed against chest and tasting those plump lips against mine. Our tongues overlap each other, tasting each other saliva.

The buildup inside of my cock was raising inside of me, But I didn’t want to end it just yet. I pulled out, and I laid down, and she knew what she should do.

She squats down and grabbed my cock and position it toward her slit, and slowly it went inside of her. She moved her hips, straddling cock. I place both my hands on her hips and told her increase the tempo, and she glad did.

I match her with stroke by stroke as the buildup inside of me was reaching its perk.

“Brother, I am going to cum!” she screamed.

“Well, let cum together!” We grabbed each other’s hands as burst of semen explode out from my penis and send tremor inside of her body, draining my ball in the process.

The water was still hitting as we laid on the floor. I wanted to turn the water off, but I want to feel underneath her body.

“I guess we are going to have a baby, aren’t we!”

“Hey kids!” dad said, “Have you guy behave while we were gone?”

“Yes dad!” I said, while I was winking at Ashley from across the table.

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