13 Ocak 2021

A Present and a Deal Ch. 05

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On Sunday, together, my mom and I earned 37 points before my dad got home in the early afternoon. When he examined the list he seemed quite surprised at how many items had been checked off.

I decided not to spend any points that night, so I could start the school year with 429 points.

That night I spent a lot of time in my room with a calendar and a calculator, figuring out the best way to ration my points.

I could get two hand-jobs a week, for the whole first trimester (12 weeks) for 480 points. That was more points then I had, but I figured that even with school and other commitments, I shouldn’t have too much trouble earning 20 points a week.

That would mean that I could spend some extra points here and there and still end the trimester with 200 points in the bank.

I knew that Christmas break would give me time to save up a lot of points, but they would have to last me until school got out.

The next day, after school, I did a few chores and earned 12 points before my parents got home. I had just turned on the TV and sat down on the couch when my mom got home.

“How was school?” she asked.

“Good,” I answered.

“Did you do any work around the house today?” she asked.

“Yeah, twelve points worth,” I said, “I figured I’d get some in before the homework starts up.”

“I’ll tell you what,” she said, “I’ll give you ten points for every A and five points for every B you get at mid-term.”


“And twice that for your grades at the end of the trimester,” she added.

“Sweet,” I said.

The school year didn’t turn out to be quite the relative drout I had been expecting. I ended up getting 3 or 4 handjobs most weeks, and still had some points to spare here and there for a little extra. We played scrabble once in a while, which almost always left me with extra points.

A couple of weeks into the trimester, my mom decided that on the first and third Wednesday of each month, my point would be worth double. I would usually spend enough on those nights to get her naked and sucking my cock.

I worked fairly hard at school, but not overly so. I got As in my strong subjects; History, English, Journalism and Government. In my weaker subjects, Calculus and Physics, I got Bs. All in all I earned 50 points for my midterm grades.

“Pretty good, huh?” I asked her.

“Good, but not great,” she replied. “You could do better.”

“Fine,” I said in mock anger, “I’ll bring em all up to As by December and net myself 120 points.”

“Fine with me,” she said, “but you’ll never do it. I’ve never once seen you even try to study.”

“Oh I’ll do it,” I said, rubbing my cock through my jeans, “you just figure out what I’m gonna get for my 120 points.”

“I’ll tell you what,” she said, raising her eyebrow, “if you can really get all As, you can have 120 points and you can have me for a day.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, a little confused.

“You can have me for a day, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Wait . . . anything?” I asked.

“Anything,” she said, smiling.

I worked harder. All I had to do was bring my Calc and Physics grades up to 90s. In Physics I had an 86, so I didn’t anticipate it being much of a problem. My Calculus grade on the other hand, had been an 80, barely a B-.

In illegal bahis the six weeks that followed, I did everything I could to raise my grades. I studied and even did all of my homework. I took notes in class and even went in after school for some tutoring in math.

The challenge became a topic of much discussion in our house. My parents were always asking me for updates on how school was going.

I started to work even harder. My mind was constantly filled with images of everything I wanted to do to my mom.

This of course made it harder and harder for me to really concentrate on my school work. I begged my teachers for any kind of extra credit project.

When the trimester ended it was all I could think about. I was so nervous with anticipation that most days I felt sick even though I had near constant erections. I waited for the mail everyday.

My grades came the Wednesday after school got out. I felt like I could hardly breathe, as I sat at the kitchen table, looking at the envelope.

My mom looked at me strangely. “Just open it already,” she said.

My heart pounded as I ripped the envelope open. I took the report card out and slowly opened it.

I looked at my grades. “God Dammit!” 89 in physics. I slammed the report card down on the table. You have got to be kidding me!”

My mom picked my report card up off the table and looked at it. She read through it and then looked back at me. “One B+, huh?” she said trying not to smile.

“I know,” I said, putting my head in my hands.

“Look,” she said, “since you worked really really hard, and you were only one point off . . .”

I quickly looked up at her, “Yes?” I asked.

“You can have your day.”

“Really?” I asked, filling with excitement.

“Yeah, you can have me on Saturday” she said, “but you have to split the day with your father. I promised him something special since he got that promotion.”

“You mean like we each get half of the day?” I asked.

“Yeah, however you work it out,” she said.

When my dad got home my mom told him what she had decided. My dad seemed almost as excited as I was. After my dad put his briefcase away we sat down for dinner.

I spent the rest of that night, and all of the next two days, hard as a rock. I tried not to think about it, but quickly gave up, as it proved entirely futile.

Once or twice a night my dad would take me aside and we’d strategize for Saturday. We decided that we would just share her all day, instead of splitting the day in half.

Friday night, when my mom was occupied, he took me into their room. He opened up her underwear drawer and then sifted through it until he got to the lingerie at the bottom. We looked through it and discussed what we wanted to see her wear the next day.

That night I laid in bed for hours, completely unable to fall asleep. I tossed and turned, but eventually drifted off to sleep.

My alarm went off at 8 AM, the time at which my mom had agreed to let us start our day. I pulled myself out of bed and quickly threw on a pair of boxers, jeans and a t-shirt.

As I headed down the hallway toward my parent’s room, I could hear their alarm going off as well. By the time I reached the room the alarm had been silenced. My dad was sitting on the edge of the bed and my mom was still in bed, propped up on her elbows.

“You didn’t really need illegal bahis siteleri to put clothed on,” he said. As I stripped my clothes off, my mom let the blanket fall to reveal her beautiful breasts.

“You ready?” my dad asked me.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“I guess you’re the one we should ask,” he said to my mom.

“How about I take a shower first?” she asked. My dad looked at her.

“Okay, but make it quick,” he answered.

My dad and I watched as she showered, both throbbing hard with anticipation. When she had finished showering and drying herself off, my dad told her to lay on the bed.

“So what now?” she asked. My dad nodded to me. I slowly walked toward the bed.

“So you’re first?” she asked slyly. I nodded as I climbed onto the bed.

I kissed her softly and she kissed me back. I put my hand in her wet hair and kissed her harder. My tongue slipped into her mouth as I straddled her waist. I massaged her breasts, savoring how the felt in my hands, and reacted to my touch.

While her tongue danced around mine, she reached up with one hand and wrapped it around my dick. I sucked on her bottom lip before breaking off the kiss.

My whole body trembled as I slid down her body. I knelt between her legs, and used my knees to spread her legs a little bit. My hand shook as I gripped my cock. My heart pounded and my breath heaved as I leaned in to kiss her again.

I slowly and carefully guided my cock towards the lips of her pussy. I felt the tip first rest against them and then, as I pushed, slowly part them.

My mom held my head against hers and started to breathe heavy in my ear. “I thought you might want that,” she whispered.

Her pussy felt wet as I slowly pushed my cock all the way inside her. I whimpered as I eased out and then back in again.

She moaned. “Oh baby your cock feels good.” With her encouragement, I started to thrust in and out a little. She wrapped her legs around me.

I looked over at my dad who was standing next to the bed, watching and slowly stroking his cock. He nodded to me.

I started to thrust faster. I groaned as waves of pleasure flowed through my body. I buried my head in the mattress, pumping even harder.

My mom lifted my head up and held it in front of hers, so our eyes met.

“You gonna cum for me?” she asked. I nodded, still breathing heavy as I slid in and out of her pussy.

“You gonna cum inside me?” Staring in her eyes, I nodded. I reached up and put my hand behind her head and kissed her.

I felt her tongue in my mouth, her legs wrapped around me and her tits pressed against my chest. I kept thrusting as I started to explode inside her.

I finally collapsed on top of her. She kissed me on the cheek. “I’m proud of you,” she whispered in my ear.

I rolled off and laid next to her. She looked at my dad, a little surprised, as he climbed on top of her. She looked over at me watching as he spread her legs apart and slid his cock into her pussy.

He leaned down and kissed her. She moaned a little as he pumped in and out of her pussy.

“Can you feel your son’s seed inside me?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” he grunted.

I laid next to them, watching as he slid his slightly larger cock in and out, just as I had moments earlier.

My mom moaned louder and louder as he fucked her, until I could tell she was orgasming.

This canlı bahis siteleri only caused him to quicken his pace, fucking her harder, making her groan and gasp. He gripped her hair and started to grunt.

“Oh god baby you feel good,” he growled. “I’m gonna fill you up.”

She moaned and gripped the bed as he started to cum. He kept fucking her, and after a few thrusts, cum started to ooze out of her pussy around the base of his cock. When he finally climbed off of her, her pussy, and the bed below it where drenched in cum.

We laid on the bed for a few minutes, before my mom got up and took another shower. Afterwards, we gave her a lacy black thong and a matching bra to put on and she made us breakfast.

When we’d all finished our eggs and toast, I pushed my chair back, angling it away from the table.

“Mom,” I said.


“Come over here and get on your knees,” I said, not quite as forcefully as I had meant too. She got up and walked around the table until she was standing in front of me. Like my dad, I was still naked. She knelt down and rubbed her hands along my thighs, her eyes locked on mine. Slowly she lowered her head and put her mouth on my cock.

She deepthroated it, bobbing her head up and down, again and again. After a minute, she took my cock out of her mouth and started licking it all over, from base to tip.

When she put my cock back in her mouth, she did it slowly. She inched her mouth back down my cock until her lips were at its base, then slowly inched her way back to the top. She reached down with her left hand and massaged my balls.

I groaned as my cock went in and out of her mouth at an achingly slow pace. She watched me as she took her time moving her mouth up and down my cock. When I couldn’t take it anymore and started to buck my hips, pushing my cock in and out of her mouth, she immediately took her mouth off my cock. She eyed me and stroked me at an unbearably slow pace.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I wanna cum in your mouth,” I said, breathing hard. She smiled and then wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock. She reached up and grabbed my hands, placing them on the back of her head. I pushed my cock into her mouth, slowly at first, but then gradually faster.

She gripped my thighs and let me force her head up and down on my cock.

“Oh Mom,” I groaned, “I’m gonna cum.” I kept fucking her mouth until I exploded down her throat. When my cock had finished squirting cum I let go of her head and she swallowed what was still in her mouth.

My dad got up and walked over, standing next to her. I collapsed back in my chair and watched as my mom grabbed hold of my dad’s dick. He stood towering above her and watched as she started to suck him hard and fast. He groaned as she quickened her pace even more.

I looked up at his face and then back down at her. “Swallow his cum Mom. I wanna see you take his massive load.” I said, stroking my growing cock. My mom kept her pace and started to fondle his balls. My dad just looked over at me and smiled.

As his groans intensified, she continued to bob up and down on his cock. My dad groaned and started to explode in her mouth. She kept moving her mouth up and down his cock, taking as much of his cum as she could. Finally she backed off, and his last blast caught her on the neck. Her mouth was overflowing with cum. Much of it spilled over her lips and down onto her breasts before she got a chance to swallow.

She ran her hand over her breast, scooping it up and licking it off her hands.

“Is that what you wanted?” she asked me.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded.

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